Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Car seats for babies can make your next trip with your little one safer, more convenient, more comfortable, and less of a hassle. In line with that, you may be looking for a good car seat that your baby or toddler will feel safe and yet also stay comfortable for a long period of time.

This is why you may like the Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat and you may be looking for a good review of this product to know about its pros and cons as well as its features.


Here are the best-known features of the Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat:

1. Reclining position – if you own an SUV, mini-van, or any larger vehicle, it will be a good choice for your child to use the reclining feature for added comfort. It is definitely a must-have if your children will have to go through long car trips.

2. Safety features – the safety feature of this car seat lies in its 5-point harness as well as its side designs that have been impact-tested for keeping your little one safe in their next car trip.

3. LATCH system – like most car seats, this one makes the use of the LATCH system so it will be quite easy to fit into your car or vehicle.

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Pros and Cons

While there are good things about the Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat, there are also a few small cons but not deal breakers, which we tackle down below in a list of pros of cons:


1. Ease of installation. Nothing beats a good car seat that is easy to install for busy moms and dads and also for the safety and convenience of your little kid (or baby). This car seat is almost hassle-free with its LATCH compatibility, which makes the overall installation a breeze.

2. Has a good comfort factor. The seat pad and the recline positions can help your child to stay comfortable while they are in the car seat. The bubble levels also help you to reposition the car seat to either front-facing or rear-facing for added convenience.

3. The recline feature is adjustable. You get up to 9 recline positions that you can set for your little one to stay comfortable throughout the trip. This may be good news for those who want a convertible car seat that has a good recline feature for their growing kids.

4. The plush material is machine washable. You can just unzip the plush material for easy laundering when you want to maintain this car seat for babies. This can save you time in having to keep the material clean from frequent use and bad smells.

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5. It meets and exceeds crash test regulations. One good point about this Chicco Nextfit is that it has been rigorously tested so it is good for bumpy rides and dangerous road trips where you never know when your baby will need a very safe car seat to sit on. Added to that, it has a 5-point harness, which adds to its layer of security for your child.

6. The steel frame makes it durable. Another thing that makes it crash-proof is its steel frame, which is a good sign of protection for your little one. Its steel frame can help protect your child from impact anywhere around the whole car seat.


1. It can be a bit more expensive. The only small downer with the car seat is that you do have to invest in it a bit more than you would on regular baby car seats. Unlike other car seats, this one is a convertible and is from a quality brand (Chicco) so it’s no surprise that it has a higher price tag.

2. Sedan owners may find it bulky. While it has a durable frame and all of those crash-test worthy parts, it may still be a bit bulky for those who own sedans. Therefore, it is probably the best for those who have bigger vehicles and don’t mind spending more strength on installing the baby car seat.

3. The inside material requires air drying. While it can be easy to launder, drying the material inside after frequent use can be a bit of a chore, but it’s alright if this will prevent the material from catching mold from being too damp.


To wrap it up, the Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat is a good choice for those who would love a convertible car seat that is packed with comfort features such as the recline feature, especially for vans and large vehicles for long road trips. While it’s not in favor for sedan owners, it can be great for those who just want the extra comfort factor and impact protection, and yet don’t mind the extra price.

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