Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?


Getting pregnant among teens is a very scary thing since it could mean the end of one’s teenage years and they won’t get to spend any more time being part of the youth with fewer responsibilities. This is why many partners are always trying their best to have sex or some manner of foreplay without the threat of getting pregnant by accident.

The most common question that many young people ask: can pre-cum or pre-ejaculation cause pregnancy? In this article, we’re going to answer that. But first, let’s explain what pre-cum actually is.

Also known as pre-ejaculation, pre-cum is a fluid that comes out a little too early. It’s a fluid that’s almost a little like the actual ejaculation that your partner makes after sex or some other form of sexual foreplay or stimulation. It only differs with its texture and composition.

For instance, it has a thinner consistency usually because it happens when your partner gets aroused early. It also happens before the real ejaculation, but most men don’t really realize that they got it.

Knowing whether pre-cum and grinding cause pregnancy is highly important for teens and partners who aren’t married yet or aren’t ready for a kid yet is highly important so that they can best prepare themselves.

Can Precum Cause Pregnancy?

Generally, no – pre-cum usually doesn’t cause pregnancy. However, there are special cases where pre-cum might pick up some sperm along the way.

But in a general sense, pre-cum is usually very safe and will less likely contain sperm that could penetrate your egg cells and cause pregnancy. It contains less likelihood of sperm as compared to, of course, actual ejaculation since that one has a thicker consistency.

For the special cases, however, it usually happens because of both pre-cum and ejaculation exit the body’s reproductive system in the same path. This is when small bouts of sperm could possibly go alongside the pre-cum and not just with the ejaculation fluid. It can be one or two, and if you’re unlucky, it might really end up in the egg cell and create a baby eventually.

A certain study proves that a man’s pre-cum can also vary depending on factors. This study involved 27 men, of which 11 were asked to fill up cups with their pre-cum while the rest are just asked for normal ejaculation. All of them were prompted to masturbate 5 times in a cup, and the results revealed that some of the pre-cum have no sperm at all, while others had all of their sperm already in there.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration or While Grinding?

The general answer to that is no – you can’t get pregnant without penetration, because there’s no way for the sperm to get inside!. Penetration is generally needed in order to transfer a man’s sperm cells into the woman’s reproductive system in order to fuse with the egg cells and cause conception.

However, there are special cases where even genital contact can cause pregnancy. Sounds scary? Well, not really, since it only involves ejaculation. Even a small amount of fluid that gets into a woman’s vagina could possibly make its way into the egg cell. Despite that, it is an extremely rare case, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

In order to prevent pregnancy when you’re having foreplay without penetration, experts suggest the following:

  1. Condoms – always wear condoms as long as you and your partner’s genitals will keep in touch. Even if you think you can control your pre-cum and ejaculation, it’s still best to be prepared in the long run. There will be cases where fluids might accidentally splash your partner’s vagina, which you wouldn’t want to happen if you’re trying to avoid conception in general.
  1. A layer of clothing – at the very least keep your panties or briefs on if you want to do some foreplay and prevent your partner from getting pregnant. In this way, if ever your partner gets wet, it will be trapped in their briefs.
  1. Learn to control – if you can, try your best to control where you will release those fluids when you are being aroused by your partner.

Another possible way where teens could question whether getting pregnant is possible or not is when they grind. Grinding is the act of pressing and rubbing the genital parts of each partner without actual contact (e.g. wearing clothes).

So, is grinding going to cause pregnancy? The general answer to that is no because you are not having actual penetration or contact when you are doing so. The only case where grinding could potentially become a conception formula is when the two people grind without their clothes on or only grind with very thin or loose underwear.

Just as what we warned on the above list, getting pregnant is usually caused when the sperm enters the vagina, which doesn’t really happen if you have a lot of clothing layers on and keep the pre-cum and the ejaculation away from the vaginal opening. In fact, even just ejaculating in your partner’s stomach could make it slide down the panties and into where the egg cells are.

Remember, if you want to grind or have foreplay and don’t want your partner to get pregnant, keep the ejaculation away from the vagina as much as possible. You can do it by either wearing a condom or keeping both you and your partner fully clothed.


As a whole, pregnancy from pre-cum is very unlikely because generally, men do not have their sperm in their pre-cum. Grinding and sexual activities that do not involve penetration also does not automatically constitute to pregnancy.

However, as a preventive measure, you should at least wear a condom for protection, or, if you’re grinding, wear some clothes and not just underwear just to be safe.

Teens who like to experiment and explore their sexuality can definitely do these acts, but make sure that they keep the juices away from their partner’s vaginal opening to make sure any kind of sperm doesn’t make its way into an egg cell and cause fertilization.

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