Camping Checklist for Parents With Babies & Toddlers

Camping with babies and toddlers can be a hassle sometimes, since you may want to bring a lot of essentials, especially comfort items. This is why you may want to bring a camping checklist so that you don’t forget the important stuff.

In this article, we will list down some of the important items you may want to bring in camping with your toddlers or babies.

Personal Items

1. Diapers – you never know when your baby needs more diaper changes while in the campsite. You should also consider bringing trash bags in case the campsite doesn’t have a proper disposal area to avoid polluting the park or campsite with trash.

2. Baby wipes – aside from diapers, you may also want to bring baby wipes for your little one because of diaper changes. Bring more packs than what you think you may need to avoid running short while in the wilderness.

3. Toilet paper – like with baby wipes and diapers, toilet paper is a must-have if you have kids or babies. Don’t forget to bring extras as much as possible. Even if your campsite has some convenience stores, you should still bring one in case of emergency.

4. Diaper changing supplies – this may include baby lotion, baby powder, and diaper cream, which can be important if your baby still needs frequent diaper changes. Even toddlers who are potty-trained may have problems sometimes, such as when sleeping.

5. Insect repellent – this can help with spending camp in a forest or park and especially in tropical climates where mosquitoes often lurk nearby.

6. Sun lotion – this can help your little one to prevent sunburn or excessive sun exposure – just make sure the lotion or sunscreen is just right for their age.

7. Pillow – some kids or babies cannot sleep with their favorite pillow, so you may want to bring that to the campsite as well. Just make sure it goes in the right place to avoid being dirty while on the trip.

8. Medicine – always carry medicine even if you think there is nothing wrong with your little one. Medicine can be beneficial if your child suddenly gets sick, gets a wound, or anything else unfortunate happens (hopefully not) in the campsite. A first aid kit is a good thing to bring, which may include simple remedies for wounds and even your kids’ favorite cough or cold syrup medicine.

9. Baby bottles and Sippy cups – these personal items are needed for every camping instance and you may want to bring more to avoid having to wastewater and washing them all the time.

10. Sunglasses and hat – especially in the summer, having these two is important to protect your child’s eyes and hair from the excessive UV rays of the sun.

Camping Items

1. Flashlight – a source of light such as a flashlight is important in any camping adventure, as it helps your little one to not get scared of the dark and to have easy access to their items and whatever they find in the camp. It can be a source of security for them, especially since they are going to sleep in a new environment far away from home.

2. Camp chair – while not exactly a less bulky item to have, there are camp chairs that are lighter than usual, packable, and foldable, which you can use for your little one to sit on while doing camp activities in the campsite with you and their other family members.

3. Play yard – this may include a pack-n-play or crib that your little one may enjoy or have been using for a long time. This is especially the case for little babies or young toddlers who are still too young to roam around the campsite and just want to play safely and comfortably. Bring a play yard that is easy to take with you on a trip.

4. Toys – bring as many toys as you can but don’t overdo it to avoid losing the toys in the campsite. Consider larger toys instead of smaller ones so that your kids don’t easily lose them.

5. Safety whistle – your toddler may wear a whistle so that in case they get lost or are in danger, they can blow the whistle to call the attention of any family member or rescuer around the campsite.

6. Jars or containers – your little toddler may want to use this for collecting bugs or seeds while in the campsite (provided that it’s allowed to do so depending on the park rules).


To conclude, having a checklist is important when you are with kids while on a campsite. If you want to find out more information about the best tents, cots, and other camping items, you may want to check out the campgrasp blog for more information, especially if you don’t have a tent yet to spend with your little one.

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