Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller Review

Strollers may sometimes have a nasty reputation for being too bulky, complicated to set up, and obtrusive when you’re going out of town or to the airport. Not to worry – lightweight strollers are to the rescue! In this article, we’ll list down some important features, pros, and cons of the Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller.

Features of the Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller

We’ll be listing down some important features for this stroller:

1. One-handed folding mechanism. You don’t have to move so much muscle in having to fold and unfold this stroller. Another great thing is that if you fold it, the stroller is almost flat so you don’t have to worry about storing it in smaller or narrower places – saves a lot of space and time!

2. Unfolded dimensions. You can unfold it into 33 x 23 x 40 inches in its dimensions. As we mentioned above, it folds flat yet when you unfold it, the stroller is just like your average stroller in terms of size but not that bulky or heavy.

3. Different designs. You get 4 colors and shades to choose from. Patterns with polka dots, reds, stripes, and the like – you name it!

4. Canopy. There is a UV 50+ canopy included that has a ventilation window. This would be helpful if your baby often sweats a lot during the summer or when it’s really hot in your place. Ever want to go to a park but don’t have shade for your little one? Try this stroller’s canopy!

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5. Travel-system ready. You can connect it to any baby car seat if you have a Britax or BOB brand one. It would be useful if you have those car seats so it can be a nice DIY travel system for you. A travel system can be handy if you often go to the car or travel with your little one and just don’t want the annoyance of having to wake your baby up just to get them off the stroller or the car seat.

6. Linked parking brake. This would be very useful if you want an easier brake to operate for a stroller. Brakes are important in every stroller so that your baby stops safely.

7. Weight rating. It can fit babies up to 55 lbs. This is a common weight rating among different strollers out there.

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8. Bottom basket. There is a storage basket at the bottom which can be used to put your baby items in, as well as toys and the like. This would be useful if you already have your hands full and you want easy access to baby’s toys and other needs without having to lift your bag up from your shoulder to grab them.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller:


1. Lightweight. The Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller is true to its name. This lightweight stroller would best benefits parents who want a no-nonsense stroller that can be carried all the way to the airport or to Disneyland without much fuss.

2. Easy to fold and unfold. Like we said above, this stroller packs a lot of folding capabilities and is easy to store even in the narrowest car compartments or garage rooms. If you want a stroller that doesn’t take up way too much space and is easy to fold, this one may be for you.

3. Lots of ventilation. Due to the window in the canopy and behind, the stroller can be breathable for most babies, especially in the summer. You can also use the window to peek inside your baby’s seat to check on them if they’re okay.

4. Storage room. The bottom storage basket can be used to place your baby’s toys, diapers, clothes, and the like. It has a lot of room underneath so you don’t have to carry a lot of bags with you.

5. Travel-system ready. You don’t have to buy a separate travel system – if you already have any Britax seat or BOB seat for your car, you can just combine that with this one.


1. The footrest isn’t adjustable. While not a major con, this can be a bit annoying to those babies and parents who do want an adjustable footrest.

2. The wheels aren’t shock-absorbing. This may be felt on surfaces that can be a bit too bumpy, such as off-road trips. Otherwise, the wheels are just fine if you just use it for simple city travel.


To wrap it up, we think that the Britax Pathway Lightweight Stroller is useful for its lightweight design, canopy, travel system compatibility, different designs, one-handed folding, bottom basket, good brakes, and the like.

While it has some minor hiccups, those aren’t exactly deal-breakers. We recommend this stroller if you like something that is easy to carry yet offers a lot of ventilation inside.

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