Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat & Elite Base Review

If you want a good infant car seat that has sufficient side impact protection, recline features, and more, this one could be the one your baby would be traveling with when it comes to style and comfort. In this article, we will review the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat & Elite Base on its great features, as well as its pros and cons.


Below are the well-known features of the Britax B-Safe:

1. Side impact protection. This can be helpful when it comes down to protecting your child from a bumpy ride. Having side impact protection is the number one thing to look for when it comes down to safety features and when choosing any baby car seat.

2. LATCH installation. This makes it easy to install your infant car seat since many cars and vehicles nowadays have the LATCH method.

3. Reclining feature. This can be useful if your baby wants to get comfortable since reclining features can help your child to nap while on a trip. Added to that, the deep design of the whole infant car seat can be useful for keeping your baby asleep without a lot of disturbance.

4. Wide compatibility. You can use it with various Britax single strollers due to its travel system adapters. This can allow you to easily transport your baby without waking them up when they fell asleep in the car.

5. Rear or front-facing. Like with most convertible car seats, this one can be comfortable for your baby since it also allows a rear-facing method, which can be useful for newborns and babies who are still too young.

6. Removable cushions. The top cushion on the head part can be removed so that it will allow you to adjust accordingly depending on your baby’s needs for comfort.

7. FAA-approved. Are you a frequent traveler? You can bring this infant car seat just fine to the airport since it is an FAA-approved one when folded.

8. Weight rating. It is intended for babies who are 4 to 35 lbs, so it can accompany most babies from newborn up to the said weight limit.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of the Britax B-Safe:


1. Large canopy. This can be fairly important if you often travel with your baby in harsh climates, whether it’s hot or cold. When you purchase a travel adaptor to transfer your baby from the car to the stroller, it’s important that the canopy is big enough to shield your baby from the elements of the outside world.

2. LATCH compatibility. Many vehicles nowadays use the LATCH system in terms of keeping their infant car seats safe and secure. This means good news for you since it can be easy to tie down this infant car seat due to that compatibility.

3. Impact-resistant foam. In terms of safety, the side impact protection can help to reduce the bumpy rides that your baby may be experiencing, which could hinder their sleep and could make them feel nervous during trips. It can also protect them in worst-case-scenarios in the future.

4. Deep cradle design. For your baby to be fully protected from the elements and not to easily fall off the car seat, the deep cradle design can be helpful. Combine with its reclining feature, it can also be a great way for your child to sleep in the car peacefully and undisturbed.

5. Good warranty period. It has a 1-year warranty period so it can bring you peace of mind when buying this infant car seat.

6. Lightweight design. Are you often going on a trip with your baby? If so, having a lightweight designed car seat for your little one such as this model can be beneficial for you. It’s not only lightweight but also FAA-approved so it’s definitely travel-friendly.


1. No cup holder. While this may not be a major con for some, it can be a bit of a downer for those who want car seats that have extra cup holders for convenience.

2. Needs an external adapter. Unless you already own a Britax stroller and an adapter, you may need to spend extra cash in buying one to complete your very own travel system with your little one and this infant car seat.

3. May not accompany large babies well. Because of the deep design of the baby car seat, it may not work with large babies due to the lack of space.


To wrap it up, the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat & Elite Base can have an advantage on its LATCH compatibility, ease of setup, impact-resistance, safety features, lightweight and travel-friendliness, and canopy design. While it doesn’t have a cup holder and you may need to buy an external adapter for strollers, it’s still a good buy if you plan on traveling with your baby elsewhere.

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