Britax Advocate Vs Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Car seats need to be safe enough for your little one, so you may want to pick a good one so that your child doesn’t get uncomfortable when they are traveling. The general purpose of a car seat is to keep your little one safely sitting in the car while you are driving or riding in the vehicle. Most of these car seats can be compatible with different kinds of vehicles depending on the size and the model.

Today, we picked two baby car seats: the Britax Advocate and the Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat, so that you can compare their features. Both of these two car seats are known for their ClickTight technology so they are quite similar in terms of their safety. However, there can be a bit more differences between the two, as we will review in this article.

Layers of Side Impact Protection

Britax Advocate Britax Boulevard
3 layers 2 layers

In terms of the layers of side impact protection, the Britax Advocate seems to be better with added 3 layers as compared to the Britax Boulevard with only 2 layers. This may benefit those who want much more safety when they want to choose the best convertible car seat for their little one.

  • The advantage of having a convertible car seat that has more side impact protection is that it can be used for bumpy rides to further protect your little one from sudden impact. It is useful for children who are still too young to sit on their car seat. It is one of the many reasons why parents like you may want to have a car seat.

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Weight of the Car Seat

Britax Advocate Britax Boulevard
30.6 lbs. 29.4 lbs.

The Britax Boulevard seems to be much lighter in terms of weight as compared to the Britax Advocate. Although the number is not very different, it is still a difference in weight.

  • Having a car seat that is too heavy could be a hassle for you to carry your little one from one place to another. This is why you may benefit from a car seat that is not too heavy in terms of its overall weight. It also pays to invest in a car seat that is easier to transfer from your stroller to your car and vice-versa.

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  • For the busy mom or dad, a car seat that weighs significantly less can also help them to get the groceries and their baby in and out of the car with greater ease. Many people don’t like using car seats due to the hassle of having to lift them again and again, so it’s really worth the money buying one that is not too heavy to carry or too complicated to set up.

Padding Amount

Britax Advocate Britax Boulevard
More padding Less padding

The Britax Advocate seems to have more padding than the Britax Boulevard, which, in turn, has less padding material. This could be a difference for those who want more comfort for their little one while in the car seat.

  • For babies who are near their newborn stage and still need a lot of protection and comfort, they may need a car seat that is not only convertible but also has a significant amount of padding to keep them comfortable for long trips. If you often spend your time on the road then it pays to have a car seat that can provide more comfort in the long run.
  • When choosing a car seat for babies, the padding should also not be too suffocating so that it will not risk suffocation for your little one. The material of the car seat’s padding should also be easily washable so that it will not be a hassle to launder for the parents.

Color choices and Price

Britax Advocate Britax Boulevard
3 colors, a bit more expensive 6 colors, cheaper

In terms of color choices, the Britax Boulevard has more choices, which may be ideal for babies and parents who prefer a different color that can match their baby stroller or even their car or vehicle interior’s design.

  • The color choice and design is not always an important thing for some parents, but if you are design-savvy, you may want to have more color choices when you are buying a baby car seat (or any baby item or accessory, for that matter).

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For the price, the Britax Boulevard seems to be cheaper too as compared to the Britax Advocate. The difference can be about fifty dollars or something, but it may change depending on the demands for the item and the color that you choose.

  • Usually, the reason why some items have a higher price is that they have more added features such as more materials. If you want a cheaper seat, the Britax Boulevard may be the choice for you. However, if you are willing to pay an extra price for comfort then the Britax Advocate’s extra padding and more layers of side protection seem like a good deal, too.


Britax Advocate Britax Boulevard
14 positions 14 positions

Both the Britax Advocate and Boulevard have a harness that you can set in a total of 14 positions to keep your little one securely in place in the car seat all throughout the trip.

  • Choosing a good car seat that is not only easy to set up but also very trustworthy with its capability of keeping your little one secure when they are sitting there. This is why the ClickTight technology of both the Britax car seats can be helpful.


As a whole, we think that the two convertible car seats would be equal in terms of their features. If you prefer the added layers of side impact protection and the padding, you may want to go with the Britax Advocate. Otherwise, if you prefer a less bulky and cheaper convertible car seat with much more color choices, you may want to go with the Britax Boulevard instead.

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