3 Black Friday Deals For New Mommies That You Don’t Want To Miss!

A baby means new items and lots of stuff to buy to prepare. These items range from nursery furniture to clothes, diapers and toys. Now, buying all of these things can cause a big dent in your pockets.

This is where Black Friday 2019 Deals comes in. New mommies can save a lot if they take advantage of the Black Friday deals.

You can keep checking specific stores for the deals or visit websites that have information about discounts from various stores.

Whether you are a new mommy buying baby items for the first time or you are upgrading let’s say from a Moses basket to a crib, then Black Friday 2019 deals are what you should look out for so you can save that extra buck.

Here are three deals that you do not want to miss.

PushChairs, Prams, and Car Seats Deals

You will definitely want to move around with your baby once he is born so you will need a car seat and a stroller. These can cost a lot depending on the model. The good news is you can get great discounts if you buy on Black Friday.

There are many stores both online and offline that offer black Friday deals on these items. Such include Target where you can find deals on car seats and amazon which has almost all baby items that you may need.

You can also get great discounts from websites that specialize in selling particular products such as strollers, car seats, and their accessories. Stroller site stocks different types of strollers, may it be single, convertible, double, jogging, travel systems or lightweight of high-quality brands such as Bugaboo, UPPAbaby, Bumbleride, Nuna, Agio and more.

Baby clothes deals

You will need to buy lots of baby clothes all at once and that can be expensive for new mommies. That’s why you wouldn’t want to miss Black Friday deals on baby clothes. Sites such as Amazon and kohls.com have great offers on baby clothes of zero to 24 months for both boys and girls.

The stores have all types of baby clothes, from onesies, baby vests, hats, and socks. You will find baby sleeping items that include swaddling blankets, pajamas, and sleeping bags. There are also clothes for keeping your baby warm as well as bath time clothes and swimming clothes.

You can get Black Friday discounts of as high as 50% on the given baby clothes, helping you to save a lot.

Baby Nursery Items

Furnishing a baby nursery is expensive. You will want your baby’s nursery to look great and have high-quality items, and these do not come cheap.

Nursery furniture comes in different types and categories. You might need a Moses basket, cot, mattresses, bedsheets, pack ‘n plays, junior beds and more.

You will also need curtains, chests for toys, safety gates for when the baby is older, mobiles for entertaining your baby, wall stickers and decals to decorate the nursery as well as shelves and bins where you can store some of the baby items.

By visiting stores and buying online from sites such as Toys R’ Us and Amazon on Black Friday, you can get great discounts and save a lot.

For instance, you will find great offers on Toys R Us on cribs and crib mattresses. On the other hand, Amazon stocks almost all the items you will need for the baby nursery in addition to other baby items.

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