Best Wooden Puzzles For Kids

The ability to solve puzzles is a nice thing because it will help your children to learn how to solve problems in the real world in the future. Puzzles can help them to think carefully and plan their next move. They help in terms of hand and eye coordination plus they are also enjoyable.

If your child has a puzzle that is interesting, such as being colored, with a design of their favorite character, and the like, then they will definitely love solving the wooden puzzle a lot. This applies to both little kids (toddlers) and the older kids. What’s interesting about the wooden puzzle is that it is non-toxic such that it won’t have harsh chemicals that are included in some plastics.

To have a wooden puzzle is a good investment because your other little ones can use it once your older child outgrows it, or you can give it to another relative’s child.

Best Wooden Puzzles For Kids

Here are our picks for the best wooden puzzles for kids:

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle – Pirates

Bring out your inner pirate with this colorful 48-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. The details on the artwork of the ship are very good, which includes a pirate, a bunch of ship crew, the pirate ship, a rich sky and sea background, some ocean life and a dragon (?) to challenge you in your adventures.

It also has a parrot at the top of the ship. The puzzle comes in the wooden tray so that it can be neatly organized. It is great for your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving and can be fun to play with.

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Hape Alphabet Blocks Learning Puzzle

Hape Alphabet Blocks Learning Puzzle

Made of alphabet blocks, this puzzle comes with a variety of colors to choose from. It gives your child the right dexterity, hand-eye coordination, matching of colors and shapes, and spatial relationships. It also teaches them all of their ABCs in the simplest way possible.

Ideal for kids with ages 3 years and up, this one is made to be played anywhere with child-safe materials and non-toxic finishes to support your child’s growth without harm. The set comes with 26 letters in upper case form, and all of them fit nicely inside the puzzle panel.

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Melissa & Doug Mix ‘n Match Wooden Peg Puzzles – Animals and Cars

Melissa & Doug Mix 'n Match Wooden Peg Puzzles

This set contains 3 puzzles that have 8+ wooden pieces in each. The puzzle range from animals to cars. The first puzzle is about domestic animals and the second one is about farm animals. The third one is about different cars and trucks. The domestic animals include a pig, rooster, sheep, cow, chicken, duck, horse and goat.

The domestic animals include a cat, a bird, a rabbit, dog, fish, horse, and others. The cars puzzle has some trucks and police cars as well. Each puzzle is at 12″ x 9″ and is good for kids who are 2 years old and above.

Paw Patrol 5 Wood Jigsaw Puzzles in Wood Storage Box

If you love Paw Patrol then you will surely love this pack of 5 wood puzzles. It has puzzles that are easy to solve for kids and fit neatly into the included storage box. The first puzzles are two 12-piece puzzles, which are for the beginners or those who want it easy.

The second puzzle set contains two 16-piece puzzles so they are ideal for the intermediate players. Last, but not the least, there is a 24-piece puzzle that is a little more challenging than others. One puzzle is at 11 x 8 inches, the other two are at 5 x 8 inches while the smaller one is at 5 x 4 inches.

Fat Brain Toys Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle

Do you want your little child to solve the puzzle of their name? This one is a great puzzle to have since you can request the seller to customize the puzzle that is designed just for your child. It is a puzzle that you can choose the name of your child so that they can custom make it for you.

It will help children for their logic, fine motor skills, letter recognition, as well as their own name spelling, and level of self-esteem. It is good for kids with names that have long, unusual or hard spellings as well, so they can learn how to spell their name.

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Peg Puzzles

This colorful alphabet and numbers pack is a great puzzle set to begin with for kids. It has 3 puzzles: alphabet, numbers, and fish with colors. The one with colored fishes is amazing since it can help your child to distinguish colors as well as the different shapes of the fish.

The colorful alphabet puzzle can help your child to figure out which letter goes to which place. It is made from high-quality wood, sanded smooth so it will be just right for little kids. The numbers are also labeled to make sure your child knows which number they are.

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Melissa & Doug Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box

Jigsaw puzzles like this one can be ideal for solving on the go. It has four 12-piece puzzles featuring a race car that has a cool design, a steam engine, a school bus that your children can relate to, and a fire engine or a fire truck.

Cleaning up is a breeze because it can be easily stored in the included sturdy wooden storage box, which has dividers inside so that you can organize them properly. It gives your child the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to perform different tasks.

Melissa & Doug Construction Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw

Yet another jigsaw puzzle to solve for your little one, this one contains 4 pieces with 12 pieces each. It has various construction vehicles included in the puzzle, such as a cement mixer, a bulldozer, a dump truck, and an excavator. The cement mixer is blue, the dump truck is red, the bulldozer is yellow and the excavator is green.

Since all of the pieces are contained in a separate compartment in a sturdy wooden box, they are neatly organized. They are also easy to hold for most kids due to their design and the lid has a slide-on mechanism for simple storage capabilities.

SainSmart Jr. Wooden Tetris Puzzle

SainSmart Jr. Wooden Tetris Puzzle

Tetris lovers will like this puzzle for kids. It features a ton of puzzle pieces that resemble the game Tetris due to the shapes that can fit in like the game. It is made with 40 pieces and 5 of each color and are made of maple, non-toxic paint and don’t weigh as much.

The shapes are just the right ones for kids and can shape their imagination, exercise their ability to solve puzzles, enhance their eye-hand coordination and color shape recognition and most of all, have fun! It is also good for adults as a pastime puzzle.

Melissa & Doug African Plains Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Experience Africa with this jungle puzzle, which features different animals. It has a lion, an elephant, a flamingo, a giraffe, a zebra, a hippo and a neat background of the African wilds and landscape. It has a total of 24 pieces to solve and all of them are easy to hold.

The puzzle is good for kids ages 3 to 5 years and it can help your little one to learn more about the different colors, designs, and animal names, as well as with their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

GYBBER&MUMU Wooden Preschool Colorful Shape Puzzle

Shape puzzles like these are great for preschool kids. It has 9 shapes for you to solve and fit in. The shapes are made with lead-free, phthalates-free and BPA-free materials that are smooth and won’t hurt your child’s delicate skin, especially with the smooth edges.

The board measures 7 x 7 inches and is made with various colors and shapes. It has a star, a clover, a cross, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, diamond, and circle shape. It also helps with your child’s recognition and fine motor skills.

Lewo Wooden Puzzle Toddler Toys Shapes Sorter

As a shape sorter toy, this one has a size of 5.9 x 5.1 x 2.1 inches so it is just right for most homes and baby rooms. It has a wooden base with various shapes, such as circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares. They all have different colors and they can all be stacked nicely on top of each other.

The whole thing is safe for your little one because it is made up of ABS plastic of non-toxic environmental material and is also BPA-free. It can teach your children about different colors, shades, early geometry shapes, and puzzle solving skills.

BeginAgain Animal Parade A to Z Alphabet Puzzle and Playset

This puzzle is made up of different animals that can make your child curious about their shapes and design. It is a puzzle that is made from grown rubberwood and finished with a non-toxic water-based stain. It has a design of an Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle so it will be fun to play with for kids.

There are letters in each animal that represent the alphabet, so it will be easier to solve the puzzle by knowing the letters of the alphabet and the different animals that they represent. It is also colorful and interesting for kids to hold and put together.

Melissa & Doug Space Voyage Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

This space-themed puzzle for kids contains 48 wood pieces that can be solved together. It gives your child some insight and curiosity about space and the scientific world, especially with the great artwork about space. The artwork contains a spaceship, some planets in the Solar System and the sun, some asteroids and a beautiful backdrop of stars and galaxies.

Melissa & Doug See & Spell Learning Toy

This spelling toy for kids is not just for puzzle solving, but also for learning how to spell objects and animals. The colorful array of letters can be mixed together to spell out words, such as “pig”, “bus”, “bird” and “fish”, depending on what’s on the picture. It has 8 two-sided cutout boards for easy spelling.

Hape Go-Fish-Go Magnetic Wooden Toddler Maze Puzzle

As a unique magnetic puzzle for kids 2 years old and above, this one is shaped like a fish with a bead maze. It is lightweight so it is also portable due to the carrying handle, plus it’s made of wood so it is non-toxic for kids to enjoy. It exercises your child’s thinking and puzzle solving skills.


To wrap it up, wooden puzzles for kids not only activate and practice their thinking skills but can also be enjoyable, especially for preschool kids and toddlers. They exercise the mind as well as their hand and eye coordination. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best wooden puzzles for kids!

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