Best Vitamin D Drops For Babies

Vitamin D is a very healthy way of keeping your skin very healthy and glowing. Vitamin D can be naturally obtained from sunshine but there are also other ways of getting it from foods and the like. Without vitamin D, your child can be more prone to skin problems like rashes, itching and the like.


They may also not have a good skin appearance. Babies have a more sensitive skin than adults and older children, and this is why they need all the vitamin D that they can get. Their skin can be more prone to rashes, such as when using diapers or when they are out in the sun, which can potentially give them some manner of skin problem.


Babies tend to get sick more often because they don’t have a good immune system yet. This is because their immune system is still developing and they need to become stronger or protected well to make sure that they don’t get sick often.


This is highly important for babies who are below 1 year old because they are not fully developed yet. One way to do this is to ensure that they get all the vitamins and minerals that they deserve depending on their age bracket as babies.


With that said, drops are the best things to give to babies because they aren’t ready yet for teaspoons of syrups and the like. Baby drops are easy to administer – all you need to do is to grab them from the container using the dropper and then drop them onto your baby’s mouth using the rubber end. It’s that simple overall!


Having a baby drop that’s very healthy and beneficial to your child is important so that he or she will not become unhealthy in the long run. It will also boost their different functions and their physical and mental development so that they won’t run into too much health problems.


Baby drops can be easily bought from most drugstores as well as from your pediatrician in the hospital pharmacy. You can ask what kind of baby drops should you buy from your pediatrician so that you will know what your child is lacking in terms of nutrition. You should also ask how much to give to your child so that they won’t get sick from too much medicine.


It is important to keep your baby healthy when they are still young. The world can be a very dangerous place if you consider the different viruses, bacteria and foreign objects that might get into your baby’s system. Therefore, it is important to keep them protected at all costs with the right amount of medicine, such as vitamin D, with the proper baby drops.


Different vitamin D drops can have various age ranges, so it is important to know about it first. If you want to give your child the vitamin D drops, they should be given one that is appropriate for their age, whether it’s for 6 months above, for 1 year and above and the like.



Best Vitamin D Drops For Babies

Without further ado, here are some of our best picks for Vitamin D drops for babies:


Carlson Baby’s Super Daily Vitamin D3 Drops

Carlson Baby's Super Daily Vitamin D3 Drops

Age Range: 5 months+


This vitamin D drop for babies contains 400 IU (10 mcg) of vitamin D3, which can be quite good for babies who are still young and need a healthy immune system. You can get a total of up to 365 drops per container of this item for your baby.


Pros Cons
·         Vegetarian and natural formulation for your baby

·         Up to 365 liquid drops all in all

·         Third-party tested for quality ingredients

·         FDA registered

·         Dispenser could be improved


Ddrops Baby 400 IU

Ddrops Baby 400 IU

Age Range: 1 month+


Another great vitamin D drop, this one is ideal for babies who are still being breastfed, so it is ideal for children who are still young. It contains fractionated coconut oil and 400 IU of pure vitamin D3, so it is a combination of healthy ingredients for your child. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial flavorings. It can last up to 90 drops


Pros Cons
·         Comes with fractionated coconut oil

·         Contains the recommended amount of vitamin D3

·         No chemicals, additives or flavors

·         Drop speed could slow down after frequent use


Vita Optimum Baby Vitamin D3 Drops

Vita Optimum Baby Vitamin D3 Drops

Age Range: 2 months+


This natural and organic vitamin D3 drops would be great for those who want to have an organic formula. It contains safflower oil so it’s unique, other than its 400 IU vitamin D3. It can last up to 360 drops all in all and you can also mix it with other food or drinks.


Pros Cons
·         Made in an FDA registered facility

·         Tasteless so your child won’t notice

·         GMO-free safflower oil that is organic

·         Great for breastfed children

·         The drop can get stuck sometimes


Vitamin D Drops by Zoomavit

Vitamin D Drops by Zoomavit

Age Range: newborn+


Yet another organic and GMO-free formula, this one can last up to 2,140 tasteless drops so you can have it for a long time due to its 2 ounce or 60 ml content. It is also GMO-free, gluten & dairy free and has no artificial colors. Made of organic fractionated coconut, it is a good vitamin D source for babies.


Pros Cons
·         GMO-free and gluten-free

·         No artificial colors

·         No preservatives are present

·         Includes organic fractionated coconut

·         The dropper can be a bit tricky to use


Sunny Skies Vitamin D3

Sunny Skies Vitamin D3 Drops

Age Range: 2+


Another organic dietary supplement, this one is not just for babies but also for older kids and adults. It is non-GMO and is made without additives, chemical, or flavors. Due to its large 1 oz bottle with 1400 drops, you can be able to use it for a very long time. It also includes fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) base for added health benefits.


Pros Cons
·         Non-GMO formula

·         Made in a GMP certified facility

·         No flavors, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and the like

·         Made with a fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) base

·         Good packaging

·         The dropper can be a bit tricky to use


Zahler Vitamin D3

Zahler Vitamin D3 400 IU

Age Range: 1+


Another tasteless drop formulation that is great for kids who are picky eaters, this one contains the recommended 400 IU of vitamin D. It is also certified Kosher and is easy to take due to the no-taste formulation. It has also been processed in a GMP certified facility.


Pros Cons
·         No taste so it is good for picky eaters

·         No artificial ingredients

·         Easy to administer

·         Made in a GMP certified facility

·         Dropper can drop too fast


Natural Health Goodies Vitamin D

Natural Health Goodies Vitamin D

Age Range: 2+


This vitamin D drops for kids comes with up to 5,000 IU per container, which has 400 IU per 4 drops. It also has a BPA-free bulb dropper so it is healthy and safe for kids to use. There are also no preservatives on this drops for babies.


Pros Cons
·         It contains MCT oil so it’s healthy for kids and babies

·         Made with a BPA-free bulb dropper

·         Does not contain preservatives

·         Requires you to give 4 drops a day to get the 400 IU in total


Alternakids Vitamin D

Vitamin D Drops for Infants by AlternaKids

Age Range: 3 months+


Able to supply your child with up to 150 days of 400 IU per drop, this one is great for breastfeeding babies for their vitamin D needs. It gives your child a natural form of vitamin D3 through the drops, as well as sunflower oil and coconut oil which have been naturally derived, in a safe, quick, and precise way


Pros Cons
·         Made with sunflower oil and coconut oil as well

·         Contains 400 IU per drop

·         Can last up to 150 days

·         You may need to buy a dropper separately as it only has a syringe


UpSpring Baby Vitamin D

UpSpring Baby Vitamin D

Age Range: newborn+


This vitamin D for babies comes with fractionated coconut oil so it is organic and does not contain preservatives at all. It is also non-GMO in its formulation and can be used from newborn up to 1-year-old babies. It is also easy to squeeze due to the bottle style and comes with 400 IU per drop.


Pros Cons
·         It is a non-GMO formula

·         Great for newborn babies

·         Organic formulation with fractionated coconut oil

·         May require a separate dropper if you’re not used to the bottle style


Nordic Naturals Baby’s Vitamin D3

Nordic Naturals Baby's Vitamin D3

Age Range: 9 months+


This vitamin D drop for babies can be easily used while you are breastfeeding, or into food and drink, due to the nearly tasteless nature and formulation. It is also placed in a carrier oil of extra virgin olive oil so it is good for your baby’s heart and circulatory system as well. It is non-GMO verified and contains 11 ml in each bottle.


Pros Cons
·         Includes extra virgin olive oil for great heart health

·         Can be used while breastfeeding, or into food and drink

·         Drops are non-GMO verified gluten and dairy free

·         The dropper can be a bit tricky to use


Nested Naturals Vitamin D3

Nested Naturals Vitamin D3

Age Range: 6 months+


Made with MCT coconut oil, this one is also organic with extra virgin coconut oil and it contains 400 IU per drop as well. It can also be administered using a pacifier, spoon or even during breastfeeding other than using drops.


Pros Cons
·         Made with MCT coconut oil and EVCO

·         Contains 400 IU of vitamin D3

·         It is odorless and tasteless

·         Slight packaging problems


MaxX Labs Vitamin D3

MaxX Labs Vitamin D3

Age Range: 4+


This vitamin D3 supplement is pretty strong so it is more advisable for babies who are older, let’s say in their toddler age. It contains 2,000 IU per drop, which can also mean that it’s great for adults as well. It also comes with Vitamin K2 – MK-7 and is vegan.


Pros Cons
·         Has 2,000 IU per drop

·         Great for older kids

·         Also has Vitamin K2 – MK-7

·         Has a vegan formulation

·         May not be suitable for younger kids


Ddrops Booster

Ddrops Booster 600 IU Drops

Age Range: 4+


Giving you a supply of up to 100 drops, this one contains 600 IU per drop, so it’s pretty good for older babies as well. You can also have it dropped onto food or into liquids and it is easy to administer with its design and packaging.


Pros Cons
·         Easy to administer

·         600 IU per drop

·         Up to 100 drops of supply

·         Requires a separate dropper



Vitamin D drops are very essential for babies to help keep their skin glowing and healthy so that they won’t catch too much skin diseases like prickly heat or rashes. We hope this list informs you of what vitamin D drops to buy for your baby. Which of these brands do you prefer and why?

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