Best Toys & Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls

Girls who are 10 years old are usually in their older stage of childhood. In this age bracket, they may start to wonder about more complicated things as they enter the pre-teen stage of life. This is why they may like toys and gifts that are unique and something that they can use.

Some great suggestions for gifts for these girls may include STEM toys that may be useful for their studies, such as microscope or experiment sets. A good idea for girls who are 10 years old may be a DIY kit, which can help them to create arts and crafts such as friendship bracelets, nail art, makeup practice, and so much more. DIY kits may also include scrapbooking and coloring materials.

Having a 10-year-old girl can be a challenge but it is just a matter of asking her what her interests are. To give the best gift for her during her birthday, you may want to look for some suggestions, such as in this article.

Best Toys & Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls

To help you pick, here are some of our suggested choices for the best toys and gifts for 10-year-old girls:

Your Décor Color Your Own Water Bottle

For girls who want to get creative, this DIY bottle can be just right for them. It allows your little girl to color their own water bottle with the given set of markers that have ultra bright colors. The bottle is BPA-free so it is safe for drinking and it even has a carabineer for easy clipping on to your bag.

The design of the water bottle can be customized depending on what your little girl wants. It can be a great DIY kit for those who are into arts and crafts as well as customization.

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Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope

This microscope set may be great if your child is into science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) toys and gifts. It can help them to explore the world around them by looking at the microscope from their collected samples, which is done using the plates and tubes.

It comes with a 22-page journal and a whole set of scientific tools to collect the samples. The included microscope has a 400x magnification so it really works – you only need 3 AAA batteries to run it properly. This may be a great learning tool or something used for science experiments in school or for homework.

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Creativity for Kids It’s My Life Scrapbook Kit

Is your little girl into scrapbooking? This complete set contains 200 or more stickers that they can use for the included scrapbook base. It also has a total of 20 paper patterns that you can use to create your own fun pages, with over 32-page layouts that allow customization.

The stickers can be placed anywhere in the scrapbook, which has a velvet-flocked cover and a total of 16 pages to fill up. The scrapbook base measures 9 inches in a square format and has a spiral binding. All of the stuff included in this scrapbook set conform to ASTM D-4236 for non-toxic materials.

The Orb Factory Stick N’ Style Blinglets

Ready to decorate your own bracelets? This set contains a total of 12 bangles or bracelets that you can decorate using the included sticker set, which contains a total of 700 sparkling jewel stickers with various colors and textures.

This may be a great DIY bangle set for friendship bracelets, for parties, and the like, which also tests their creativity in making bracelets out of the given materials. It can also be a great sleepover party activity for your little girls. It is backed by a warranty for defects in materials.

MindWare Science Academy Perfume Lab

If your little girl loves perfumes that are safe to use for themselves, and they also like to experiment on things, this one is a good way to do it. This perfume maker kit has a lab station that comes with various scents, test tubes, and the like for your child to make their own perfume at home.

Among the other supplies included here are color pigments, sodium polyacrylate, sticks for stirring, a beaker for pouring, 4 scents to choose from, a bottle for the perfume, labels, and crystals for added attraction. This can be a great science experiment and a DIY kit in one.

Craft-tastic – String Art Kit

String art is a great way to exercise your artistic skills. This one allows your child to create various objects and artworks using the power of strings. There are 3 big string art canvases included in the set for your child to use and create their own artwork.

The artworks that your little girl can create can vary from shapes, animals, and even words and letters. It can help your child get creativity skills and with the power of push pins, it also helps their hand dexterity. There are a total of 170 pins and 60 yards of thread in the kit.

Our life Kids Waterproof Camera with Video Recorder

Does your child want a waterproof camera that’s not too expensive as a GoPro? This one can be a great alternative. It comes in pink color so it can be great for girls, while it also has non-toxic material for its design. The camera can record up to 1280 x 720 pixels of videos at 30 fps.

There is an included 8 GB micro SD card that you can use to record and store videos, although the slot can accept up to 32 GB of capacity for a card. It only charges using a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, which can give you about an hour and a half of continuous recording time.

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

Did you know that there are also Nerf toys aimed at girls? This unique bow and arrow will have your child feeling like Katniss from The Hunger Games with its 3 message darts and the ability to fire up to 85 feet of distance.

The arrow even has its own detachable quiver for easy access for the arrows while there is a decoder on each bow. The unique thing about this bow and arrow set is that the arrows make a whistling sound when you fire them into the air. It is good for training kids on how to fire a bow and arrow set for archery sports.

Designed by You Fashion Studio

If your girl is fashion savvy, this one can be a great kit for them. It contains a total of 50 or more pieces of fabric and design pieces that your child can use to make their own designs. There is even a sketchbook that allows your little girl to plot out their preferred dress.

Among the included pieces in this kit are ribbons, tools, a booklet for swatches, fabric samples, a sketchbook, a mannequin for putting and trying dresses, and even trims and embellishments.

Fashion Angels Make-up & Hair Design Sketch Portfolio

Also a great gift for girls who are into fashion, this one allows your child to make their own combination of hair and make-up. It has a total of 4 plastic stencils sheets to help them build a face and look and over 100 shapes to choose from with the stencils.

The sketchbook and coloring book has a total of 40 preformatted pages for your little girl to customize with their own preferred look. Your little girl can experiment on which eyeshadow fits well, which blush-on, which braid style, and even which lips fit better for their character.

Kiss Naturals Lip Balm Kit

Your little girl can make their own lip balm at the comfort of their home with this fun DIY kit. It only makes lip balms from materials that are non-toxic, without chemicals, SLS, or parabens, to keep them safe for your child.

There are a total of 3 jars and sticks that your child can use to create their own natural lip balm from ingredients such as beeswax and shea butter. It can be a science experiment and also a DIY kit at the same time.

Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

Ah, there’s nothing like the classic spirograph in making designs! Your little girl can use this for their art projects, for sketchbooks, for coloring books, for their scrapbooks, and the like. It contains a total of 45 pieces which includes a rack, some rings, wheels, pens, and a spiro-putty to keep your spiral in place.

It has a guide book that helps you to create the designs that you want. Simply use the pens and go spiral crazy in creating your preferred design! This one can help your child create their own set of mandalas and spiral shapes on paper.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Glow-in-the-Dark Crystal Growing Lab

Is your child into crystals? This one is a unique gift, which is both a science experiment and a fun toy to have at home. It allows your child to grow their own crystal from seed rock that is included in the kit. When the crystal grows out of the container, it glows in the dark!

This is both an educational tool and also a good way to decorate their bedroom with its glowing feature. There are also information in the booklet as well as a set of instructions on how to create and grow their own crystals.

Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

Yet another STEM kit for 10-year-old girls, this one is good for those who want to experiment with making their own edible candies! There are a total of 40 experiments to choose from with over 27 tools and ingredients that you can mix and match together.

This educational DIY kit can be great for your brain and your tummy, as the manufacturer said. This can be a good science experiment in the classroom due to the process of making them.


As a whole, a 10-year-old girl is near her pre-teen stage so it is important that her gifts should be more for the grown-up kids, which may include DIY kits and experimental stuff to learn from. We hope you liked our top picks for the best toys and gifts for 10-year-old girls!

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