Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

The age of 1 year old can be the age of discovery for those newborn boys who have just turned a year old. It is when they start to learn all about the world much more since they learn how to crawl, sit, and stand on their own.

With that said, having a toy or gift for them that is appropriate is important, since it will be their first birthday. Toys that are easy to learn and to play with could be a great idea, especially ones that will help them with their thinking skills but also not destroy the play value of the toy.

When choosing a gift or toy for 1-year-old boys, you should consider one that is safe to play with, has all of the cool stuff for them to use, and should also be appropriate for their age. In this article, we’ll give you some suggested gifts and toys for a 1-year-old boy to help you decide.

Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys

Here are our picks for the best toys and gifts for 1-year-old boys:

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

Ready to entertain your future driver? This fun toy from VTech allows your little one to simulate being a driver with the cool steering wheel and other buttons. It has various buttons on the top which simulates the sounds of different known vehicles and there is also a stoplight at the side to familiarize them with traffic rules.

There’s also an ignition key, a lever, a switch, and a fun mirror alongside the whole dashboard. The steering wheel itself even has buttons on top for your little one to enjoy the melodies, songs, and the like.

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin’ Soccer Ball

If your little one loves soccer or is greatly interested with balls, this one can be a great gift for him. It has up to 10 songs in the selection that can be accessed using the different spots that are colored in the ball, made with numbers and color combinations.

There are even ways to roll the ball – fast or slow – and you can do it with your little one or with their friend. The electronics can be removed from the ball for easily cleaning the whole exterior into the washing machine for simple maintenance.

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Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Does your little boy love wheels? This spinning wheel can be a great activity center for them. Coming in two color variations, it can help your little one with their fine motor skills, visual tracking, and get them interested in spinning the wheel that helps with their hand-eye coordination.

The wheel stays in place due to the suction cup base while the wheel also has a lot of different parts that can be pressed and touched, which allows your child to have various textile interactions. There are also mirrors on one side as well as patterns on the other. This toy can be great for babies who sit on high chairs.

First Builders Big Building Bag

Is your child a builder at heart? This fun set of large blocks can be a great starter for them. With a total of 80 pieces, the large design makes it ideal for small hands to put it together. They can build towers, houses, and the like with this set.

It can be a great introductory set for building blocks, especially for 1-year-olds and preschool boys. What’s more, the whole thing comes in a storage bag for easily cleaning up after the toys. If you already have other Mega Bloks at home, you can even combine this set with it for added fun.

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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

If your little 1-year-old is already able to sit and stand, this can be a great toy for him. It has various number buttons that they can press to interact as well as keyboard keys at the bottom that are like musical keys to help him interact. The piano keys can play music and can be a great starter for little kids.

The rollers on the side also allow your child to interact and work with their hand-eye coordination. Only 2 AA batteries are required for this sit-to-stand learning walker, which spins on good wheels at the bottom.

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and Baby’s 1st Blocks Bundle

For kids who like shapes, this can be a fun first toy to play with. It has the classic design of putting the shapes together and inserting them in the correct hole to keep them in the plastic basket. It allows your child to recognize the shapes and learn all about them, which can be good in terms of your child’s development.

There is also a free ring toss or stacker alongside the shaped blocks. The whole set can be used to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination while color recognition allows them to improve their vision.

ToBe ReadyForLife Cloth Book Baby Gift

Does your child like reading books or bedtime stories? This cute little book can be a great baby shower gift due to its uniqueness. It is a soft book that has a velvety feel, which you can also use as a bedtime storybook for your little one.

It has fluffy 3D shapes of animals and the like, which can help with your child’s textile recognition. The fluffy book is sturdy yet non-toxic and is made with strong stitching that allows you to wash it again and again. Soft polyester is used for this baby book.

VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy

Another one from VTech, this one has a lot of buttons on the keyboard, which has different shapes, such as a moon, a heart, a star, the basic shapes, and more. Pressing them allows your child to make different shapes and also discern the different basic colors. The toy laptop can be flipped over like a real one.

There are a total of 90 sing-along songs, music, sounds and fun phrases for your child to play along with. The toy laptop only requires 2 AA batteries to run (included). What’s more, the keyboard keys also light up and it also comes with a mini-mouse.

Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy

If you want a simple musical toy for your little one, this one can be a good choice due to its fun turtle shape. It has different buttons around it which simulate the different orchestra instruments that your child can press to produce sounds.

The toy allows your child to experiment with sounds as your child can remove or add instrument sounds when the classical song is playing. The programmed toy has 8 different classical songs to enjoy. This would be a great toy if your child loves music.

VTech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy

Yet another cute little musical toy, this one has a rattle as well so it can be great for little boys who love to rattle anything. It has plays fun phrases, sounds, and songs for your child to enjoy and listen to. The toy also features 20+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases so your child can have a lot of selections to choose from.

Only 3 LR44 batteries are needed for this toy to run and function. The cute puppy design allows the toy to become friendly-looking and colorful for your little one.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

As a learning cube for babies, this one has 14 interactive features such as moving parts, sliders, spinners, and much more. Your child will also enjoy the 25 playful songs and melodies that can be played using the buttons on the top.

The plastic material is made without BPA to be safe for your little one. Only 2 AAA batteries are needed to play the songs and functions of this activity cube with a total of 5 sides for playing.

B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

As a set of squeezable baby blocks, this set is BPA-free so it is good for little ones and can be stacked together. They are made without phthalates as well. This would be a great toy for helping to learn about colors and such.

The bag that it comes in is made with 100% recycled fabric so it is also safe for the blocks and for your little ones (you can even reuse the bag for any other items that you want to put in there).

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

As an activity book for young babies, this one can be great for those who want to listen to nursery rhymes. It has various character tabs on the side that light up, which can be interesting for your little one. What’s more, the slider and movable pieces allow interaction with your little one.

The activity book is quite colorful and can play up to 7 nursery rhymes for your little child. It can be a great book for storytelling.

The First Years Stack Up Cups

As a simple yet effective toy for kids, this one is a stacking game that allows your child to stack small pieces together onto the larger ones, which helps them to learn all about size difference and shapes. The colorful designs of the cups can be enthralling for little kids to play with.

Don’t worry about the material, as they are all made without BPA, lead, or phthalates, and it can also be used for helping your child to learn to count.


To wrap it up, a toy for a 1-year-old boy needs to be something that is easy to play with yet also keeping the fun factor with your child. After all, they are still very young and they need all of the entertainment and knowledge they can get. We hope you liked our top picks for the best toys for 1-year-old boys that you can give to them!

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