Best Toys & Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Girls


There is nothing more awesome than giving a gift or toy for your little one. At the age of 7 years old, they start to become more aware of their surroundings and thus, they would want a toy that is much more suitable for them – something that is more challenging, with a lot more features and can also enhance their creativity, social skills and the like.

A toy that is for 7 years old is something that should be a little bit more special since this is the golden stage of childhood. This is why birthday parties when your child turns 7 should also be very grand and unique. This is accompanied by a great bunch of gifts that your child, whether a boy or a girl, will find very useful in the long run.

Toys for a 7-year-old kid should not be just toys – some of them can be gadgets like smartwatches, DIY kits for girls, assembling robots for boys (and also sometimes for girls) and the like. They should be interactive with a lot more details and attention to the design and the functionality. They can be toys that are more than just for playing, but also for learning and for training them for their teen years.

Best Toys & Gift Ideas For 7-Year-Old Girls

Below are our top picks for the best gift ideas and toy ideas for 7-year-old girls:

LEGO Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue Building Set

This building set for girls and boys is an adventure LEGO set, which contains various elements like rocky cliffs to make it realistic as the 2 small figures go out in the wild. It has stairs and caves so that they can use it for their adventure.

A rope bridge made of LEGO blocks is what your characters can cross to the other side. If they get lost or stuck, you can have them be picked up by the rescue helicopter and off-roader. The helicopter is at 4 x 3 inches so they can fit in just fine.

AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket

If you want your child to sleep cozy, they need a blanket. This is not just any blanket – it is a mermaid blanket that will make your child feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid! Your child can choose from a myriad of colors and shades to suit their favorite style.

The blanket measures 55 x 28 inches and it has a cute mermaid tail design. The materials were crocheted by hand so they are soft and stylish as a blanket for your little one. It can be used anywhere, especially when it’s cold.

Melissa & Doug Pretty Purple Dollhouse 3-D Puzzle

For those kids who want a 3D house, this is a good one to have, since it is a puzzle that you can assemble from scratch. It can be a dollhouse that is good for imaginary scenarios once you have built it. The house has 2 levels and has a total of 4 rooms inside.

There are many rooms that can interest your children, such as a porch, a deck, a fenced yard and a trellis for their little figures to walk by. It is a very colorful toy to have for those who love playing with small toys.

CozyPhones Kids Headphones

Does your little one love to listen to music but you don’t want their ears to get jammed with too many decibels? This will solve your problem – a kid-friendly headphone that is actually a cute and funny head wrap band.

It has 1/8-inch limiting speakers that are inside the band so that your child will be able to listen to music but without hurting their ears. Since it is lightweight, comfortable, washable and also has a cute design, your child will love it. This headphone set is limited to 90 dB to protect little ears.

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

This ballerina music box is for kids who love to put in cute jewelry inside. It has many compartments such as at the bottom, in the main middle compartment and on the sides, which are small enough for rings and earrings.

With the box measuring a total of 4 x 6 x 6 inches, it plays the “Swan Lake” song and it has a traditional twirling ballerina figurine inside when you pop up the box. It also has a matching mirror on the side of the box like most musical boxes do.

Kids Washable Makeup Set

If your child likes to wear makeup or experiment but you don’t want them to mess around your MAC or Maybelline collection, give them this instead. It is kid-friendly and safe not only because it is non-toxic, but it is also washable and easy to apply.

Kids can use the 4 blush powders for their cheeks, 2 glitter lip gloss for a sparkling look, 3 eye shadow powder palettes to add drama to their eyes, 2 lipsticks and even 2 nail polishes for a glam look. They can fit them all in the included glitter cosmetic bag for make-up on the go.

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad Blue

Learning how to draw has never been this easy – this light-up Crayola sketch pad gives your child the power to trace anything underneath like a cartoonist. It comes as a set with 12 colored pencils and 10 blank sheets of paper.

Only 3 AA batteries are needed to supply the light at the bottom. This LED drawing tablet kit also comes with 10 sheets of tracing paper and your child can trace basically any kind of drawing they want to practice on – even an elephant! This will help them learn and master how to draw objects and the like.

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art

Yet another one for the artistic kids, this one allows you to experiment and create over 20 awesome window art illustrations and colors that your child can get their creative hands on. There are included drawings from the included design booklet for your child to get started.

There are 12 suncatcher shapes to choose from, in which your child can create their designs out of the materials included. These window designs can attach to any window, such as your child’s bedroom window or even on mirrors! These can make a great set of decorations anywhere.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

For the fans of Frozen the movie series, this one is a castle made of ice and stands 9 x 7 x 4 inches. Elsa’s sparkling castle is a beauty on its own and it has awesome elements, such as the spirals stairs and the balcony where she sings “Let It Go”.

This set includes both Elsa and Anna, as well as Olaf as mini-figures. It also has a sled at the bottom and various other elements. There is even an ice cream bar, an ice hill and other stuff in which your child can recreate scenes from the movie or choose your own adventure.

Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

As a DIY kit for kids, this one can help them to get creative by decorating their own fashionable headbands. There are a total of 10 awesome headbands hair accessories that your child can mix and match in order to make their fashion statement.

These headbands and the accessories you can put are good for small hands, so they are the best for little kids as well as with parents and friends. Your child can wear these at a party or share them. Other decors include flowers, feathers, a butterfly, yards of ribbons, rhinestones and much more.

Craftster’s Sewing Kits Woodland Animals Craft Educational Sewing Kit

Teach your child how to sew properly when they are still young with this friendly kit for kids. It encourages them to learn how to create plush toys by giving them patterns to work on. It has 5 pre-cut animal sewing projects that your child can build and learn from. It also has various other accessories like non-toxic fabric glue, stuffing, and scissors.

Other accessories include straight pins, sewing needles, and 6 colors of embroidery thread. This sewing kit can be taken by your kid to their school as an art project or they can do it as an activity at home with parents or with other kids for them to make their own plush toys to play with.

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

Another sewing kit that your child can enjoy would be this one, which comes with 28 felt shapes for you to cut shapes out of, some embroidery floss and stuffing for making a plush toy. It has enough fabric as well as other tools like scissors for cutting and measuring tape for measuring.

It also has pins, needles, thimble, and a pincushion to keep them organized. Decorate your creation with the 6 buttons, ricrac, pom-pom strip and the like. It also fits into a stylish suitcase that your child can travel with.

Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom

Aside from sewing, looming is another great activity that your child may be interested in. Your kid can create their own beanie hat or small bag with this looming kit, which measures 7.25 inches overall. It has a total of 90 years for the colorful yarn included.

Whether you want to do it in the traditional knitting or crochet way, this one can create fashionable items that your child may be able to wear. It is a great activity for both the kids and the parents as well.

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

Give your child the touch of the 90’s era with this cool and fun roller skate shoes for kids. This one has a 5/8” adjustable toe stop so they will be okay when it comes down to control and safety. It has a double adjustable truck and chassis as well to keep things safe and sound.

Its aluminum base plate also proves to be durable while its 60mm Urethane spoke core wheels also roll just fine. It is available in various sizes and it can be used inside the house or outdoors. Many people who have wider foot styles could find it fits just fine.

Satkago Mochi Squishys Toys

Squishy toys like these can help your child calm down when they feel anxious or when they have nothing to do. These cute and fun toys can be good for all ages but they appeal a lot to 7-year-old kids as well. They come in a ton of designs such as pigs, rabbits, cats and much more!

These adorable little creatures can be a gift to anyone regardless of age due to their cute design. They can be an additional decor to any home or you can just keep them in your pocket or bag. They are made of TPR, which is safe for kids to touch (but not to swallow, of course).

Micro Maxi Deluxe Kick Scooter

This scooter is your child’s gateway to having fun outdoors in their own backyard or around the neighborhood. Go for a classic 90’s style with this fun scooter which has matching anodized T-bars with the bottom base of the scooter.

It is a lean-to-steer scooter so it is going to be just fine for beginners to use. It has been safety-certified by the CPSC for the little kids to enjoy and there are over 8 colors to choose from. Each scooter can take up to 150 lbs. of weight. What’s more, its fiberglass-reinforced deck makes it quite durable like a real skateboard.

Ourlife Kids Waterproof Camera

Are you taking a dive into the ocean or swimming pool with your little kid? This one is a great camera that can be taken underwater to film things in there! At HD 1280×720 pixels in terms of its video capture specifications (at 30 fps), this one is a cheaper Go Pro alternative for little girls who like to dive underwater.

It is also made with a designed 1.77” LCD screen that can never leak out water inside, so it is definitely a must-have for those who like to go on a vacation to see the corals and fishes in the water. A 1-year warranty and free customer service for life are guaranteed as well.

Alex Art Draw Like A Pro

Something that is quite similar to the tracing toy that we have reviewed earlier is this one – which is also a tracing-style learn-to-draw tool. It has a light projector at the top which projects the image of whatever you want to draw so that the child can trace it while it’s lighted!

This awesome projection tool only needs 3 AA batteries to run. With over 124 slides to work on, 6 markers, 10 sheets of paper, your child can create their own cartoons with the given instructions, using a flip book that is also included in the pack.

Shopkins Shoppies Dolls Sara Sushi

If your child is a big fan of Shopkins, they will love this toy. This one features the design of Sara Sushi with two Shopkins included, as well as a bunch of accessories such as a brush, a VIP card and a purse for keeping her money.

You can use the brush to style her hair and you can use the coded Shoppies Credit Card whenever Sara Sushi is shopping in the Shopkins world! If you have other Shopkins characters, this would be a great addition!

Learn & Climb Kids Science Set

For the kids who love to experiment with science, this one has a total of 65 or more science experiments for them to learn. It is good for both boys and girls and has a plethora of instruments that your child can use. Turn your child’s bedroom into a small laboratory with this amazing science kit.

They can make slime experiments, volcano explosions, Petri dish analysis and the like. It also includes other fun freebies such as an instructional DVD on how to perform the said experiments. There are also fun crystals to play with, other than the slime.

Crayola Emoji Stamp Maker

Since the dawn of social media, emojis have been a thing, especially to kids. This fun Crayola stamp would be a very awesome thing to give to your child if they love to use the internet. It has various emoji designs like smileys, hearts, food and the like. There are 3 ink colors and you can also mix your own to create your own stamp!

Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit

Your little girl can create a garden on their own with this magic planting kit. All they need to do is to plant the magic bean seeds and they can grow within 2 to 4 days with given good conditions, such as sunlight and water. It comes with instructions on how to grow this beautiful fairy garden craft kit.


As a whole, little girls who are 7 years old definitely deserve all of these toys, depending on their preferences. Most of these are great for the DIY lover, the artistic ones or even the sporty ones. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best toys for 7-year-old girls!

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