Best Toys & Gift For 8-Year-Old Girls

Kids who are 8 years old are usually in their late childhood and they may like something that is a little more advanced that when they were kids. This may include educational toys such as STEM toys or they may also like some fashionable toys that allow them to customize their looks or create fashion items such as bracelets.

Nonetheless, it is important to choose an appropriate gift for an 8-year-old girl since they can be quite picky in this stage of childhood and they may want something that is unique, never seen before, and has some good use to it with the fun factor and replay value.

Giving them a gift on Christmas, during birthdays, or on any special occasion can be tough sometimes. But it is usually easier if you choose the right gift based on an online list or recommendation, or if you can just ask them what they like, they may give you an idea on what to buy.

Best Toys & Gift For 8-Year-Old Girls

Here are some of our picks for the best toys and gifts for 8-year-old girls.

Your Décor Color Your Own Water Bottle

If your little girl is into arts and crafts, this may be a great gift for them. It allows them to color and customizes their own water bottle, which they can eventually use for school or trips outside, such as in camping. It is a DIY gift that includes bright markers that allow them to color.

Also, the water bottle is BPA-free for the safety of your little one. Great for parties or for simple arts and crafts time, this DIY gift can help your child enhance their imagination overall. It can also be decorated with gemstones, beads, and the like.

Nancy Drew Starter Set – Books 1-5

For kids who are especially into reading books, the Nancy Drew series can be great for them. It comes in a hardcover pack and comes with all books from 1 to 5, which can help enhance your child’s critical thinking in terms of problem-solving, mystery, and crime solving altogether.

It is a great book series that may entertain them and can engage your child in learning how to read books better and may also enhance their imagination in some way. Kids who like mystery and thriller books may find this book set interesting.

Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope

As a STEM toy and gift for kids, this one is good for conducting science experiments at home or while in school. It is a working microscope with up to 400x magnification, which can allow your child to look into samples using the plates included as well as the other tools, such as tubes and the like. It even has a 22-page journal that your child can use to input their findings.

The microscope only requires 3 AAA batteries to run and has an easy knob for focusing. The toolset is quite complete and can help harness the imaginative and scientific skills of your little one.

Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit

Does your child want to start a YouTube channel and make their own movie? This stop-motion kit set from LEGO comes with a total of 36 pieces which can be used to mix and match to create their own scenario depending on what they like to happen on the platform stage.

Great for kids who want to be future directors someday, this unique LEGO stop-motion kit can help them make small movies which they can upload to YouTube and become digital storytellers in the process. All of the LEGO pieces are easy to position on the platform.

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Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

Your child can always go for the classic spirograph when it comes down to creating designs. It allows them to create endless mandalas and wheel shapes that can be used for designs on their notebook, projects, and the like. Your child can also use those mandalas as a DIY coloring book for their own.

There are a total of 45 pieces in this deluxe set, which includes various wheels, rings, pens, a spiro-putt, a rack, a guide book, paper for designs, and a storage kit. If your child is a big fan of creative designs and arts, this gift may be good for them.

NEW COSPLAY Unisex Children Unicorn Pyjamas Halloween Costume

Does your child want to dress up as a unicorn for Halloween, a costume party, a birthday party, or just want to dress up like that when going to bed? This fun and cute unicorn costume may fit them well. It comes in 5 shades to choose from and has 5 sizes as well.

It has details on its unicorn style such as the eyes, the horn, the ears, and the colors. The costume is also quite cozy to wear so it can also be a bedtime dress for the cold months such as in the winter.

Creativity for Kids Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

If your child likes nail pampering and nail art, this one can be a great gift set for them. It contains a total of 4 water-based nail polish, as well as other accessories, such as a nail file, press-on nails, and a buffer. It also includes sticker nail art, glitter polish, cotton balls, and a spa bag for easy carrying.

It can be a great set for a pretend play spa experience with your friends at a birthday party or other occasion with your friends, such as a sleepover at home.

LDREAMAM Hair Chalk Pens

Your little girl can add color to their hair with this kid-safe hair chalk which can act as temporary hair color. It comes in various amazing shades and won’t damage their hair. The hair chalk can be washed away with water and shampoo so it’s not a problem when going to school.

The hair chalk can be used for parties, for costume events, and the like, and the color can last for up to 3 days. All of the hair chalks are non-allergenic and non-toxic, which is good for kids with sensitive hair and are new to this kind of hair coloring.

Cra Z Art Shimmer n’ Sparkle Nail and Tattoo Studio

This amazing set comes with a ton of nail art and accessories that your child can use to decorate their nails. It comes with nail polishes, nail art stickers, body markers, faux nails, glitter, and much more. This set can be used when your child wants to have a party at home and also wants to attend a costume party.

It can be a great buy for girls who are into designs, art, customization, and sparkling things. The whole thing comes in an arranged stage which even has a side shelf for the small nail art brushes.

Alex DIY Friends Forever Bracelet Kit

Girls who want to make their own friendship bracelets may want this kit. It comes with a ton of looms in different colors, as well as beads, a needle, embroidery floss, and much more. It is neatly packed in a carrying case with an instructional manual on how to make the bracelets.

This DIY kit can yield up to 22 friendship bracelets, so let your child’s imaginative skills run active with this kit. It may also be great for selling to friends and classmates or as a sleepover activity.

iClever Boostcare Kids Headphones Girls

For music lovers, this cute headphone may be a choice for your little girl, especially with its cat ears on top. It has 4 colors to choose from and has volume control for safe hearing and listening on 85 and 94 dB for kids.

The earmuffs are quite soft and are easy on the ears for your little girl. Your child can also use it for hands-free calling. It is compatible with a lot of phones, such as the iPhone, Samsung, Lenovo, and various other Android phones.

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L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy

If you are a fan of the L.O.L. toys, this one may interest you. The unwrapping toy can give you a limited edition doll and sister as well as a doll stand. It is also a reusable purse when you unwrap it, so you get more than just toys in one go.

The plastic material is safe and non-toxic for kids while the surprise toy comes in 2 colors to choose from. All you need to do to unwrap the toys is to dip it in water.

Tacobear Crochet Cartoon Unicorn Winter Hat with Scarf Pocket

Also a great unicorn fashion item for your little girl, this one is more casual and is ideal for the winter season. It is a crochet hook and hat and is made with cotton, acrylic, and polyester material that is wooly knitted for good insulation.

It even has a hand warmer pocket set on the side so it is a good fashion item yet it can also keep your child extra toasty while outside the house.

Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter

Girls who like to go outside may want to scoot in this hip scooter just like in the ’90s. This cool scooter has LED lights with 12 colors that rotate and light up. The polypropylene deck is quite sturdy and is flat enough for most girls to ride on. Because of the unique colors, it can be a great gift for an 8-year-old girl. Kids who are 143 lbs. and below may ride this scooter safely.

Fashion Angels American Girl Ultimate Crafting Kit

Yet another DIY craft kit, this one has many glitters, beads, fashion items, and more, all in a 1,000-piece pack. It can be used to make crochet items, bracelets from the beads, jewelry items, DIY tags, and much more. For girls who are extra artsy, this may be an ideal gift for them.


To wrap things up, toys for this age group can be hard to pick at first, but once you ask your little girls on what they want, then you may have an idea on what to buy. We hope you liked our top picks for the best toys and gifts for 8-year-old girls!

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