Best Toys & Gift for 12-Year-Old Girls


The age of 12 years old is the age of learning and making their way to pre-teen years. Children will become future leaders of society, and thus, we should teach them from the very beginning and shape them according to how they should be, so they have a very important part in society. In this case, they must not only feel special but in their 12-year-old age, girls also need to have better knowledge in the field that they want, whether it’s music, arts, writing, communication and more.

They must be taught correctly and straight so that society will be a good place for people. For example, if they know good manners and right conduct, as well as they,  get some basic STEM knowledge, they will most likely have a better chance of surviving senior high or college, so that they can pick a better career path for them.

The talent of a person can be honed differently for each child, and this is why each of us has a lot of talent that will come out – children will eventually discover it because they will soon have the interests and the motivation to do it. By the means of toys and gifts, you can enrich those talents and hobbies, such as drawing or sketching, and the like.

Best Toys & Gift for 12-Year-Old Girls

Below are our top picks for the best toys and gifts for 12-year-old girls:

Tonnier Watches Resin Super Soft Band

If you want to give a cool-looking watch for your little girl, this will do the trick. The face of the watch has a colorful galaxy theme and you can also choose different designs depending on what your child wants. It passed international CE certification for its materials such as the rubber band.

The band thickness is at 0.2 inches while it is easily adjustable. What’s more, the soft silicone strap is gentle to your child’s skin. The watch comes in a box that’s ready to be given as a gift.

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Klutz Nail Style Studio Book Kit

For kids who like nail art, this nail art studio will definitely be interesting for them. Your child can start painting 25 stunning designs that are included in the guide so that your child can learn more about how to create nail art. There are various included tools such as 250 stick-on stencils, as well as 6 colors of nail polish.

There is also a custom dotting tool so that you can add some details to your nail art. The book is 60 pages and has a ton of instructions for your child to learn. This nail art studio pack is a very good gift for a 12-year-old girl who is into decorating and the arts.

TOP Gift Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

Whether it’s bird-watching, animal hunting, going to the beach, camping, hiking or going to the wild outdoors in general, a binocular set would be a great outdoor buddy for them. It is quite easy to focus as a pair of binoculars and because of its decent size, they can adjust to adult eyes just as well as kid-sized eyes.

There are a ton of colors to choose from to match your child’s gear and preference. The grip is non-slip and easy to hold for little fingers. There is also a rubber coating that absorbs shock so it is going to be kid-friendly overall. It is able to see a lot of things due to the 7.2° viewing angle that is wide.

Klutz Sew Mini Treats

Sewing food plushies not only enhance your child’s creativity and the like for the arts, but they are also very cute to have as a display item. It already has the necessary tools, such as 9 colors of feeling, 32 yards of floss and 2 embroidery needles. You can also use the included 60 pre-cut felt eyes and cheeks to decorate and customize the eyes of your favorite mini-treats.

There are a total of 19 paper patterns to choose from so that you can create your own type of food plush, while the 1-ounce polyester fill included can give life to the plush once you have seen it. A 48-page instructional book is also included.

Fingerlings Light Up Unicorn – Jojo

Finger toys are very cute to have for little girls, especially when they are being played on the table. This one is a pink sparkly unicorn with iridescent sparkles all over the design. You can also play with the hair of the unicorn, which is realistic and can be brushed. The unique thing about this unicorn is that it has a light up a horn that cycles through a variety of colors, which makes it attractive.

You can also pet the unicorn to either make a sound or to have them sleep afterward. It even has sensors that will know and react whether they are being faced upwards or downwards. It already comes with batteries.

Elecder i37 Kids Headphones Children Girls

Headphones are a must-have for girls who like to listen to music, as well as watch videos on YouTube, such as tutorials and the like. This sound-rich headphone is available in a bunch of different colors to choose from and it will be compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices, like any standard headphone. It has a 5-foot cord included that is durable and less prone to tangles.

The folding design makes it ideal for traveling while the device is compatible with most devices, smartphones, tablets and the like. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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L.O.L. Surprise! Pearl Style 2 Unwrapping Toy

Surprises in a box or bag is a great thing to thrill your 12-year-old, and this one may just do the trick. This one comes with a total of 6 pearl surprise balls, in which the content is a mystery. There is also a shell-shaped doll stand included with this pack, as well as various other accessories.

There can be great surprises when your child opens this pearl case. It can be a great bath time set that can be playable and can also cause fizz. There are instructions on how to open this toy.

Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-dye shirts are really cool to make. This one allows you to mix and match colors so that you can create your own awesome tie-dye shirt. It has a step-by-step technique guide so your child won’t get lost. There is no need to presoak fabrics in soda ash so that it can be very safe to use for kids – all you need to do is to add water to make the dyes work.

Nontoxic dye is used – there are 18 easy-squeeze bottles included with all of the colorful dyes that your child can use. Even through repeated washing, the dyes are very safe to machine wash so that your child can use them again and again.

Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior

Classic board games like this one is a great challenge for the 12-year-old girl. It can be a great way for expanding their vocabulary and thinking skills so it is also an educational tool. It has instructions on how to play it, as well as over 576 cards that your child can play with – along with friends and family.

There is an adult version, and this is the junior version, which will definitely be a good thing to play with for kids. It has even simpler worded cards so that your child can easily understand them without having to explain as much.

Cat Lamp, NeoJoy Remote Control Kitty Night Light

Decorate your little girl’s bedroom with this really cute night light, which can cycle through different colors when you turn it on. It has four light modes to choose from: breathing, fade, flash, and strobe. It is a cute little kitty cat that can be displayed anywhere as a lampshade or as a night light in general.

The kitty is a safe toy and gift to give for kids because it is made with BPA-Free washable silicone and is also RoHS CE approved, made without any harsh or sharp parts so it is also good for the youngsters below 12 years old. The remote control lets you take control of the lamp settings.

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Kids Polarized Cat Eye Aviator Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses can be great for taking out on the camping trip, out on a boat or anywhere where the sun is extremely harsh. Polarized glasses can also be great for fishing with your grandpa or parents. It has a 46 centimeters length for the lens and it also has a resin frame and composite lens.

There are various styles to choose from and it has an aviator style so it is pretty big but just right for most girls. It also has 100% UV 400 resistance so it will keep your child’s eyes safe from the harsh sun rays.

Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

You can also have your child make their own candy with this food science chemistry kit. This one allows your child to experiment on chewy jelly candies, create really cool things such as crystal rock candy and mix and match ingredients in making their favorite chocolates, lollipops and so forth. It even has a test for sugar so that it is a good STEM tool for chemistry.

It has over 56-page activities and lab guide for your child to discover and a total of 40 experiments that are very easy to follow with the included instruction manual. There are more than 27 tools and ingredients included.

Connect 4 Shots Game

The classic connect 4 game has a new twist – and it is this game, which is more fast-paced and really interesting. All you need to do is to bounce balls into the grid and match them in a row of 4 in order to win. There are 12 red balls and 12 yellow balls to use in this game, as well as the collapsible grid, feet, backboard and much more. If your child loves to play with fun ball games, this one is a great choice for you.

4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Learning to plant crystals is a great thing – it can enhance their STEM skills with this kit. It has instructions for each experiment and there are also special display cases that you can use to put the crystals in. It has a variety of crystals included and you can just follow the instructions on how to grow them – there are no additional supplies required.

Made By Me Create Your Own Window Art

A total of 12 suncatcher shapes are included in this kit, which is a great kit for the little girl who loves to create arts and crafts. It can easily stick to any glass or window surface due to the included suction cups. It also has a lot of glitter paint which can make up to 20 projects. Window art can be put in your child’s window as decor or anywhere they like – it is a great coloring activity for little girls.

SHANY Glamour Girl Makeup Kit

If your little girl wants to try makeup, this is a good basic kit to have. It has a total of 48 eye shadow palettes to choose from – mix and match colors depending on your child’s preferences, or as they see from the beauty gurus on YouTube. It also has 4 blush pads that they can choose from, depending on how they want to look, as well as 6 lip glosses to make them look fabulous.

The makeup kit is not tested on animals and it also has a stylish design. The applicators are also double-sided so that they can easily fit into the kit.

SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

Lip balms are great – but when your child wants to make their own lip balm, this is a kit to have. There are already ingredients included in this pack, such as 6 color pods to place the lip balm and the beeswax pastilles that you can use. It is a great basic chemistry kit that will also be a nice lip balm to use eventually when you finished it – great for adding to your child’s small cosmetic collection.

Capture the Flag REDUX

This awesome game for the outdoors is a nice night game that is the classic “capture the flag” with a twist – it uses dark futuristic lights. Up to 20 players can play this awesome game and it enhances your child’s teamwork, social skills, and strategy – a great way to get them to play outdoors when the night weather is pretty good.

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

This multi-sport helmet is very comfortable with 17 top and side vents so it is safe for kids to use. It has a gloss color finish and it can fit kids with 22 to 23.5 inches of head size. It is also safe enough that it complies with CPSC standards. Your child can use it for skating, biking, and other outdoor sports.

Nintendo Labo – Variety Kit

If your child loves robotics, they might like this awesome interactivity kit from Nintendo. It allows them to create their own awesome toys by means of simple programming for kids. They can make their awesome creations and share them with their friends and family. Creations can include music games, custom houses, aquariums and so much more!


As a whole, children who are 12 years old are more open to developing their skills and talents before they reach the pre-teen stage. As your child will grow and grow old, they will gradually know where they are doing well and eventually find their favorite thing to do as a person. On the other hand, there are also young people who are still young but they already have the talent.

If you’re a supportive parent, do know that your child needs be guided by their development. Whichever field you think your little girl enhances in, do consider any of these awesome toys and gifts for your 12-year-old girl!

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