Best Toddler Snow Boots

The winter season is coming and the holidays are going to be fun when it comes to playtime in the snow! Kids love to build snowmen and throw snowballs at each other, but are they thoroughly protected against the snow?

Aside from the snowsuit, mittens, scarf, hat, and other winter gear, it is also important to think about the boots that they will wear. Snow boots, unlike regular rain boots, have a tougher material that can shield them from the cold. This is because most of them are not only winter-resistant but are also frost-resistant so they don’t crack up in the midst of temperature fluctuations or changes.

Choosing snow boots that easily fit your little one is also a challenge for most. There’s also the style that you want to pick because kids do want to look a bit fashionable when they take their snow boots outdoors. And of course, snow boots should be durable so that they can be used for the years to come – especially if they have siblings to pass them on.

Best Toddler Snow Boots

Here are our top picks for the best toddler snow boots:

Columbia Youth Powderbug Plus II-K Snow Boot

This snow boot is ideal for kids who are 4 to 8 years old and is available in 7 color combinations to choose from. With a 10-inch shaft to arch measurement, this one has a large boot opening at 6.75 inches, making it easy to don and doff for your little ones. It has a waterproof construction which also makes it easy to wash off when it gets dirty.

Its combination of synthetic leather and nylon textile upper can make it resistant to snow and rain. Also, the outsole is made with injection-molded TPR shell so it can be durable for everyday use. The felt liner is at 6 mm thick and this means that it is rated for less than 25 degrees of temperatures. It also has a slip-on wearing mechanism.

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Northside Frosty Winter Snow Boot

As a snow boot that is meant for toddlers, this one is made with nylon so it can withstand wearing and tearing. With a synthetic outsole and a 1-inch heel, it has a large boot opening of 12.5 inches. It can be strapped using a bungee cord and a hook-and-loop strap mechanism for secure fitting.

It is rated for temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit so it is definitely ideal for the winter. You also have a plethora of designs to choose from, all with different colors. It has a 7.5-inch shaft from the arch, making it protective for your little kid’s legs and feet. The boot is made for toddlers from 1 to 4 years of age.

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DREAM PAIRS Knee High Boots

If you prefer a knee-high design for boots, this winter gear can be for you. It has sizes from 9 to 13, from toddlers to little kids and it is made with a rubber outsole for easy traction in the snow. It has a 9-inch boot opening and it uses Thermolite insulation rated to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

The shell unit is waterproof so it can be made for cold weather. The insulation is at 200g so it can keep your little one extra toasty inside. Tying it is a breeze using the one-pull bungee lacing mechanism. There are also many colors to choose from for the boots. Since it has a few fur trims, it can keep your little one warm and fashionable, too.

UBFEN Snow Boots

Made for a lightweight feeling, this one has a 1-inch platform and a rubber outsole. It has a pull-on and pull-off system that makes it easy to wear even for your little ones. Its rubber outsole helps with traction so that your kid can slip less in the snow. Its fabric and synthetic upper makes it water-resistant and snow-resistant as well.

It can be used not just for playing in the snow, but also for camping, hiking, ski trips, sledding, and much more. With many colors and designs to choose from, it has a Velcro closure so it can be easy to snap on. The anti-skid pattern at the bottom of the outsole makes it slip-resistant further.

BODATU Winter Kids Shoes

This boot for kids is a combination of synthetic and fabric so it is both comfortable and winter-resistant overall. With 7 color combinations to choose from, you can also get many sizes for your toddler. It has a textured outsole so that it will prevent your little one from unwanted accidents.

There is also a faux fur lining inside to keep your kid extra toasty during winter playtime. Since it has a hook and loop closure, it can be simple to wear and also adjustable depending on your little one’s comfort preferences. Because of the lightweight design at only 0.8 pounds, it can be easy to wear and take with your little one wherever you go.

Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot

Also made with faux fur lining on the top, this can help to add a little extra warmth inside your kid’s boots. It has a combination of fabric and synthetic material for durability and comfort in the snow. It has a 5-inch measurement from the arch to the shaft while the heel has a height of 1/4 inch.

It has a pull-on design so it can be easy to wear for most kids. Featuring a rubberized toe guard, this could help with traction and anti-slipping capabilities when your child gets active in the snow. Meant for toddlers from 1 to 4 years old, this one is available in various colors for boys and girls, such as blue, black, and pink.

Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot

Bearing a high knee design, this one is meant for little kids from 4 to 8 years old. It has a 10-inch shaft to further hide your child’s legs and feet from the intense cold. It has a rubber outsole for traction and to keep them from getting accidents. Also, its waterproof 600 denier nylon upper can keep the boot easy to clean and away from too much moisture.

The foot liner also adds the ability to remove or maintain moisture inside the boots to avoid smelly feet. It’s also worth noting that the opening has a bungee toggle for simple and hassle-free wearing and taking off. The boot is covered with a protective synthetic rubber shell.

Crocs Kids’ LodgePoint Snow Boot

If you are a fan of Crocs then you might like this one. It is available in 3 designs to choose from and it is meant for kids from 1 to 4 years old. The textile material is used to make it fashionable and yet durable from the cold. With a hook and loop closure, it can be a breeze for kids to fasten this boot.

With a 1-inch heel, it has a large boot opening at 14 inches around, making it simple to wear. The croslite bottom is waterproof and can help reduce the likelihood of injuries as well. The synthetic outsole also helps reduce skid resistance. Even the top portion of the boot is waterproof so you can clean it up easily.

UGG Kids K Ludvig Pull-on Boot

For those who love a pull-on style, this boot may be for you. It has traditional colors so it can definitely be for unisex use (boys and girls). Made with waterproof cow suede and dyed sheep fur from Australia, it has a sense of luxury while keeping your child’s feet extra toasty in the winter weather.

With a 7.5-inch shaft, it has a 1/2-inch platform so it can cover your little one’s feet just fine. What’s more, the 8-inch opening for the boot makes it easy to wear for most kids, but not enough to keep it loose. The 200g Thinsulate insulation, combined with the sheepskin lining, helps with up to -20 degrees Celsius temperatures.

Stonz Cold Weather Boots Super Insulated

With a lightweight yet warm construction, this boot is made in Canada and can withstand up to -50 degrees Celsius weather. It has a removable Radiantex lining to keep your child toasty without having too much sweat inside. It is made with 600D nylon for durability and for easy drying after playing out in the snow.

The boot is okay to be used in hiking, walking, in snowy weather, or even in typical sports. Because there are 3 closures, you can customize how you want the boot to fit, especially for growing kids.

SkaDoo Girls Snow Goer Boots

Made with a camo pattern design, this boot can be ideal for kids who are 4 to 8 years of age. It has a textile upper for water-resistance and non-slip properties. Due to the insulated cuff, it can protect your little one from the cold.

Due to the lugs on the outsole, the material can reduce the chances of slipping in the snow. The hook and loop strap, combined with the bungee cinch, helps to keep the shoes fastened while comfortable at the same time.


As a whole, snow boots can be durable and fashionable at the same time if they are made with quality material. Why spend on cheaper ones when they don’t have that quality to last long? When you are choosing snow boots and other snow gear, it is important to have something that will be usable and not ruin your child’s snowball fights. We hope you liked our top picks for the best toddler snow boots!

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