Best Sun Hats for Babies and Kids

Kids love to play outside, and the problem lies in too much sun which could possibly hurt their skin due to exposure to its UV rays. This is why they need to get protected, but how? A solution to that is by having a sun hat.

The sun hat can be worn especially in very hot days or while they are going to the beach or in a summer getaway, such as a resort. Sun hats for kids can also be worn in camping trips. Sunscreen alone isn’t always enough to protect your child or baby from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and this is why having a sun hat can be important, especially for youngsters who are still below toddler age.

Hats that have visors can also be beneficial so that your little one won’t get blinded by the sun. Also, when choosing a good hat for babies and kids, it should be comfortable and adjustable so they will feel at ease.

Best Sun Hats for Babies and Kids

Here are some of our picks for the best sun hats for babies and kids:

Exemaba Baby Hat Double Sides

Ideal for babies and young kids, this one is rated with 50+ UPF for its sun protection factor, so it can help your child stay cool from the heat of the sun. It has various fashionable colors and patterns to choose from and sizes from 3 months old to 7 years old. It is also lightweight and easy to store due to its design and it can be used while going to the beach with your babies or children.

The cool thing about this hat is that it has double sides so you can just flip it over in case the top side of the hat gets dirty, which makes it ideal for wearing without a lot of maintenance. The hook and loop closure makes the hat steady even when it is kind of windy outside.

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I Play. Baby Solid Brim Hat

As a cute summer hat for sun protection, this one probably fits babies best due to its design. The wide and rounded sides make it ideal for sun protection and UV ray protection, which can be good on a very hot day. The hat is available in different flat and solid colors to choose from and has sizes for newborns up to 18 months old.

The width of the hat is 14 inches while its height is roughly 0.7 inch. To avoid this hat getting floppy, the manufacturers suggest adding starch before you wash the hat. Many people liked it for its lightweight feel and the knot that is easy to tie and secure to your baby’s head.

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JAN & JUL Boys Aqua-Dry UV Sun Protection Hat

For those kids or babies who would like to go on a swim or a light splash in the water, this may be a hat of choice. It has a quick dry design that makes it ideal for swimming or going near the water. The adjustable straps make it ideal for various shapes of heads. What’s more, the chin strap is good for when the wind is quite strong so your kid’s hat will stay in place.

The 50+UPF fabric of the hat has a unique aqua-dry water-repellent property, which is not often seen in most kids’ hats. Ideal for babies newborn up to 12 years old, this hat comes in a variety of sizes as well.

Connectyle Kids UPF 50+ Bucket Sun Hat

As a bucket-style sun hat, this one is good for the summer with its solid color and comfortable texture. It has UPF 50+ protection so it is good at blocking away all of those UV rays that may damage your child’s skin. The brim of the hat has a size of 6.5 cm so it is quite wide to protect against the sun.

Like most sun hats, this one has a chin strap so it will not easily fly away from your child during a windy day or when they move around. The moisture-wicking properties are due to the mesh vents on the sides of the hat, which is good for the summer for sweaty kids and babies.

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Tuga Girls Reversible Bucket Hats

Yet another bucket hat, this one also has UPF 50+ sun protection and is a combination of spandex and nylon for added durability as well as stretching ability for a good fit. It has various colors to choose from and also has a cord for tying it well on your child’s head without the risk of losing it.

The hat is also reversible so it is good for long trips. The fabrics on the hat are made from materials without sunscreen or chemicals that might harm your child’s skin, yet they block out UV rays from the sun at a rate of about 98%. The brim is about 3 inches in size (3.5 inches in larger hats) and can be adjusted depending on the style that your child wants or the sun and wind conditions.

Flap Happy Baby Floppy Sun Hat

As a large sun hat for babies, this one also has UPF 50+ for reducing sun rays that contain UV which can harm your child’s skin. The tie closure is easy to use and adjust for your baby or child and the material of the hat is free from Azo on its dye.

Made from 100% cotton, this hat is easy to hand wash and it has sizes from newborns up to 2 years old and above. The embroidered design is something that parents may like as well.

SwimZip Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat

Having a comfortable mesh side on the hat’s material, this one has a rating of UPF 50+ for blocking UVA and UVB rays from the sun up to 98%. Its chin strap is also less prone to choking due to the breakaway design. The hat is available in a variety of colors to choose from.

Newborns up to 24-month old babies can use and wear this hat by picking the appropriate size for them. Because it is made with quick-dry fabric, it can be used even while you are out in the water with your baby or child and it will dry up easily for less maintenance.

Outdoor Research Helios Hat

This hat for kids and babies is more than just a sun hat but can also be a bug protection hat due to its wide brim. It has various colors to choose from and is made with nylon material so it is quite durable. It has an external drawcord adjustment to fit into different shapes of heads.

There are 3 sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. It can be machine washed for easy cleaning and it also has some small graphics on the side. The UPF 50+ rating ensures that your baby will get protected against the sun’s UV rays.

Home Prefer Kids UPF50+ Safari

Do you want a sun hat that is breathable yet has a cool set of graphics? This one can be a fun hat for your child to wear. It has various designs and patterns to choose from and has UV-ray-blocking material due to its UPF 50+ protection.

Sizes for XS (3M to 6M) up to XXL (8T to 12T) are available for the hat from the manufacturer. This hat can be used for most outdoor adventures with your kids such as camping, swimming, fishing, backyard trips, and the like.

Outdoor Research Kid’s Rambler Sombrero

If your kid or baby wants a sombrero-style hat, this one is a good and simple choice that has a combination of polyester and nylon for durability against the weather. It is easy to machine wash for hassle-free maintenance and the external drawcord is easy to adjust for most kids.

It has small, medium, and large sizes available in different colors, such as khaki, blue, and others. Many people found the chin strap very sturdy and will not choke kids while wearing them.

SunBusters Boys Flap Hat

For the little boys who may be looking for a flop hat, this is a cool combination of a regular hat plus sun protection around it. Made with nylon and spandex material for flexibility and sturdiness, the hat which has UPF 50+ has a unique shape around it so it can protect even your child’s back from the sun.

The graphics for the hat’s brim are also varied and you can change depending on your child’s preferences. The hat is also not too bulky so it can be breathable for your child to carry and wear on outdoor adventures.


To wrap it up, sun hats for babies and kids are great protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition to that, most of them are not just comfortable but are also fashionable in terms of colors and designs, which your kids might love to wear while they are outdoors.

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