Best Stroller Blankets to Keep Your Baby Warm

Keeping your baby warm is important when the season of fall and winter comes, or when the rainy season comes in other countries. A stroller blanket usually comes to mind to most moms in that case. But before we present to you some great stroller blanket products, let’s learn all about them first.

What is a stroller blanket?

The stroller blanket is basically what it says it is – a stroller-compatible sheet that is a fitted blanket for your little one to snuggle in the coziest way possible while in the stroller. There are various options to choose for a stroller blanket, such as the breathable ones for the summer or the very thick ones for the winter.

These covers can be used not just in the stroller but also on other places, such as in your nursery, in the car, in a travel crib, and even at home when possible, making them an on-the-go item for babies. Stroller blankets can be easily found in most department stores so there shouldn’t be a problem looking for them, especially with the myriad of shades, designs, and sizes that may fit well for your stroller.

Stroller blankets could size about 22 to 30 inches on the average, which makes it fitting for most stroller sizes out there. But to be sure, you may need to measure your actual stroller first before you buy the blanket that you want.

You should also consider blankets that have fibers that are sealed properly to avoid any suffocation, and you may also want to consider a comfortable blanket that doesn’t have rough fabrics that may irritate your baby’s skin. If your baby is quite easily sweaty, you may also benefit from a stroller blanket that has moisture-wicking properties and that doesn’t smell bad.

Why You Need The Stroller Blankets for Your Baby

Stroller blankets are almost a necessity for most moms and babies. This is because your baby has delicate skin and when they go outside, they need more protection than what you think they do. Any regular blanket may cause choking hazards for your baby, and this is why you may be better of choosing a fitted blanket sheet for your baby stroller instead.

When going outside at the park or at the mall, your baby may feel cold when they are asleep or even when awake, so it pays to have an added layer of protection that you can just take off when your baby feels hot, anyway.

Best Stroller Blankets

Here are our top picks for the best stroller blankets:

JJ Cole Original Bundleme

This stroller blanket and bunting bag is a combination that will be handy for those who often lose their stroller blanket. It is also safer than most blankets with no chance of rolling over due to its solid design. It has two sizes: for infant and for toddlers, and it also has 9 colors to choose from.

The inside is quite comfy with plush inner faux shearling and there’s also a soft outer thermaplush that can help your baby stay cozy and extra toasty inside. The material is machine washable so it is quite easy to maintain while the back panel can be used even on car seats for an easier resting position.

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Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three-Season Footmuff for Toddler

Yet another combination of a stroller blanket and a bunting bag, this one comes in two colors: heather grey and black. It is made of polyester and polyfill so it is both durable and soft at the same time. It even has a winter layer that you can snap on in case the weather gets extra chilly.

There is an outer shell that is windproof and water-resistant, which makes it great for bad weather outside. There is even a toy ring that is attached to the zippered pocket to help your child calm down with a fun toy. The collar is lined with fleece and the hood can be easily zipped open for simple setup.

UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh

If you’d like a stroller blanket that is in the form of footmuff, this one is a built-in stroller that already comes with a fleece interior that’s plush enough to shield your little one from the cold elements. Its hood can also be rolled over when your baby isn’t using it for convenience.

The size of the blanket is 33 inches so it is great for those who are 3 months and above. Babies can feel comfortable up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit or -29 degrees Celsius due to its weatherproof material and zippered construction. The blanket can be compatible with various other UPPAbaby strollers such as the VISTA, CRUZ, MINU, G-LINK, and G-LUXE.

JJ Cole Urban Bundleme

With a total of 4 colors to choose from and two sizes, this stroller is made with polyester outside as well as the filling inside.  You can use this with other stroller joggers and even car seats due to its easy top that is removable and adjustable depending on the weather.

The material is also machine washable for easy maintenance and the size is made for up to 12 months old and up. There are also safety straps that can keep your baby safe. You can also use it for car seats due to passing the FMVSS 225 crash testing.

Alphabetz Universal Baby Stroller Sleeping Bag Footmuff

As a cozy baby stroller sleeping bag or blanket, this one is made for all seasons due to the cozy design. It is resistant to rain, snow, and wind with a soft hood that your baby can snuggle in. The interior is also quite plush for your little one to stay extra toasty inside.

The size of the footmuff stroller blanket is 18 x 27 x 3 inches so it may fit most stroller sizes out there. The placement of the center zipper makes it easy for you to get the baby in and out of the blanket.

Bebamour Universal Hoodie All Season Carrier Cover

If you want a stroller blanket that can also act like a baby carrier cover, this one can be a good choice. With a dark blue color that’s easy to launder, this one is a combination of nylon for the outside and polyester on the inside for durability. It can be ideal for babies newborn up to 5 years old and it has a lightweight fabric that won’t be suffocating for babies.

It can be used on both a baby carrier and a baby stroller, or you can also use it on its own in a horizontal position. It also has security buckles to keep your baby toasty and it even has a roomy pocket that allows parents to keep their important items, such as their phone, keys, wallet, and the like.

HelloBaby Luxury Organic

If you want a soft Muslin Cotton stroller blanket, this one can be a good choice for you. It even comes with a free set of multi-clips that you can use to keep the stroller blanket in place anywhere, whether on your stroller or in other baby carrier mechanisms.

You can also use it for a car seat, a nursing cover, and even during playtime or nap time. It comes in a cute box that makes it a great ready-to-gift item for baby showers. Organic cotton items such as this one can be ideal for babies who live in warmer climates.

Colorful Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket

This blanket for babies can be used in a variety of ways, such as in the stroller or in a bassinet. It is made with knit material that is soft and skin-friendly while the design of the wooden buttons make it easy and authentic for those who don’t prefer zippers for their baby.

Great for babies newborn up to 1-year-old, this one measures 70 x 35 cm and it can be used for a variety of seasons due to the soft feel.

Lemonda Winter Infant Stroller Sleeping Bag

If you are going outside with your baby on a camp or trip, this one can be a nice way to keep them off the bad weather due to the cozy design. It is a sleeping bag and blanket at the same time that is made with 210 waterproof encryption cloth, so it may be ideal for camping.

It can be used for strollers with 3-point or 5-point harnesses for extra protection due to the strap design. Measuring 40 x 19 x 0.5 inch, this one may be ideal for those with larger babies and strollers.

Kidsidol Baby Sleeping Bag Universal Bunting Bag

As a detachable bunting bag and stroller blanket, this one can be used in the winter and also in the spring and autumn due to the soft cotton pads and the zipper combination, which allow all-season use. Babies who are under 100 cm tall can fit in this Oxford cloth stroller blanket and bunting bag. It is made with environmental-friendly fabric material that is non-toxic and odorless to keep your baby safe from harm.


To wrap it up (and your baby), stroller blankets are very much needed if your climate is often too cold for baby’s sensitive skin. It keeps them cozy in the stroller while you go places. We hope you liked our top picks for the best stroller blankets to keep your baby warm!

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