Best Squishies For Kids

Squishies are toys that do what they do – be squishy and fun to play with. They are easily squeezable and can be a great kids’ toy due to the fun factor and their design. In the same way, they can also act as stress balls due to the fact that you can squeeze them. They can be used for kids with autism, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, or depression, or extreme stress.

Because they can be portable for kids to carry around (even for adults), they act as a toy and a stress ball object at the same time which can help in anxiety and anger management, especially for kids who have these problems.

Squishy toys like these can also have unique scents that make them feel like the actual food, such as a squishy cake having a sweet smell much like an actual sugar cake, or a squishy strawberry smelling like strawberry, which can calm your child.

Best Squishies

We have a couple of squishies here to recommend for you or your child:

Aolige Jumbo Cute Panda Kawaii Cream Scented Squishies

This cute little egg-shaped panda is a very nice gift for kids and it can act as a squishy toy for them. It is made with polyurethane foam that is kid-friendly without compromising its eco-friendliness. Its squishy design measures 6 x 5 inches and it has cute graphics as well.

Like a stress ball, this one is fragrant and slowly rises unlike the other squishy toys out there. It can be used as interior decoration, helping your finger muscles to recover, like a stress ball, or even as a kids’ toy or gift.

WATINC Random Squishies Simulation Lovely Toy

Containing a total of 30 squishy toys, it is made up of different designs, such as smileys, emojis, animals, pets, funny faces, food, and much more. The sizes are about 4 to 8 cm each so they are very portable to carry around.

The polyurethane foam allows it to be durable and easily squished at the same time. They all have a cream scent on them so they can be attractive as a stress reliever ball. Some of them can also be attached to your keychain so you can take them anywhere. All you need to do is to squeeze and push them – don’t twist or pull them to avoid breaking them.

Outee Squishy Cat Stress Mochi Animals

This set has a total of 16 pieces of funny, cute, and colorful toys that you can squish, they range from 1.5 to 2.7 inches each. They are soft and easy to pinch and they take shapes of animals, such as a sloth, a cat, a duck, a bunny rabbit, and more.

You can also use them for bath time because they are easily washable, such as using the rubber duck. It can also act as a fidget toy for your child who is having anxiety or anger management problems. What’s more, they have a cute design and a sweet smell.

Oh So Squishy Jumbo Squishies

As a set of slow rising squishy toys, this one takes about 10 to 20 seconds of rising so they are good for kids and adults who want a squishy toy for their anxiety management. The cute design is also coupled by a choice of different smells or scents.

The scents included are grape, melon, sweet, cream, or berry, depending on the design of your squishy toy. Each of the toys is at 4 x 3 inches in size so they can be put inside your pocket for traveling. Each of them also has a crinkle gift bag for a ready gift to anyone.

Kiibru Squishy English Bread

As a scented toy, this pretends bread is a cute decoration for kids’ rooms or as a toy for pretend play. It is easy to squish and is a good stress toy for children and adults as well. It is certificated by CE and EN71 for its safety materials and smell while its polyurethane guarantees durability.

While it has a sweet bread odor, it is not a real bread and is squishy, so make sure your little ones don’t eat it! The toy bread measures 7 x 3 inches so it can fit well into pockets or bags. You can wash it with any dishwashing detergent and water when needed.

Areedy Squishy Gold Mango Fruit Squishy

Scented with mango, this toy mango squishy is perfect for the summer season. It slowly rises like most squishies today and it is a good addition if you already have a bunch of fruit squishies in your room or at home. It measures 6 x 3 inches so it is also pocket-friendly while being durable due to the PU material.

Its sweet smell is a good reminiscent scent of the tropics while the squishy material allows it to take 10 seconds of squishing. You will also find it sealed in a plastic bag so that it won’t be deformed when it ships to your doorstep.

Chuchik Squishy Toy For Stress Relief

This squishy toy for kids is a slow rising design with a sweet scent. It has the shape of a smiling dinosaur toy that can be great for kids such as boys, but there are also other designs such as a unicorn for girls, as well as a penguin and a hamster. It is made with non-toxic material to be safe for kids to use.

Because these toys do not make noise at all, they can be played with by kids and cause no noise or distraction to adult parents or guardians. They can also be perfect for school or office work to keep you from getting stressed without bothering anyone else.

Purple Ladybug Novelty Slow Rising Jumbo Squishies Pack

Containing a total of 6 designs, it includes a panda bun, an ice cream, a cake, a toast, a whale, and a cute owl. All 6 designs are very squishy and are colorful at the same time – perfect for keeping your little ones attracted to these sensory toys.

They are soft to squeeze and are easy to work with for little ones as stress relievers. Some of the designs are on key chains so you can use them in your bag for traveling so you can take your little toy with you anywhere. For safety, all the toys passed ASTM & CPSIA certifications for their materials.

R.HORSE Jumbo Cute Narwhal Cake

As a cute combination of a narwhal cake and a rainbow cake set, these squishy toys are scented so they can smell good for kids. They are not only colorful but are also slow squishing and rising, making them fun for a stress relief toy.

You can also use them as decoration toys or as props for kids when they perform on a play. These squishy toys measure 4 x 4 inches (narwhal cake) and 5 x 3 inches (rainbow cake).

UMIKU Jumbo Squishies Fruit Squishies

If you like jumbo fruit squishies, this one is a good choice for you. Containing 3 fruits (banana, strawberry, and peach), this is a good play prop set for kids as well as a decoration for nutrition month. It can be a stress ball as well as a toy for children.

They are scented with cream so they also smell good, while each of them is small enough to be tucked into your bag: the strawberry and peach are both at 4 inches while the banana spans at 7 inches long.

WATINC Kawaii Jumbo 3pcs Hamburger & Popcorn Set

As a snack squishy set, this one contains a colorful squishy popcorn, a squishy frappe, and a very cute squishy burger that looks like a kitty cat on top. Each is made with polyurethane foam and are quite colorful. They also un-squeeze slow as expected of squishy toys.

Felix and Wise Puppy Dog Squishy

This puppy dog can be more than just a pet – it can be a stress reliever as a squishy squeeze toy. It stands 4.7 inches tall and has a creamy scent. You also get free stickers other than the toy so you can use it for customization. The slow rising puppy dog texture makes it addictive to play.

Miniature Novelty Toys Squishy Toy Party Favors

As a set of 24 pieces of squishies, this is a very cute bundle which comes in its own bucket. They are small and adorable and can be similar to Disney’s Tsum-Tsum set. Each is 1.7 inches in size and you can use them for birthday gifts or even for an Easter egg filler. Being hand-painted for each character, they also look like Japanese mochi due to their wonderful pastel colors and adorable designs.


In the long run, squishy toys like these can be used for preventing or alleviating stress from kids. They can also help out as a portable toy that can be taken anywhere due to their small but easily squishy nature. We hope you liked our picks for the best squishies!

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