Best Slippers For Toddlers & Kids

Slippers come in all shapes and sizes, and the most important thing to look in them is the comfort factor, as well as the design. Slippers for kids is usually decorated with their favorite cartoon character or color/design while being comfortable to wear at the same time. Most slippers are worn during bedtime so that they will feel comfortable indoors in their bedroom.

In choosing slippers for kids and toddlers, you have to consider the size of your child’s foot. They should be appropriate for their age bracket and may also have more room to grow. Slippers that are worn with insulation materials can be useful for cold weather, such as during the winter season.

More than just a fashion statement, slippers also help your child’s feet to get protected from the cold ground or for physical protection altogether. Instead of getting their feet dirty, they can be protected with the use of slippers which are also more breathable than shoes. Slippers are more used for the indoor setting.

Best Slippers For Toddlers & Kids

Here are our top picks for the best slippers for toddlers and kids:

Sesame Street Elmo Cookie Monster Sock Top Slippers

As a slipper for the cold weather, this one is a must-have for kids who love Sesame Street. It features the characters Elmo and Cookie Monster – designed as part of the plush slippers. It has a synthetic outsole and a combination of fabric and textile.

It is like a puppet on your foot and has a good insulating material to keep your little ones warm and toasty when they wear it indoors. The customers say that the Sesame Street slippers have a good width and a just-right toe box for your child’s overall comfort.

Acorn Kids Moc Slipper

Designed to be like Moccasin slippers but with fleece material, this one is made with wrapping microfleece which makes it a good insulation slipper for toddlers in the winter or in cold climates. It has a synthetic outsole and a variety of colors to choose from.

There are three sizes: for a little kid, big kid, and toddler. It even has a memory foam footbed for support so it is good for those who want extra comfort. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor instances and it has a moisture-wicking design for playtime with the kids.

Isbasic Unisex Baby Fleece Lined Cozy Booties

Shaped to be like booties, this one is a pair of toddler slippers that can be used for babies and toddlers. It is designed to also act like warm socks and shoes at the same time. It has various designs and is made with cotton lining, fleece upper part, and a soft cotton outsole that is lightweight.

You also get non-slip grippers at the bottom for safety and stability for toddlers who are still starting to learn how to walk. It has 2 snaps and a hook and loop closure so it is going to stay on your child’s feet no matter how active they are.

Luvable Friends Baby Cozy Fleece Booties

Also great for the winter chills, this non-skid slippers for kids is shaped like boots so it can be used for total protection. Made with a combination of fleece for warmth and polyester for durability, it is easy to fasten with its hook and loop closure.

A breeze to wash through the washing machine, it has various colors to choose from, other than the size choices. It will work well even on wood flooring for your little one because of the grippers at the bottom of these slippers, so it is going to be safe.

Minnetonka Cassie Slipper

A combination of moccasin and slipper design, this one is sized for toddlers, little kids, and big kids. It is made with pure cow suede, which makes it authentic and durable without compromising its ruggedness. It has a rubber outsole and it also has rawhide lacing.

The slippers can be used for both indoors and outdoors and it also has faux shearling lining for added durability. You can choose from different colors and it has added comfort due to the padded insole and pile lining. Added to that, it has a fuzzy feeling on the inside because of its lining, while it is true to size for most kids.

Sawimlgy Fleece Booties Stay On Slippers

Also a combination of a fleece slipper and booties for the winter, this one is for babies as well as toddlers and it has a non-skid bottom that makes it ideal for first-time walkers for safety purposes. It is easy to put on and off while it stays on due to the snug design and fastening mechanism.

It also has ankle support and the material is a combination of cotton and polyester, for added durability and softness as well as breathability. It is good for babies and toddlers who are just a few months old.

UGG Kids Bixbee Boot

From a famous brand of clothing and boots, this one is good for toddlers from 1 to 4 years old. It is a combination of terry cloth and sheep fur that is dyed to your preferred color – coming all the way from Australian sources. It has a synthetic suede outsole for durability without compromising comfort and mobility.

It can be easily washed by hand but you can also machine-wash it in cold water. You can also put it in a delicate bag in case you want the Velcro to last longer. Many parents found it appropriate and true to size for toddlers of various ages.

NORTY Suede Moccasin Slippers

Who says moccasin is only for the big kids? This slipper for toddlers is made with genuine suede leather so it is going to last for a very long time. Since it is made of thick faux fur lining, it will also keep your child’s feet warm.

Since it is a moccasin slipper, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor trips due to the rubber outsole. It is available in pink, brown, black, gray, and other colors.

Stride Rite Girls’ A-Line Slippers

Silver in color (also available in other colors), this slipper pair for kids can be both for boys and girls and is good for bedtime due to the soft lining around. It has a soft plush slipper with a slip-resistant outsole for safety even on outdoor adventures.

The elastic top makes it easy to fit and it won’t go out of place from your kid. They can also be wiped clean for easy maintenance, however, they must be air dried after you launder it.

SITAILE Cute Indoor House Slipper

This house slipper for kids and toddlers is made with premium fabric with two kinds of designs: covered heel and half-covered heel. It can be useful for the winter and has a cute design with different colors of fabric to choose from.

It has a fluffy lining on the edges to help keep your little ones extra warm and toasty while retaining comfort. It also has a grippy rubber outsole to make sure your child doesn’t get injured by slipping when they run or walk around with it.

UIESUN Unisex Toddler Kids Slippers

Also designed with quite a fluffy velvet upper that has extra softness, this slipper set for kids is either for boys or for girls depending on the size you pick. It is available in different designs and sizes plus it is made with a durable synthetic outsole that is non-slip and is made with TPR material.

Added to its durability and stability, it bears a cute design on each choice. You can use it for either indoor or outdoor activities while keeping their feet comfortable. It can also be machine-washed just fine although hand washing is preferred to preserve the material.

LA PLAGE Warm Indoor Slip-on Slippers

If you want something that is perfect for indoor use, this may be a good pick for your little boy. It has a soft outsole that is slip-resistant for active little kids while the whole microfiber material keeps their feet warm wherever they go – perfect for going around the house.

To prevent accidents, it also has a hard non-slip rubber outsole so your child is protected whenever they run around. The material is quite soft but hugs your child’s feet just fine so they won’t slide off easily. Its terry cloth also makes it comfortable to wear for kids.

Silver Lilly Animal Slippers Plush Pug Dog

Do you have a child who is a dog-lover? Why not give him or her this cute little gift? This dog-shaped slipper is good for pet lovers because of the cute little pug dog design. It has traction dots at the bottom for non-slip safety while the cushioned footbed makes it comfortable and warm for your little kid.

While they are a bit oversized for regular use, they can still be a great foot warmer for kids because of their fluffy design and plush material – perfect for chilly winters.

Crocs Kids’ Boys and Girls Classic Slipper

Why not give your child a Crocs slipper? This one is specially made for toddlers due to the comfortable design, fabric outsole, textile upper, warm footbed lining, and grip pods at the bottom combined with its synthetic suede.

It is available in both pink and blue colors (unisex) and is good for both indoors and outdoors. It has a flexible outsole and is quite breathable due to the wool felt material.


As a whole, slippers for toddlers can be quite easy to look for in terms of sizes, and it is just a matter of choosing the best design that your kids will like. There are many designs out there but comfort is also an important thing to consider for slippers.

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