Best Ski Goggles For Kids

The main reason why ski goggles are important to wear when you are skiing is that they reduce the glare, which comes from the bright sun. UV rays from the sun can distract you when you are skiing, and it is one of the most common mistakes of beginners and a cause of accidents for many. Ski goggles can help prevent that by reducing the glare from the sun that you see.

Your field of vision also becomes high in contrast so that you can easily see which parts of the mountain are trees, rocks, and other dangerous objects so that you can avoid colliding with them. This is especially safe if you have a skier who is young. Kids who go skiing for the first time need to watch out for these obstacles as well as the hot glare of the sun, and that’s why they need ski goggles.

Best Ski Goggles For Kids

If you are looking for the best ski goggles for kids, we’ve got some suggestions for you:

COOLOO Ski Goggles

This pack of 2 ski goggles for kids is made with exceptional UV protection to keep glare at bay when you come down the mountain. It is available in a variety of colors to choose from and is rated UV 400 for its glare resistance. It can also be easily worn without falling off due to wind resistance.

Added to those features, it is also made with a safe and elastic ABS frame to make sure it is not only comfortable but also not too heavy for your kids to wear when they are skiing. What’s more, the frame is surrounded with a thick and soft layer of sponge for added comfort.

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Bolle Volt Snow/Ski Goggles

Do you want a pair of ski goggles that can resist terrible fogging up in the mountains? If your child is 6 years old and above and would like to go on skiing, this may be a great choice for them. It is made with a rating for P80+ for its anti-fogging capabilities and it is also coated with anti-scratch material (carbo-glass) to make sure it is quite durable.

The double lens feature not only protects your little kid’s eyes but also gives them a better vision of the scenery. It even has flow-tech venting so it does not feel hot or bulky when your kid wears it while leaping into action.

COPOZZ Kids Ski Goggles

Made with a cool design, it is ideal for kids up to 12 years old and is greatly compatible with a variety of safety helmets. It has a unique mirror lens coating that looks very cool when your kid wears it while it also has its fog-free capabilities when your child goes up the mountain.

It is also coated with a UV 400 protective material, silicone strap for less irritation and more comfort, over the glasses design (OTG), and a frame that is made with TPU that is kid-friendly and FDA & CE approved. What’s more, it not only has impact-resistance but it also has anti-scratch – perfect for kids who like to ski often.

hongdak Ski Goggles

You can use the ski goggles also for snowboarding and other winter sports due to its high compatibility. It can be used with any helmet as well and offers good amounts of UV protection. It even has a dual lens for a wider view plus anti-fog technology to ensure that you always see it clearly.

There are many colors to choose from, such as yellow, gold, silver, green, red, blue, and green. If you already have a ski goggle that fits this kind of lens then you can already fit it in without much effort. They also go over the glasses, unlike the other ones that uncomfortably push the regular glasses on your face.

picador Ski Goggles

Also made with a design that goes over the glasses, it has its own set of 100% UV Protection Lens as well at UV 400 on its rating. What’s more, the goggles have an anti-fog coating to make sure you always see what’s ahead of you. To keep your child from getting uncomfortable while wearing them, there’s even a smooth air-flow system around it.

Ideal for kids 7 to 14 years old, your child also won’t feel bulky due to the soft material compound around the frame. The buckle strap is easy to adjust and can be used with your existing helmet. It also has good impact resistance and is made with silicone print for being skin-friendly.

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Gonex Kids Ski Goggles

You can count on these goggles for an anti-fog feature on its coating, as well as UV protection for the lenses. It is appropriate for kids up to 8 years old and has a variety of choices for the frame color. Its UV 400 protection rating is good for reducing glare while the TPU frame won’t easily get damaged in a skiing session.

The ventilation of the dual lenses allows your child to easily see the mountain while keeping their face fresh due to the breathability of the goggles. They can be used for sunny days with their glare reduction and UV ray protection.

Odoland Snow Ski Goggles

The ski goggles are made with S2 double lenses so that you can stay sharp with a clearer view and a good wind resistance. It is rated with UV 400 for its anti-glare and it is also coated with an anti-fog compound on its lens. You can choose it for kids, and even teens and adults (other sizes are available).

The ski goggles can also be used in other winter sports for the great outdoors – even for riding your good-old motorcycle across the country roads! Because the frame material is TPU, it is going to be durable against any strong wind towards your face.

Smith Sidekick Snow Goggles

Made with a simple but cool design, this snow goggles is backed by a silicone strap that is skin-friendly and easy to wear. The dual slide strap also adds to its ease of use while the face foam on the goggles is made with a single layer of hypoallergenic foam so it won’t make your skin itchy.

The anti-fog lens inside doesn’t get in the way of your skiing techniques and safety while the dual thermal lens is also quite durable and give you more view of the mountains due to the cylindrical design – similar to the fashion of a fisheye lens. A choice of black or white can be picked for your set of snow goggles.

Outdoor Master OTG Ski Goggles

OTG means over the glasses, which means these ski goggles are good for those who are glasses wearers. They also come in a variety of colors and shades to make it look fashionable while it doesn’t compromise its usability due to the anti-fog coated inner lens, dual layer lens, and UV 400 protection that doesn’t get in your way of skiing.

You can also use these OTG ski goggles for snowboarding and other winter sports. The TPU frame is soft but durable so it won’t compromise your skiing techniques and windy adventures as well. These ski goggles are intended for both boys and girls and available in various sizes.

Cloud 9 Professional Ski Goggles

The ski goggles for kids are coupled with its own corresponding beanie hat so that you can be gear-ready when you are going skiing in the mountains or hills. It has anti-fog for its lens and has a triple face foam for added comfort. The lens is also made with UV 400 protection from glare and is available in a variety of colors.

Great for both boys and girls, the ski goggles are also shatterproof due to the polycarbonate lenses. Ventilation openings are on the sides of the frame to give your child’s skin room to breathe properly.

Scott Sports Agent Mini Youth Goggles

For kids who like to get into winter competitions, this soft and hypoallergenic youth goggles for skiing is going to be comfortable around the face, also due to its silicone strap that doesn’t easily slip from your child’s face.

The goggles are not too expensive and are good for starting out, such as kids up to 6 years old of age. It also has anti-fog lens coating as well as different colors to choose from.

Giro Grade Kids Snow Goggles

If you already have a helmet, the ski goggles can fit well no matter what size you have. It is available in different colors and has a double layer of foam to keep your child’s face comfortable due to the included micro fleece material. The flash lens is also coated with the anti-fog compound.


To wrap it up, ski goggles are greatly needed to protect your little ones from the sun glare, accidents due to unseen objects, and the like. They also help your child see the view of the mountain better to avoid such mistakes. We hope you liked our top picks for the best ski goggles for kids!

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