Best Skateboard for Kids & Beginners

We all know that skateboarding is both cool and challenging for kids and beginners. Skateboarding requires a lot of balance, coordination, and safety. Like cycling and riding a scooter, using a skateboard is fun and can act as an exercise for kids of all ages.

Take note that not all skateboards are meant for kids and those who are new to the hobby. There are specially designed ones that will best suit beginners because of their safety features. Regardless, skateboards need to be durable for the rider and should support his or her weight.

In order to have a skateboarding experience that is safe and fun, there should also be skateboarding gear such as a helmet and some elbow pads and knee pads. This set of gear can help you or your child to keep them safe in case of an injury. Learning how to balance on a skateboard takes a lot of time and practice. If your child is really willing on doing skateboard tricks then they should be trained by someone who knows their craft, especially for the kids and the beginners. In this way, accidents that are related to skateboarding can less likely occur.

Best Skateboard for Kids & Beginners

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best skateboard for kids & beginners:

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

This skateboard has a size of 8.0” x 32” so it has a good size that fits well for kids and those who are new to skateboarding. It has cool graphics so that it will be fashionable and custom for your child’s favorite colors. With a modern concave which allows your child to experience comfort, it gives them support as a newbie skateboarder.

This skateboard is ready to use out the box so it can be used by your child right away. With heavy duty Aluminum 5.0 trucks, it will keep its base wheels stable. Moreover, the skateboard has 52mm 99A high-rebound urethane wheels to make it balanced for riding while its ABEC 7 bearings can give precision. What’s more, the high tensile Phillips head mounting hardware keep things in place. To keep it stable, the skateboard is bound by an 80 grit black grip tape.

Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

At 22 inches, this skateboard has a good design in terms of its graphics and curves. It can take 198 lbs. of weight so it will be okay for those who are new to skateboarding and for kids. Durability and mobility are not compromised at all due to the PU wheel. In addition to that, it has been made with a thick material deck.

Its aluminum trucks are at 3 inches so it is going to be just fine in terms of stability. The skateboard also comes fully assembled so you won’t have a lot of problems with it. Best for cruising, this is a good skateboard for its size.

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

As a skateboard that is meant for cruising, this one measures 22 x 6 inches overall so it is not too small and not too bulky either. With a retro style, it will be a favorite for most collectors and beginners due to the cool style. Its durable plastic board ensures that your child rides safely.

Pressure tested to make sure it has good bending durability; this skateboard can stand up to the challenge for kids who like to explore new tricks. Keeping it stable and smooth to ride on is itsAbec-7 bearings, as well as the aluminum gold tracks, are at 3 inches. It arrives fully assembled and is also capable of taking more physical abuse.

Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser

At 22 inches, this small cruising skateboard has good bearings and smooth wheels to make your child’s ride just fine. Good for cruising in school and around the neighborhood, this skateboard is just the right size for most kids and teens due to the construction. A micro board that your child can take outdoors, it is not too bulky to carry around.

Compactly sized skateboards like these can be useful for cruising around your town. The stability is maintained with the ABEC 7 bearings while its 60mm wheels also keep your ride very smooth. In addition, it also has 3.125-inch aluminum alloy trucks for added durability.

High Bounce Complete Skateboard

Its smooth wheels make this skateboard easy to ride on while the stability is maintained with the use of the Abec 7 bearings. A total of up to 187 lbs. of weight can be taken by this skateboard due to its durability.

With a high bouncing style, it is perfect for kids who want to have a skateboard that has a good bounce for cruising. Its PU wheels also make it sturdy and smooth in terms of riding while the 22 x 6 inches size keeps it just right for kids and teens. It is easy to learn on this board and you can get a smooth ride overall.

SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Kids Skateboard

For beginners, this is a good choice for a skateboard that will be ridden on by kids. It has cool graphics that your child can enjoy with the designs. The bamboo deck is not only durable and stable but is also eco-friendly overall.

Its Polished Performance Trucks make it stable and smooth riding overall while its ABEC 7 Bearings also maintain a good ride when your child uses the skateboard. To make the ride smoother, it also has 53mm 90A Wheels that are backed up with Jessup Grip Tape for mobility and traction.

Boss Board – Complete Vintage Skateboard

With a compact and rugged design, this vintage board is a good choice for kids who are just beginning to learn how to use a skateboard. The 59mm 78A Urethane wheels make it easy to maneuver around the neighborhood or while they are going to school.

Its ABEC 7 wheel bearings also keep the wheels in shape and as stable as can be for the rider. The skateboard also has a total of 5 colors to choose from. At just 4 lbs., this is quite a lightweight skateboard to carry around. It can take up to 200 lbs. per rider and it is also backed by a full manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on all parts, pieces, and materials.

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

If you want a longboard style skateboard then this is for you. Longboards can be a bit more challenging but they provide a lot of room for your feet. They are also quite stylish and old school in terms of design. At 44 inches, this skateboard is at a good longboard size.

When it comes down to the durability, the 7-ply deck made of super flex bamboo makes it able to stand up for the competition or from frequent use. Its bamboo material also makes it eco-friendly. The hardwood maple deck also adds to its sturdiness while the 7-inch aluminum trucks keep it stable. The fast ABEC 7 bearings also keep the wheels aligned well.

Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard

Made with colorful LED wheels that light up, this one is a good skateboard to have if your child wants some uniqueness into their outdoor activity. Ideal for beginners, this one is a 22 x 6 inches skateboard that is just the right size for your child and for most beginners out there.

It is made with PU material for the injection cushion so it will have the right kind of bounce for the ride. For the smoothness of the ride, it has a good set of 60*45mm PU wheels at 78A plus the ABEC-7 bearings to keep it steady.

The 3.25″high-quality aluminum for its base and v-truck are of heavy duty for more outdoor fun and less likelihood of instability. It has a mini cruiser design that will be perfect for casual use.

Retrospec Zed Longboard Pintail Bamboo Long Board

As a skateboard cruiser style, this one has a good design for beginners. It is made out of maple and premium bamboo construction that makes it flexible and also very durable with the right amount of flex. It is also made with 80AB grip tape for added traction when you are skateboarding.

Its smooth 70mm wheels also make this skateboard smooth and easy to ride on. Its kingpin wheels are responsive and can go on reverse. Being ready to ride right out of the box, this can be a great gift for your kid. There will be less wheel bite due to the milled wheel wells as well.

Playshion Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

This skateboard for kids has a cute design with ABEC 9 bearings for added smoothness with a size of 22 x 6 inches. It can take up to 220 pounds per rider so it can be good for adults as well. Its 59X45mm large soft Polyurethane wheels also keep your child balanced as much as possible. Fiberglass and polypropylene materials have been used for the skateboard.

ENKEEO Cruiser Skateboard

This skateboard has PU casters to make it easy to stroll and ride on. Rated for up to 220 lbs. of user weight, it measures 22 x 6 inches and is made with CE certification for safety. As for the construction, durable and bendable polypropylene is used for the skateboard.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Made with a deck that measures 7.5 x 31 inches, this one has 52mm Urethane Krown wheels to make it easy to move around. It is also bound by black grip tape for traction and its 5-inch aluminum tracks also keep it balanced overall with its Canadian maple construction.

Landwalker Complete Skateboard

As a skateboard with ABEC-7 bearings and PU wheels, this one has a cruiser style for its construction. It measures 22 inches and also comes with a T-tool for the skateboard. Its 59 mm wheels can glide easily and the skateboard can take up to 200 pounds.

RipStik Ripster Caster Board

If you want something that looks unique, this caster board is a good choice with its rubber padded steel torsion bar for added challenge. Its removable deck plates also make it durable and the whole thing is available in 2 colors.

Measuring 27 x 9 inches, this skateboard only weighs 4.5 lbs and doesn’t require assembly upon arrival. ABEC-5 bearings make the ride smooth with this cool skateboard. It also has a kick nose and tail for its design, backed by 66mm high-grade urethane wheels for mobility.


These sets of skateboards for kids & beginners can be great gifts for children who want to learn. They are good outdoor activities that your child can enjoy, but they do require parental support and care in order to keep your child safe. We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best skateboard for kids & beginners.

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