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A sandbox is a playground not just for kids, but also for the kids-at-heart. Nonetheless, kids benefit from it the most when it comes down to sensory play and creativity as well. Sand is very easy to shape and you can just go to the beach, scoop a pile of sand and make a sandcastle with your kids – it’s that simple! Sand playing has been around for ages and it is no surprise that kids love making things out of sand due to their creative and imaginative nature.

Is Play Sand Safe For Your Kids?

Yes! A special kind of sand, known as “play sand”, is generally nontoxic and safe for kids to play with. They are unique and unlike regular sand, which is made from crushed corals and ocean life from the shore, “play sand” usually don’t easily disperse when it is not wet, causing less irritation to your child’s eyes. Play sand is also often made finer and sticking together much longer than regular sand.

Another advantage of play sand as compared to regular sand is that it can be dangerous to just scoop up sand from anywhere without the danger of accidentally picking up dirty stuff or dangerous items, such as shards of glass from broken bottles, which can harm your child. To avoid this from happening, regular sand is not advised for kids in general and they should stick to special “play sand” just to keep safe.

What are the Benefits of Sand Play?

Here are the different benefits of sand play in general, and why you should get your child play sand for a sandbox:

  1. Their motor skills are improved

By having better motor skills, your child is able to do different kinds of things at a young age. When they play with sand and shape things such as castles, animals and other objects, they begin to exercise their motor skills. They begin to keep their hands as steady as possible so as not to knock over their creation. This is usually practiced when they are building very high and delicate objects, such as towers and sandcastles.

  1. It gives a sensory development for touch

When your child plays with sand, they have a tactile experience. They can touch things and they will know how to mold things with the sand. This enables them to learn the different shapes and trains them for their later years. Developing a good sense of touch enables them to easily create more things.

  1. Eye and hand coordination

When your child plays with sand, they can have hand and eye coordination improved. This is because they need to look into the sand and the shape that they are making in order to mold it into the shape that they want. This can be helpful with learning stages.

  1. Helps with imagination and creativity

Your child is free to build anything that they want when it comes down to sand. They can build castles, worlds, trees, lands, and people – even animals! It helps to expand their imagination and they become creative when playing with sand.

  1. Improves social interaction and speaking skills

Usually, playing with sand is done with other kids so if it is like that, your child will learn how to socialize and have teamwork with speaking skills. They learn to communicate with their friends on how to make a sandcastle project successful.

Best Sand for Sandbox

Here are our top picks for the best sand for a sandbox for kids to enjoy:

Sandtastik Sparkling White Play Sand

Sandtastik Sparkling White Play Sand

This white sand is non-toxic and ideal for indoor and outdoor use for your favorite sandbox. It weighs 25 lbs. in total and has a sparkling white finish. You can also use it for classroom activities and it is easy to use and form. All you need is a little bit of water to activate this play sand.

It is quite compact and easily molds when it is wet with water. Feldspar rock has been used to make this nontoxic white sand for playing with kids from 2 years old and above, with minimal fine particle content.

Safe Sand Natural White Playsand

Safe Sand Natural White Playsand

This play sand for kids is not bleached or dyed so it is not artificial. It has also been certified by Green America for being safe for kids, as it is low in dust, safety tested and nontoxic. The sand can be used for both indoor and outdoor play for making sandcastles and the like.

The sand weighs 25 lbs. in total with the box included. It is made with feldspar, a naturally occurring byproduct of a mine in Canada, and it has very low silica content (around 5%) so it will not be too dangerous for your child due to the smoothness.

CoolSand Deluxe Bucket Kinetic Play Sand

CoolSand Deluxe Bucket Kinetic Play Sand

As playing sand that is kinetic for kids, it only sticks to itself and not to you or your clothes, which makes it super safe for kids to enjoy. It causes less pollution in the play area, which is ideal for kids to avoid irritations. It comes in 3 colors: blue, red and natural light brown sand color.

You can easily stretch or mold the sand it does not dry at all. The sand pack comes at 2 lbs. and you can mold it any way that you want. There is also an included 24″ x 18″ x 2.5″ inflatable sandbox so that you can use it to build your creations from the kinetic sand.

Jurassic Mojave Beige Play Sand

Jurassic Mojave Beige Play Sand

This sandbox sand has natural beige color and composition that can be ideal for both indoor and outdoor sandboxes and sand tables. It does not give off dust or chemical dyes due to being very natural in material. It will not cause asthma or allergies due to its composition.

Coming in a pack of 25 lbs. of sand, this is ideal for a toddler’s sandbox while they are not at the beach, so they can build things off the real sand. The cool thing about this special sand is that it won’t ever lose its color, even if left outside.

ACTIVA Scenic Sand

ACTIVA Scenic Sand

If you want a sand that you can choose the color for, this is a great choice. You have white, cranberry, dark brown, red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, orange, pink and others. It comes in a 5-lb pack and has color-fast, fade-proof and waterproof properties, which means that you can leave it outside without worrying about its texture.

You can use it for school projects, sand painting or even as a decorative splash of color to anything that you want to build. It is free from harsh chemicals like silica or quartz and is also approved by AP, ACMI and CA Prop 65.

Be Good Company Natural Sand

Be Good Company Natural Sand

This ultra-fine natural colored sand will not easily disperse or cause dust pollution so it is great for kids and sand projects alike. As a refill pack, it contains 1.5 lbs. in each bag and you can also use it for sandbox critters, pet areas or Zen sandboxes and even creating sand art. If you want something that is more realistic than regular play sand, this one is a good choice for you.


These sand packs for a sandbox can be great for any kid. They come in a variety of colors and are non-toxic, safe and easy to mold with your child’s imagination and hands. We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best sand for a sandbox for toddlers and kids!

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