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Children who want to use makeup for self-esteem in the future can learn from safe makeup that can be used by kids. Going along with the proper ways of caring is demonstrating the well-being of a child and the parents.

Your child can be able to earn self-esteem in the long run and use it to be able to grow and go through success, despair, pride, and embarrassment. Cleaning and proper hygiene are one of the important things you need to do every day, to reach physical goals and to improve your appearance. Makeup is a way to express yourself so it is a great thing to teach to children when they enter the workforce.

If your child is old enough to use makeup, usually around their pre-teen stage or around their late childhood stage, which is usually 5 years old and above. Children can start using makeup products when they learn how to color things on paper. Instead of using their parents’ makeup, why not give them safe ones that can be easily removed? After all, kids can be curious and most girls will often try the lipsticks and blush-on palettes, usually mimicking the YouTube tutorials from the beauty gurus nowadays.

Best Safe Makeup Set For Kids

Here are some of our best suggestions for the best safe makeup set for kids:

Kids Washable Makeup Set With A Glitter Cosmetic Bag

Age Range: 5 and up

This kit for kids has 4 blush powders to help redden their cheeks, 2 glitter lip gloss that are safe to eat or drink with, 3 eyeshadow powder palettes that can be used to decorate your child’s eyelids, 2 lipsticks for a more glamorous look, 2 nail polish to get your nails done, and a glitter cosmetic bag that keeps everything in place.

If you want a kit that can be used by kids during pretend play or during birthday parties and sleepovers, this is a good choice for them. It is very portable and easy to carry due to the carrying bag. All of the makeup included are non-toxic and are safe for kids.

My First Makeup Set, Girls Makeup Kit

Age Range: 3+

If you like glitter palettes then this is for you. It has 8 glitter eyeshadows and 2 blush applicators at the bottom. You get an array of blush pads as well as other colors of eyeshadows on the side that is matte. On top of that, there are also cool-looking lip glosses on the side with proper applicators at the bottom.

The slide-on feature makes it convenient to travel with, plus the mirror makes it easy to use on the go. All of the stuff in the makeup set is nontoxic and washable.

Kooalo Natural Makeup Kit

Age Range: 3 years and up

This vibrant set of eyeshadows and lipsticks all vary in colors. All the eyeshadow and blush applicators are also easy to use. It even has powder-control sifters and a little goes a long way with its packaging and design.

Everything here is safe without harmful chemicals and parabens and without dyes, minerals, petrochemicals and the like. It is all packaged in a polka-dot reusable gift bag with a snap closure so your child can take it anywhere or give it as a gift. It is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Make it Up, Glamour Girl Pretend Play

Age Range: 3+

This pink and colorful glamour kit includes 13 total pieces of modern makeup items, such as bright eyeshadow for popping eyes, a bronzer, and blush combo to make contouring easy for kids, sparkly pink lip gloss to make their lips stand out, a foundation to even their skin, and a mirror.

It also includes a smooth roll-on lip gloss as well as a designer plush makeup brush set. Alongside the lipstick and everything else, it also includes 2 nail polishes for nail pampering for your little princess.

Kids Makeup Kit for Girls

Age Range: 4 years and up

This kit has a set of colorful eyeshadows to make their eyes stand out and also to experiment in different colors. If you will be introducing young girls to makeup, this is a great starter kit for them. Everything in this pack has non-toxic formulas to keep it safe for kids.

The folding ability of this palette makes it ideal for travel or packing for a sleepover. It also has a mirror at the top so they can use it on the go. It also has a lip brush and one for the blush, plus a set of lip glosses. Everything here is washable for kids.

Click N’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set

Age Range: 3 years and up

As a kid-friendly cosmetic set, this one includes a handy mirror and a blush for the cheeks. It has eyeshadow for the eyes and for the lips, there’s the lip gloss. The cool thing is that it has real makeup brushes so they are easy to apply.

However, the makeup is also kid-safe and doesn’t really apply to skin, making it ideal for the small children. It is also BPA free and it is made with fabric that simulates the powders.

BR Makeup Kit, Glamur Girl Kit

Age Range: 6+

This kit for kids not only contains a big palette of eyeshadows, totaling 48 pieces but also 6 lip gloss and 4 blush. There are also palettes at the bottom for the blush and you can also use the mirror. This is a great gift to a little girl who may be starting to use makeup or play dressing up.

It is also a great practice makeup between parents and children. The size of the whole palette, despite a lot of colors in one pack, is compact enough to slip into your purse.

TOKIA Washable Cosmetics Set

Age Range: 3 years and up

This makeup kit can be used both by kids and adults because it is safe and non-toxic which passed the ICTI and GMPC Certificate. It comes with lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and many more. There is a PU portable bag that can be used for traveling and going elsewhere.

Because it only has subtle tints of color, it is easy to wash off for parents. It will be safe and will get your child’s hands off your real makeup (which could cost more).

Make it Up Girl Power Deluxe Washable Makeup Kit

Age Range: 5 years and up

This pack comes with a lot of items, such as a pack of eyeshadows in a flower-style case. It also has lipstick and lip gloss, as well as foundation and blush. There are a total of 11 pieces in this cosmetic bag that is zippered and has a cute design.

The makeup items here are easily washable and non-toxic. The colors are vibrant but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be easily washed away. This can be great for your little girl as her first makeup kit.

Wonderworld Pretend Pinky Cosmetic Girl Toy Set

Age Range: 36 months and up

As a cosmetic set for kids, this one not only comes with pretending makeup and accessories but also comes with pretending nail polish, a mirror and so much more, all kept in a colorful purse or bag. It does not contain any toxic paints, lacquers, dyes or formaldehyde.

It is also worth noting that this pretend set is made of wood so it is going to be safer and more durable than plastic toys as a pretend play cosmetic set. Moreover, the makeup brushes used for this set are made of eco-friendly yarn bristles.

Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set

Age Range: 36 months – 6 years

For little kids, this fake pretends makeup set is a good choice because it does not apply to skin. It is great for imaginary play and contains pretend compact with a shatterproof mirror so that your child can look into themselves.

It also has a glitter pot as well as pretend applicators and the blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss, and more, all kept inside a well-designed cosmetic bag. What’s more, the real makeup brushes are safe for your child’s skin due to their softness.

Fashion Angels Make-up Artist Sketch Set

Age Range: 8 years and up

This 14 color make-up artist palette is a great choice for those who want to be creative and design their own makeup set looks. It has 10 chroma sticks as well as 25 sketch sheets for you to decorate and color. It has pre-sketched pictures that you can create a look from.

For budding artists and stylists, this art tool can also enhance your child’s arts and crafts through the power of cosmetics.

Petite Girls Play Cosmetics Set – Fashion Makeup Kit

Age Range: 5 years and up

This kit for kids can be portable because it is stacked in layers of palettes. It has an eyeshadow palette in the set, as well as lip gloss, lipstick, and other stuff. With a mirror and glitter gel, this one is best for kids because it is non-toxic and is ASTM / CPSC Tested and Certified.

You can use it for princess parties as well as on any pretend to play as a practicing makeup set since it is non-toxic, washable and easy to apply for kids.

Joyin Toy All-in-one Girls Makeup Kit

Age Range: 3 years and up

Designed with cute cats and animals, this one is a very colorful set to give to your little ones, including the blushes, the eyeshadows, the lip gloss and so much more. Everything here is FDA-approved and non-toxic for kids. There is also small lip gloss in colorful packs in this set.


To wrap it up, safe makeup sets for kids can help train them on how to apply makeup when they grow up. It will not only teach them on how to be more confident, but it will also enhance their artsy side. While it is usually that the face is better without makeup especially when you are a teenager or a child, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting from time to time. This is why we picked our best safe makeup for kids that will not irritate your ruin your child’s baby face!

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