Best Robots Toys For Kids In 2019


2019 is a great year to start off with awesome toys for kids. Nowadays, there are far more advanced technologies that we have yet to discover, especially in the field of toys for the little ones. Today, interactive toys can become like the ones that are in science fiction movies and can be like robots that can talk to your little kid and play with them.

Such robot toys can also be motivating for learning and exploring the world around them. For the older kids, they can also start to use the robotic toys for practicing basic programming, as some of them are great for this task. They can range from simple robots to the ones that can be programmed by the older children.

Having robots as a kid’s toy can make them practice their social skills as well as creativity and thinking skills. These toys can act autonomously or on their own because of the cool technology that we have today. Therefore, they can be a standalone toy that your child can befriend like a pet! These toys can sometimes be paired with your phone or another device such as a tablet if you want your child to make more out of their gadget and internet hobbies.

Best Robots Toys For Kids

We have picked the following best robot toys for kids in 2019 just for you:

Anki Cozmo Robot

This toy for kids is more than just a robot – it is equipped with a beginner-friendly interface that both kids and adults can operate. It has an Explorer Mode so that the child can see what the robot sees as it roams around the house.

There is no need to worry about clumsy kids because it has been tested for durability and security. The robot can be charged via USB port and it can connect to your smartphone to see what the robot sees. As an AI, it can also express hundreds of emotions.

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach ‘n Tag Movi

Also meant for the kids, this running and the rolling robot can go for up to 360 degrees of mobility – perfect for places where it can be cramped inside the house. It can easily move with its unique motion capabilities and it has 2 light-up buttons that will get your child interested as the robot moves around.

With over 60+ different faces that it can display, it encourages children to interact with them like a pet due to the facial expressions. They can be a great preschooler toy due to the easy movements and interaction.

Robo Shooter Remote Control

This robot shooter is a great game to play for the little boys and the big boys due to its action-packed mechanisms. Ideal for kids 5 years old and above, it has foam discs that can be fired at super speed from his chest, which makes him like a great projectile weapon that’s safe for kids to play with.

Also, he has a remote control that lets you control where he goes next. It only requires 6 AA batteries to run. You can also control the robot to dance and fire at your own pace.

Meccano-Erector Meccanoid G15

As a toy for the big boys, this one is a robot that can speak over one thousand phrases and voice recognition so that it will be a much more realistic one than the baby toys that your child might have had in the past. It can be connected to any iOS and Android phone for its app to control it. There are many tools included to assemble the robot on your own.

It will enhance your child’s hand and eye coordination as they learn to assemble the robot and program it. There are instructions in the pack that will help them to build the robot, which can be a great activity and learning experience for them in the future.

Play22 Remote Control Robot Toy

Yet another RC robot shooter is this one, which has a very cool-looking armor and design. It can shoot dart-like projectiles that are safe for kids, having a total of 9 missiles all in all. It’s easy to load on its foam missiles which can spark fun with the other kids in the house when you play with your robot.

It only requires 5 AA batteries to run and its remote control is easy to operate with simple up, down, left and right buttons plus a center button. It has over 10 functions as a toy robot for kids.

Bit Coding Robot

If you want a simple coding robot for kids, this one is a good training kit for your little ones. For children from 6 years old and above, they can learn how to code a robot as a beginner with this small and pocket-sized robot that they can use. It has simple functions such as an LED light and optical sensors.

It uses the ozoblockly programming editor as well as color coding for your child to program the robot. It allows the children to draw using a marker to input the commands to the robot itself.

Original BB-8 by Sphero

If your child is a big fan of Star Wars, this is a good robot to have and program. It can use Bluetooth Smart connection so that you can control it within a range of 30 meters, making it a great toy for kids whether you are indoors or outdoors. The robot can have up to 60 minutes of battery life due to the induction charging stand that gives it a good battery amount.

There is also compatibility with the existing Force Band (if you have it) and you can control it with any iOS or Android phone/device using the compatible apps. Its waterproof polycarbonate shell ensures durability when you are using it outdoors as a toy for kids.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101

This LEGO toy is a robot that can be a STEM toy for the kids. Ideal for those who are 7 to 12 years old, this one can be used to teach children how to code different actions and responses. It can be taught how to dance, play the guitar, interact or discover the world around it. Only 6 AAA batteries are required to run this LEGO toy.

Aside from programming skills, your child’s hand and eye coordination, as well as building skills, can be enhanced when they are building this robot, which stands 10 inches high.

Kids First Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook

As another STEM kit for children, this one is ideal for those who want to build robots from scratch. It comes with all the parts needed for the robot, such as the moving parts, wheels, and gears. All of the parts are okay to be set up by kids due to their size and simplicity and children will have fun putting the fun robot together.

These robot models are non-motorized so they are good for kids 3 years old and above. You can make up to 10 with the existing  53 building pieces. You can also learn from the 32-page illustrated storybook manual for reference.

WowWee Robosapien

As a cool-looking robot for kids, this one can respond to voice recognition commands, making it a very interactive robot for the little boys to have. It has other functions, such as turning and running, and it can walk in a very dynamic way. You can also set its speed of actions with the included remote control.

It can also be programmed using an app for your smartphone or device and it only requires 3 AAA batteries to run the remote and 4 D-sized batteries for the robot. It can even react to sounds or being touched if you program it that way.

WolVol 10 Channel Remote Control Robot Police Toy

This large robot toy can also fire missiles from its chest, much like our previous picks. This would be a great addition to any projectile playtime between kids for added fun. It stands at 16 x 10.5 x 5.5 inches so it is pretty good in terms of size as a robot. As for the remote control functions, it has over 10 different actions that you can make it perform.

Such actions include dancing, walking and turning around. You only need 6 AA batteries for the robot and remote control to work. It even has flashing lights to get your child interested, as well as robotic sound effects.

WowWee Miposaur

This dinosaur robot can be controlled with the use of the trackball, which can also unlock its different activities. Such activities include chasing, feeding and even dancing. You can keep track of the dinosaur robot with the remote control or trackball. The design of this robot can make it a great toy for kids and kids-at-heart.

It can also recognize certain gesture commands as well as path tracing. This robot dinosaur also comes with its own app that you can play with. The dinosaur robot needs 4 AA batteries to run while the trackball needs 4 AAA batteries for it to function.

Wonder Workshop Dash

This robot for kids is ideal for children 6 years old and above. You can teach your child how to program the loops, events, conditions, and sequences with this unique coding robot. As a great STEM toy for kids, this one can encourage students to learn how to code a robot. It is compatible with iOS and Android phones and it can also work in Amazon Kindle.

There are different apps to choose from to work with this device as a programmed robot. There are also other accessories that you can buy for this coding robot, such as brick connectors, a xylophone, a sketch kit and much more.

4M Table Top Robot

Looking like a mechanical spider or crab, this robot can be programmed to walk around and change direction. It only requires 1 AAA battery to run and program. It is intended for kids 8 years old and above. The instructions are included with the packaging so you will know how to set up and get the robot moving.

The robot will move on its own and it will shift its direction when it “sees” something that is blocking its way. Many people like it because it is very easy to put together and can even work on the edge of the table.

OWI Robotic Arm Edge

If you just want a robotic arm that can be programmed easily by kids, this one is a good choice. It can be programmed from 180 to 270 and up to 300 degrees with its elbow motion, making it like a programmable factory crane that is good at assembly. There is no soldering required so it is a good programmable robot for kids.

This robot can teach children how to program simple robots like this, especially with mechanical parts. It is powered by a wired controller, five motors, gearboxes and five joints in total. It can be easily assembled and there is also a searchlight on the gripper to make the assembly easy and safe.

ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot

This robot can be a great beginner’s toy for children who want to learn about robotics. It has a total of 49 pieces that you can put together and it has 2 wheels and wheeled motor assemblies for you to assemble. There are also 4 tires that you can attach at the bottom to make your robot move from place to place.

It has a light piece that you can also install into your robot. Ideal for kids who are 6 years old and above, all of its gears and parts are easy to assemble that they snap, click, and pop together.


This robot kit that is intended for kids can have up to 17 different robotic designs that you can build. You can use the total of 601 pieces to assemble your own type or kind of robot, as well as the major parts that make it a functioning robot, such as the 3 servo motors and the sensors for color, touch and infrared. This is a great STEM project robot to have that will definitely make your child eager to learn robotics.

Standing at 16 x 14 x 15 inches when you assemble it, this one has easy instructions that make it a great learning tool for those who want to know how to program a robot. Among the included designs are a tracker, a gripper and a standing robot, as well as a snake-like robot and a scorpion-shaped robot.


To wrap it up, robots can be engaging toys for kids to learn from, especially if they want to be computer programmers or engineers someday. It can teach them the basics of coding or programming and will also enhance their building skills and imagination.

Robots are more than just machines – they can be your child’s new buddy, just like their pet dog or cat, because they can create them depending on their preferences. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best robot toys for kids in 2019!

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