Best Ring Slings For Newborns & Babies

A ring sling is a baby carrier that has a simple mechanism, which uses rings. They can be made of cotton and some of them have various colors to choose from. Often looking luxurious, they are generally meant for caring for your baby and carrying them wherever you go. They can also be used as a nursing cover when you are traveling.

The advantage of a ring sling is that it is usually handmade so it looks quite authentic and tends to have a more natural design. They are mostly made of dyes that are non-toxic to your baby so they keep a nice color without compromising your little one’s health.

Most of these baby carrier ring slings are cotton in material to make them breathable yet still durable. Just make sure that you know their rated weight so that you can choose one that is appropriate for your baby.

Best Ring Slings

Here are our ideal picks for the best ring slings:

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier

As a baby carrier in the form of a ring sling, this one has a weight limit of 8 to 35 lbs. per baby, so it can carry most newborns and older ones. It has a hand-loomed design for its cotton material so the construction can be quite durable in the long run. What’s more, since it is cotton-made, it can be quite breathable for the summer and also gentle for your baby.

With over 12 colors and patterns to choose from, this ring sling is easy to launder by machine washing and drying. It can also be used as a nursing cover due to the extended size of the cloth. It has even weight distribution due to the design of the ring sling, which is ergonomic.

The dyes used in the baby carrier are non-toxic to keep your baby safe. And since the materials are hand-woven, you can be at ease with its quality.

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Vlokup Ring Sling Carrier Wrap

Made with 100% cotton material, this ring sling has a large size so it can be used as a breastfeeding cover and also a baby carrier in one go. It has up to 16 color choices for you so you can choose a style that best fits your usual outfit and preference.

The cotton material makes it breathable for the summer and also warm enough even for cold months. The deep seat makes it ideal even for your baby to feel extra comfortable without having to worry about them slipping off. This is due to its m-position for their hips. The tail can be used for nursing your baby while the un-welded aluminum rings provide a sturdy pull.

Since it has a lightly padded shoulder design, you don’t have to worry much about aching backs during long trips of carrying your baby. We also liked the fact that the baby carrier sling ring is adhering to the CPSC/CPSIA Safety Requirements.

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Pura Vida Slings Luxury Ring Sling

Coming from a known brand, this ring sling is a mixture of linen fabric and bamboo material so it’s not only soft but also eco-friendly since it comes from natural plants. The soft bamboo can be ideal for cold travels with your baby while the linen provides extra durability due to its construction.

It has good hip positioning due to the design of the bottom seat in an m-position. The baby rap may also be ideal for babies who are gassy, colicky, and the like, due to the fact that it has a temperature regulating design.

Like with most ring slings, you can just use the tail part to make a nursing cover on the fly. If you are a beginner when it comes down to wearing baby carriers or ring slings, this one can be for you since it could be a little easier to wear. The ring sling can also be adjustable for different users. It is backed by a lifetime guarantee as well.

LÍLLÉbaby Ring Sling with Removable Pocket

If you prefer a baby sling that has a removable pocket, this one could be of choice. The pocket could be useful for when you need to keep instant baby supplies on the go without having to reach through your bag or pockets. Since it can be easy to carry due to being lightweight, even petite moms can use it.

The classic design makes it ideal for most babies from newborn up to toddler age. There are 4 designs to choose from and each of them comes in their own boxed suitcase-designed packaging, so you can also give it as a gift.

The material used for the baby sling is 100% premium quality linen so it can protect your child from the elements and it can also keep them warm in the winter months without sacrificing breathability. It also has engraved zinc alloy rings for durability and style. Babies from 7 to 33 lbs. can use this ring sling just fine.

Meiben Baby Wrap Carrier Ring Sling

As a ring sling with pastel colors (lavender and pink), this one is made with pure Turkish cotton muslin, so it is not only luxurious but also quite durable and authentic. It can be easy to secure to your back and front while the baby can slip in easily in this ring sling.

There have been no chemical processes when making this cotton muslin baby carrier sling since it was just washed with water and dried after woven. Since it has a dual design, you can flip it depending on the season you have, such as either summer or winter (or cold months).

All the materials made for this baby sling meet the ASTM and CPSIA standards so they are quite safe. The fabrics are not only breathable but are also made in 2 layers for extra strength. The aluminum rings were tested by SGS for quality as well. Overall, the production of the materials used no harmful dyes or chemicals so it is eco-friendly in general and won’t easily shrink when washed.

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier

As a baby carrier that can hold up to 110 lbs. of baby, this one is made with combed cotton so it’s not only natural and eco-friendly but can also be breathable and good in the summer. This means that you can use it while going to the beach. Due to its double-ring design, you can set it up in no time so it can be a no-brainer for most moms and beginners.

There are also different adjustment mechanisms so it can adhere to moms who are plus-sized or petite. It is only 0.66 lbs. so it’s not that bulky compared to other ring slings. There is even a special newborn carrying position to protect your precious one.

Much like with other baby slings, you can use the tail for a nursing cover. It also has an m-position for the legs so that their thighs and hips are supported better.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

If you prefer a baby carrier that has slightly more padding, this one could be a choice for you. The padding is also not that bulky as you think so it can still be a breathable choice for you and your baby. It doesn’t have complex wrapping so it can be a nice one for beginner parents.

It even has a zippered pocket so you can put in baby supplies or essentials on the go. Since it is made with hand-woven cotton, you can expect that it can be more supportive than other synthetic materials. Since the zippered pocket has a lot of room, you can even put a cloth diaper there for emergencies.

The baby wrap is CPSC compliant and ASTM-certified as well, able to hold up to 250 lbs. of weight. It is also machine-washable so you can take care of it easily. You can also use the tail for nursing.

Kids N’ Such 4 in 1 Baby Wrap Carrier

This baby carrier or ring sling has four modes: sling carry, basic carry, belly band, and dad carry, so it may be a gift for newlyweds or those who just had a child (either parent can use it just fine). There is even an extended tail for a nursing cover and the different modes let you adhere to whatever situation you have with your baby.

There are 2 colors: black and gray, and they are both made from breathable cotton. This might be a good idea for a baby shower gift for expectant moms or families. Since it has a belly band mode, you can use it to cover or secure your postpartum belly. It is also machine-washable and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.


To wrap it up, ring slings are not only colorful, dazzling, and unique, but they can also provide comfort and safety for you and your little one. This baby carrier can be a great addition to your travel gear with your little one when you’re often on the go. We hope you liked our top picks for the best ring slings!

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