Best Rain Boots For Toddlers & Kids

One of the main benefits of rain boots for kids and toddlers is that it helps them to keep their feet dry while on rainy days or when in muddy ground. The dryness of their feet can help them feel comfortable and it will also protect them against various bacteria and viruses that can possibly make your child get sick.

Many of the boots that are in the market today are more than just for protection – they can also be ideal for keeping them fashionable in terms of looks. Of course, kids also love to splash in the rain due to their childish nature, and a good pair of boots will help them do that without getting all messy in the end!

There are various kinds of materials that can be used to make boots for kids, but it is also important that these materials are safe enough for your little one to wear for extended periods of time.

Best Rain Boots For Toddlers & Kids

We picked some great rain boots that your toddler or little kid might be able to wear:

LONECONE Boots with Easy-On Handles

Equipped with a pair of handles on the top of each boot to make them easy to carry to school or anywhere without dripping on the floor, this cute-looking rain boots can be fun in its variety of designs. It has sizes that are made for toddlers up to big kid sizes.

The soft, flexible rubber material makes the boots easy to wear without slipping due to the non-slip tread situated at the bottom of each boot. They are also easy to wipe clean after playing out in the rain or walking outside in stormy weather, which makes the overall maintenance much easier than expected.

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Crocs Kids’ Handle It

If you or your little kid like wearing Crocs, this pick may be for you. It has different colors to choose from and sizes from little kid to big kid. It is made with a synthetic outsole and has a 5-inch distance from the shaft for a good fit.

Because of its soft texture, your kid will feel comfortable while wearing it due to its handmade materials. It is also not too bulky so it can be good for the rainy days. The design of the top is shaped like a handle so it can be carried around. You can partner this boot pair with warm socks for a very cozy rainy day outside.

Outee Girls Kids Adorable Glitter Light Up

Made with a glitter finish on the outside, this is more than just an average rain boot because it is also fashionable in a way due to the design. It is made with lightweight synthetic material to make it durable yet easy to walk with.

The jelly texture also makes it cute in its design while the lights flash while your child is walking around. There are 5 colors to choose from and the sizes are applicable from toddler to big kid. The handles can be used to carry the boots although you can also remove them for convenience. Don’t worry – the lights are protected from the water due to the sealed outsole.

KomForme Kids Rain Boots

As boots for kids, this one is waterproof in its design and has built-in handles to hold it when it rains. The non-toxic material will be safe for your little ones while the embossed style of the outsole makes it non-slip when your child wears it in the rain.

The flexibility of the rubber is good enough while you can also choose from a variety of designs. It is available from toddler to big kid sizes and many found the boots fitting as expected. Aside from that, the company also has good customer services in case you want to return the boots due to factory defects. It also doesn’t have a chemical smell, unlike other rain boots.

MOFEVER Toddler Kids Light-Up

With 13 designs and colors to choose from, this is yet another rain boot pair that lights up with its enclosed LED light from the outsole of each boot. It also has handles on each of the top sides of the boots to make it easy to lift anywhere.

Many kids found it fitting as expected as it has sizes from toddler to big kids as well. It has a waterproof texture that will not wear out the design. Aside from being lightweight to carry around, it is also quite flexible and bendable for comfort and is easy to wash after a soak in the mud.

ZOOGS Children’s Light Up Rain Boots

As another light up shoe pair in the form of rain boots, this one is available in a myriad of colors and designs to choose from, with sizes from 5-toddler to the 13-little kid. Many found it fitting as expected while it has a good design for its mid-calf height, making mobility pretty okay for little kids while playing in the rain.

The outsole has a non-slip design while the PVC material is not too heavy for your kids to wear so they can enjoy walking in the rain while keeping themselves protected and dry. The good height is also a protective barrier against mud splashes.

Western Chief Kids Glitter Waterproof Rain Boot

As a rain boot with a glittery surface, this one comes in 5 colors to choose from and is available in toddler sizes from 5 to 10. It has a 5.5-inch distance from the arch to the shaft and it is made with a polyvinyl chloride outsole for a better grip during rainy days in muddy and slippery surfaces.

The PVC material of the boot makes it easy to lift and not bulky to wear so your child can splash away in the mud when it rains while the glitter remains sealed. It has handles on the sides for easy transport and the insole can also be removed for added comfort on this waterproof boot.

NORTY Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

Also has a handy pair of handles, this one comes in a variety of print patterns and colors to choose from and is available from a 2-little kid up to 4-big kid sizes. Waterproof rubber has been used without adding any bulk to the weight to make your child comfortable when walking with them.

The grip and traction of the boot are due to the rugged tread on the underside of the boots, which can be perfect for the rainy days. Also, the material of the boots is quite easy to clean due to the shiny effect and texture. The company also stands by the product with a 30-day guarantee.

ALEADER Kids Waterproof Rubber

Made with fancy designs, such as a shark, a dinosaur, a robot, and much more, this one can be a great boot pair for your kid if they like something that is different or unique from the crowd. Waterproof rubber is used to make each boot and they are also easy to lift around due to the built-in handles on the sides.

The shaft runs 8.5 inches long from the arch and its rubber outsole is quite good on its traction and non-slip capabilities. The polyester and cotton blend linings on the inside keep your child comfortable and warm in a wet environment outside your house or while going to school.

Hunter Original Kids Rain Boot

For kids who want rain boots that are a little higher in their cut, this one can be a choice for you. This one is available in sizes from infant to big kid and is made with a rubber outsole that reduces the chances of slipping. It has a boot opening that measures 11 1/2 inches with an 8 and 3/4-inch arch to shaft measurement.

The boots work well even with thin or thick socks due to their amount of room inside and they also work great for big kids or for shorter adults.

Silky Toes Boys Girls Rain Boots for Kids

With a shiny finish for easy wiping from mud and rain, this one has a classic design due to the belt on the side and with various classic colors to choose from. The boots can be ordered with sizes from toddler to big kid.

It is quite lightweight to carry around and wear for most children and it’s due to the PVC material. Many kids found them true to size, with more room to grow, and have a simple but great appearance when your child walks outside.

Puddle Play Kids Girls’ Ladybug Rubber Rain Boots

For kids who enjoy a ladybug design for their boots, this one may be a cute choice for them. It is not only waterproof but also has a high cuff point for protection against mud and splashes. They are lightweight and have handles for easy carrying and they are available in sizes from toddler to little kids.


To wrap it up, having proper boots for kids and toddlers can help them enjoy rainy days better and will also be a great fashionable item for them to wear to school. We hope you liked our top picks for the best rain boots for toddlers and kids!

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