Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain

There’s probably no better joy in the world than having a child. Children are formed inside the mom’s womb for 9 months until they are fully developed. However, pregnancy could have its problems, and one of which is dealing with back pain.

The back pain can stem from the weight of having to carry the baby bump for 9 months until delivery. If you are a petite mom then you might have a lot of problems with back pain, which can be annoying and could also hinder you from doing things that you should do during pregnancy.

Not to worry – in this article, we are going to check out different pregnancy pillows that you can use for back pain. After all, pregnancy is already a difficult stage of life, so we must make it a little easier for moms who are carrying future offspring so that they can be able to go through with life as usual.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain

With that said here are our suggested picks for you for a pregnancy pillow for back pain:

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy/Maternity Contoured Body Pillow

For sleeping comfortably, this body pillow for pregnant moms has support for both their back and their belly. It doesn’t require repositioning since it is a one-piece design. The cover has a sham-style design so you can remove it and wash it when it gets dirty.

Since it has been made without latex, lead, BPA, and phthalates, it can be safe for you and your baby. The mom can just turn from side to side without frequent adjustments. If you have a queen-sized bed, this one could be a great buy since it can fill up to 60% of its length.

It also does have a few head support properties, so it can be easy to sleep with as well. The firmness is a bit on the firm side but still soft enough for cuddling.

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PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

As a u-shaped pillow, this one has a detachable design so you can also take it for traveling and disassemble it whenever you need it. The size of the maternity pillow is 53 x 31 x 7 inches so it can be wide enough for most pregnant moms and could provide support to their back, neck, legs, and baby bump.

It has a jersey knit cover that is zippered so you can remove it and have it tossed in the washing machine. With over 7 colors to choose from, you can even match it with your current bedsheets. As a full body pillow, it can even be used after pregnancy for full-body support.

As for the durability, it has double-stitched seams so it won’t easily fall apart. The material of the pillow is also quite soft but it doesn’t get hot.

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Comfort-U Total Body Pregnancy Support Pillow

Made by Moonlight Slumber, this u-shaped body pillow for pregnant women can help add support to the back, shoulders, neck, and hips while it doesn’t get too hot and distributes the body temperature evenly. It even has been made from premium synthetic down so moms who have allergies to actual down could use it just fine.

The pillow can be cleaned with a washing machine and a dryer so there’s less hassle in maintaining it. The extended polymer on the synthetic down allows it to retain its shape longer than most body pillows.

Since it has a lightweight design, you can also take it with you on the go. It can also be a comfortable lounging pillow for napping, reading, or watching TV. This is because you can position it in many ways possible, other than being a comfort support pillow.

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Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow has a thread count of 200 so it can be quite strong in its material. It has a gentle shape which can be ideal for moms who are pregnant. Since it has belly support as well as back support, it can be easy to sleep on for such moms.

With 3 colors to choose from, this pregnancy pillow has a machine-washable cover for easy maintenance. You can also convert it as a lounging pillow when sitting down and holding your baby after pregnancy, especially for nursing. It is made with lumbar and shoulder support other than the curved shape.

It has a combination of polyester and cotton. This makes it both durable and breathable at the same time – good for temperatures that could be scorching hot, especially in the summer.

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow

With a u-shaped design, this one has a polypropylene inner cover so that it can be quite durable without being toxic to mom and the baby. It can provide head to toe support and could also be ideal for moms who have gastric reflux, other than their back pain. Its hourglass design can be easy to lounge or nap on without repositioning it all the time.

Since it can be transformed into a lounging pillow, you can use it for watching TV, reading, and the like. With dimensions of 60 x 38 x 7 inches, its length could be ideal for taller moms or those who want more pillow material.

Because it has a cotton outer cover, it can be temperature-relieving for summer nights and is easy to wash. If you also have sore shoulders and fibromyalgia along with your pregnancy, this one could also give shoulder support.

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow

Made with contoured support, this u-shaped pillow has sufficient back support for pregnant moms and its cotton cover can also eliminate hot, sweaty nights with a pillow. It has a length of 55 inches and it has 4 colors to choose from. The shape can also be ideal for the baby bump, legs, and other parts of your body while sleeping.

For moms that have reflux, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, this body pillow could also provide additional support to that. Since the outside seam is not too sharp due to the double seam design, it can be less dangerous to moms.

You can also convert it to a sitting or lounging pillow while watching TV, or even when nursing after you’ve given birth to your little one. It is backed by a 90-day warranty.

Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow

This 55-inch body pillow has a velvet cover so it can be great for those who love velvet textures. It can support your baby bump, your back, as well as the knees and the sides. Those who have reflux, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and other conditions could also benefit from its whole-body support.

With 8 colors to choose from, this cuddle pillow can also be repositioned for watching TV or just lounging. You can even use it as a nursing pillow in the future. The double zippers ensure that the cover stays put but you can also remove it for laundering.

A soft polyester fill has been used on the inside so that it can have a fluffy feeling. The u-shaped pillow is backed by a 90-day warranty. The pillow could fit well on queen-sized beds (a little small for king and a little big for full).

Restorology Pregnancy Pillow

Instead of a u-shaped design, this one has a c-shaped design but still has a good amount of cushioning to support your full body, your baby bump, and your aching back. It has a contoured shape and can also support your head when sleeping. Since it has a zippered cover, cleaning it can be a breeze overall.

You can even put it in your dryer on low to maintain its fabric texture. If you have sciatica and other low back pain problems, this one could be for you. It is even quite long at 60 inches so if you have a long bed, this pillow could work just fine.

The pillowcase is made of cotton so it can be quite soft and also easy on summer days and nights when you would probably sweat a lot. It is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

AngQi 55″ Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Having a jersey cover, this pillow is u-shaped and has a length of 55 inches. It has a polyester hollow fiberfill for its inside so it can distribute the fluffiness just fine wherever you place it and however you sleep on it.

There is even an option to add or remove the fill so that you can customize it depending on how high or low you want the loft of the pillow to be. This is done by the zippered slit on the side. Moms who have reflux, sciatica, and back pains could benefit from its curved shape.

The seller also has an additional washable pillowcase available for separate purchase. Its cover is quite stretchy since it has a jersey material that doesn’t sacrifice its softness.

Leachco Snoogle Original Pillow

With 4 colors to choose from, this maternity pillow is good for snuggling due to its c-shaped design, which can provide support to aching backs, becks, hips, and to their baby bump. It doesn’t give body heat due to its comfortable material and sham-style cover that you can remove for washing.

There is a midsection that has a good length so that both your tummy and your back could be fully supported. Since it has a horseshoe design, you can just have it behind your back while the bottom could be for your knees.  The cotton material makes it breathable for hot and sweaty nights and also makes it easy to launder.

Most queen-sized beds could be just right for the size of this body pillow. For moms who also have heartburn, it could also be an ideal pillow since it has the support of the upper body. If you are taller than 5’6”, you could still find this pillow just fine since it has plenty of length to it.


To wrap it up, being pregnant doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort and ease! You can feel comfortable even when you’re in pregnancy if you just get the right pillow to support your back when you get certain back pain. We hope you liked our top picks for the best pregnancy pillow!

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