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Part of what makes motherhood an excellent and fun journey to look back to is preparing a pregnancy journal. Today, in this article, we’ll give you some insights on pregnancy journals and how to choose the best one for your needs.

What is a pregnancy journal?

Unlike other journals, a pregnancy journal is like a personal record keeper of things that you’ve felt, seen, and experienced during your pregnancy stages and trimesters. It can also document things like choosing a name for your baby, when your pregnancy was discovered, some trials that you’ve gone through during your pregnancy, and much more.

Documenting your pregnancy can help you ease the pain and can make you happy overall. It will help you to look back at all of the things you’ve endured and enjoyed altogether and realize that you’ve done quite a lot and been through a lot of things for your little one. It can also help moms who have been through postpartum depression.

How do you document pregnancy?

Here are some things that you can write about in your pregnancy journal:

1. The changes in your body (and your baby’s body). During your visits to the OB-GYNE or during times when you have noticed changes in your body, you can take note of these so that you will know and remember next time you get pregnant (and that you should prepare for it!).

For instance, there can be food cravings that you may have exhibited during your pregnancy, and this can inspire you at some point or prepare you for the next pregnancy. You can also record your baby’s first heartbeat via ultrasound.

2. The first announcement. Take note of the day when you first found out about your pregnancy. Were you surprised, happy, excited, or overwhelmed? Record your experiences, feelings, and the like. Reactions that you found interesting could also be recorded, whether they are yours or of your peers and family members.

3. Choosing the baby’s name. Nothing feels more exciting than naming your baby. After all, many people have said that naming is the first step to creation, and that’s what you’ve been doing! You and your husband could be arguing with two different names or even jumbling different suggestions, but you could also completely agree on one name only – it depends!

Sometimes, you may also have different ways of naming your baby, whether it’s named after your family member, friends, a celebrity, or anything else under the sun!

4. Mood swings. You may also want to document how your highs and lows were during your pregnancy, which can help you to prepare next time. You may be a bit too emotional at times and cried or got angry at the silliest things, but this is all very normal during pregnancy.

5. Second baby feats. Did you have a previous pregnancy prior to this one? List down the differences, as well as the similarities, with your former pregnancy to compare how each one is different. For instance, baby boys tend to be more active and can cause more vomiting and nausea to moms than baby girls.

6. What was your life back then? Before becoming a mom, you may want to look back at the life you once lived. You can look back at these so you can tell your baby and maybe even inspire them.

Best Pregnancy Journal

We have some picks for the best pregnancy journal just for you:

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal

Authored by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, this potter-style baby book for mom is available in both hardcover-spiral and spiral-bound editions. It can help you to document each trimester with your own belly photos, ultrasound images, as well as other things such as your experiences. There are also some funny questions there that could spark fun in your motherhood journey. It also allows you to track your doctor visits.

You can even list down your maternity clothes, food cravings, morning sickness conditions, and other specifics. The cravings page has circles on them so you can draw or write down your cravings and aversions for each trimester. Each of the belly week pages also has a space for the photo.

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Expecting You — A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Written by Amelia Riedler, this one is in the form of a diary with a cute cover. The book has lined notes as well as spaces to input the current month and condition of your baby bump. It also has inspiring quotes about motherhood packed in its intricate design. There is even a page where you can write your baby name ideas or nicknames.

It has sufficient room to write about specifics and it is for those who like lengthy descriptions of their pregnancy stages week by week. If you are a single mom, it is even helpful since there are no “mom and dad” titles involved with the writing.

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When We Became Three

This pregnancy journal was written by Jill Caryl Weiner and is available in a hardcover version. First published on December 13, 2013, this parenting baby book can help you to remember things with the use of checklists, imaginative sections, prompts, baby memories, and the like. Aside from your baby’s milestones, it even has various blank sections for mom.

The blank pages can be used for documenting the transition from couple to family and it can help you to make up your own personal narrative of your pregnancy journey. It even has parents’ firsts as a section and you can also list the dates that are important to you and your baby.

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40ish Weeks: A Pregnancy Journal

Made with nice illustrations, this one was written by Kate Pocrass and is in a journal-style design. It has colorful pieces of designs from the prompts to the blank pages. You can input important items such as maternity clothes, baby nicknames, food cravings, food aversions, pregnancy symptoms, and the like.

The keepsake journal can also help you to record week-by-week notes so that you can observe your pregnancy after you’ve gone through it (to prepare you for future pregnancies). For those who don’t like journals that are too feminine, this one doesn’t have all the pink and girly stuff so it may be good for them.

The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal

As a spiral-bound baby journal book that has a square design, it was written by Alex A. Lluch and has various prompts such as the mom’s personal story, the baby’s story, and various other milestones, such as trimesters, the baby’s delivery, the plans you’ve made for your baby, and much more.

With a total of 100 pages for you to enjoy filling up, this one has a total of 16 colorful photo frames that can be filled up with your own ones for keeping your milestones. It even has fun stickers that you can use to make your own personal baby journey scrapbook in your own creative way.

Bump to Birthday, Pregnancy & First-Year Baby Journal

This baby book is a diary-style journal that’s been written by Helen Stephens. It not only allows you to document the pregnancy stages that you’ve been to, but also most of the baby’s milestones, such as their first birthday, words, steps, smile, and much more.

It has good graphics such as tree dividers that can have different prompts and spaces for you to write about specifics on your pregnancy journey. It can be sorted by weeks and you can also write about your feelings during that time.

Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting

This hardcover journal book is written by Catherine Claire Larson and can allow you to record all of your mom journey specifics. It can help you to list down the little kicks, the first heartbeat, your morning sickness, and various other assorted feelings during pregnancy.

It has various prompts that can help you to write down what you have felt. While it is good for the first-time mom, those who don’t like flowery words may find it a bit too fluffy, but it does give you enough space to write down stuff.

The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal

Coming in two versions: paperback and diary, this one was written by  Kelly Sopp and David Sopp as a journal for documenting each month of your baby journey. It even has spaces to vent your emotional outbursts as an expectant mom, as well as when you felt your baby flutters. You also have spaces for belly photos and quick notes.

It has just the right amount of prompts for you to write about. Aside from the 40-week spaces, the fact that you can write about your emotions can be great for dealing with postpartum depression.

My Pregnancy Journal with Sophie la giraffe

This cutely-designed journal-diary is written by Sophie la giraffe, a fun character that babies and moms can relate to. It has an interactive set of pages for your own milestones and your baby’s, as well as any pregnancy changes, in which you can also document using photos in the spaces given.

Studio Oh! Guided Pregnancy Journal, Bump for Joy!

As a hardcover book for babies, this 144-page journal can help you to document ultrasound images, your feelings, planning for baby’s arrival, and much more other milestones while using the writing prompts given.

FSC certified paper that’s soy-based makes the journal eco-friendlier than others. It has sufficient space for a lot of photos and even for making your own family tree and looking back at memories and such.


As a whole, pregnancy journals are a great way to cope with postpartum depression and at the same time, can help you document the ups and downs of your baby journey. We hope you liked our top picks for the best pregnancy journal!

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