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Welcome to Motherhood! May the little sleep you get be refreshing and the clothes you wear make you feel comfortable in your postpartum body.

Every day of your life, your underwear can make or break your day. The weeks and months following the birth of your child are no exception! And since your body starts changing months before you deliver,it’s worth thinking about the underwear you wear during pregnancy.

Your Changing Body

If you’re pregnant or have been, you’ve experienced the weight gain and belly growth that makes good fitting, comfortable underwear essential.

And during the weeks and months following child birth, the last thing you want to worry about is uncomfortable underwear that doesn’t fit your newly-shaped, changing, postpartum body.

Buying underwear specifically for the postpartum period – which may or may not work during pregnancy depending on your preferences – is a luxury you should definitely consider.

Why Buy Postpartum Undies?

First off, purchasing underwear solely for the postpartum months saves your regular underwear. Let’s face it, the early postpartum days are messy. So let’s save our regular underwear for happier days.

It would also be safe to say that as you’re gaining weight during pregnancy, it won’t come off immediately after you deliver your baby. Sorry if I burst your dreams of walking out of the hospital wearing your favourite pre-pregnancy clothes, but the majority of the women retain some weight for several months or more.

We gradually grow during pregnancy and we shrink – sometimes even slower – during the postpartum months. Having good fitting underwear is essential.

And if a cesarean section is a strong possibility, it’s worth getting proper underwear that won’t aggravate your incision and supports your weakened abdominal muscles.

Types of Postpartum Underwear 

There are a few things to consider when you’re purchasing underwear for the  postpartum period:

  • do you prefer disposable underwear?
  • would you like a full coverage brief that offers belly support?
  • would compression underwear (to be worn only after delivery) be helpful?
  • do you prefer under-the-belly, hipster styles of underwear?
  • what kind of fabric – cotton, mesh, polyester, elastane, microfibre – works best with your skin?
  • what is your budget?

No matter your preferences, you’ll want to get underwear that is comfortable, fits well, and doesn’t irritate your skin, and possibly, incision.

Because an ill-fitting pair of underwear is something you don’t need when you’re taking care of your baby.

Top Best Postpartum Underwear Reviews:

  1. Fruit of the Loom Beyond Soft Brief Panties

Fruit of the Loom Women Soft Brief PantiesThese practical, soft cotton blend underwear are not something you might initially consider for the postpartum months. They aren’t labelled as postpartum panties and yet their fit and comfy-factor make them an obvious choice.

Aside from being super soft and offering a full coverage fit, these Fruit of the Loom briefs are easy to care for, machine washable, durable, tag free, and extremely affordable.

And if you have had or are anticipating a surgical birth, these full fit underwear won’t irritate your cesarean section incision. The soft, microfibre waistband typically falls at the  average woman’s belly button.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with these underwear, you are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  1. Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Underwear

Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy UnderwearWith these pretty maternity underwear, you don’t sacrifice style for function. Intimate Portal offers an “under the bump” underwear that easily transitions from pregnancy to the postpartum period. And the low-cut fit in front won’t irritate cesarean section incisions.

With soft, breathable cotton and 5% spandex, these underwear are less likely than most to bother your skin. And the full coverage backside increases the odds of the underwear staying firmly in place.

Dyed using an eco-friendly method, these pretty panties come in a package of five different colours, each pair with a contrasting lace-look waistband that crosses over in the front.

It’s hard to believe that panties this pretty could be so practical, but they are. They are also machine washable with a tumble dry cool.

  1. Always Discreet, Incontinence Underwear for Women, Maximum Classic Cut

Always Discreet, Incontinence Underwear for Women, Maximum Classic CutIt’s not easy to swallow your pride and put on adult diapers, but after you’ve survived the marathon of childbirth and endured the early postpartum weeks, you may have no problems doing so.

At least if they’re packaged like this.

Always has made an affordable, disposable underwear for women suffering from incontinence that also works well during late pregnancy and the postpartum recovery period.

These full fit, “maximum classic cut” underwear are designed to wear once before being thrown out. They are excellent for nighttime wearing since they are absorbent all over with Always’ famous leak-guard technology.

The four-way stretch of the material offers snug, full body coverage which guarantees a discreet fit. After all, even though you may think you need to wear a diaper, you don’t want to look like you actually are.

Please note that these are clearly labelled “lightly scented”.

  1. UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery

UpSpring C-Panty High Waist C-Section RecoveryThese pricier postpartum underwear were made specifically for women recovering from a cesarean section. A silicone panel that sits where the typical c-section incision is made is designed to reduce scars, redness, and itching that often goes along with surgical cuts as they heal.

Recommended by a Obstetrician/Gynaecologist and approved by a doctor, the C-Panty has a safe level of compression that offers support to weakened abdominal muscles. This extra-snug fit also offers the wearer confidence when sneezing, coughing, and moving around without the fear of irritating their incision.

These nylon spandex underwear are made with latex-free, medical grade materials, and therefore intended to be hand washed and air dried.

Note that each package contains only one pair of underwear in your choice of colours: nude or black.

  1. UpSpring Post Baby High Waist Postpartum Underwear and Post Baby Shaper 

UpSpring Post Baby High Waist Postpartum Underwear and Post Baby Shaper The underwear listed above were designed specifically with c-section Moms in mind. This pair is made by the same manufacturer and does not have the silicone panel in the lower abdominal area.

These postpartum underwear are high waisted, offering complete coverage over most new mom’s entire bellies. While compressing gently over the abdominal area, these panties offer support to the weakened abdominals while giving the appearance of a slimmer waist.

Made out of 92% nylon and 8% spandex, these underwear are hand wash only. They come in two colours – nude and black.

UpSpring’s Post Baby High Waist underwear have a comfortable, full coverage fit with a waist band that won’t curl up or pinch. And they come with a OB/GYN recommendation.

Please note that this package contains only one pair of underwear.

  1. UpSpring Baby C-Panty High Waist Incision Care C-Section Panty

UpSpring Baby C-Panty High Waist Incision Care C-Section PantyA third entry by UpSpring in our list of best postpartum underwear, this two pack of high waisted C-Panties are made specifically to care for the woman with a cesarean section incision.

The pack contains one pair of black and one pair of nude coloured panties.

As mentioned in number 4 above, these postpartum underwear:

  • have a silicone panel to reduce scarring, redness, and itching.
  • support the weakened abdominal muscles.
  • have a wide, comfortable waistband.
  • can be worn immediately after delivery.
  • is 92% nylon and 8% spandex and latex-free with a cotton reinforced crotch.
  • are hand wash only.
  • come OB/GYN recommended.

Like both other pairs of previously mentioned UpSpring postpartum underwear, the compression factor of this fully cut, high waist underwear offers abdominal support to the new mom while helping slim her figure.

  1. Anita Maternity Women’s Maternity Brief

Anita Maternity Women’s Maternity BriefMade of 90% nylon and 10% elastane microfibre, these seamless maternity underwear are soft and breathable.

They are designed to be worn during pregnancy and they offer support with their flexible, high-waisted design. Under and around the belly, there is an extra supportive feature that helps ease the discomfort of carrying a large, pregnant belly.

Moderate coverage in the back and wide edges all around help keep the underwear from bunching up and digging in, leaving a smooth appearance all over.

These snug fitting briefs are durable and won’t lose their elasticity or support after only a few wears. However, they are meant to be worn during pregnancy and whether or not they are also as supportive in the postpartum weeks is unclear.

Please note that each package contains one pair of underwear in your choice of black or white.

  1. First Quality Mesh Pants

First Quality Mesh PantsAt first glance, you might think these mesh underwear are disposable. But First Quality, the manufacturer, claims that these super affordable underwear are designed to be washed and worn many times just like regular underwear.

These seamless, knit-weave, latex-free underwear are similar to what many hospitals offer to new moms. The soft openings at the leg and waist and flexible style fit a wide range of sizes although they are unlikely to offer any abdominal support. The design is elastic-free.

These underwear are a favourite among mothers who’ve had cesarean sections since they have a high waist and do not irritate surgical incisions.

First Quality mesh underwear is sold in packages of 25, making them one of the most affordable postpartum underwear options in the market.

What Should I Choose?

This list of best postpartum underwear contains a wide variety of options for you to consider.

As you think about what kind of underwear you’ll purchase, begin with where you currently are. If you’re still pregnant, you might consider the under-belly style by Intimate Portal or the full-belly coverage style by Anita.

If you are already in the postpartum period, you’ll want to consider the specialized underwear designed for cesarean section recovery if you are nursing a tender incision.

If you’re pregnant or still experiencing postpartum discharge, Always and First Quality mesh pants are excellent choices for the early postpartum days when you don’t want your other underwear soiled.

For those women who have little problems with weight gain, Fruit of the Loom makes a comfortable, affordable underwear that lasts beyond the postpartum period.

If money is an issue, it would be wise to go with an option that contains at least five pairs of underwear per package. Some of the specialized postpartum underwear are quite pricey and you might get frustrated if you can only afford to buy one pair.

Now that you know a little more about your postpartum underwear options, take some time to determine your biggest needs and make your purchasing decision based on that.

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