Best Pool Toys For Kids

The summer season is a great way to relax and for the children to have activities. Before the children get bored now without going to school, they need to think of certain activities to help them get busy during the summer vacation.

Toys that are meant for the swimming pool are usually inflatable and can be wet without fading away easily. They are also usually made of kid-friendly materials so that they won’t be toxic to the kids. These toys can either be small or big but they usually float easily in the pool.

The benefit of such toys for kids is that they can entertain your little one once they are playing in the swimming pool. These toys can be taken with you when you are on a summer vacation with anyone, such as your family and friends. With that said, they can have fun with their classmates as well as their parents when they go on these swimming pool trips and play together.

Best Pool Toys For Kids

Here are our top picks for the best pool toys for kids:

SwimWays Toypedo Bandits Pool Diving Toys

Blast away with these torpedo toys for kids. It is able to glide underwater up to 20 feet so it can reach as far as possible. Kids will like it due to being a set of colorful water toys with amazing hydrodynamic action.

You can also use it for swimming practice with the children, as well as with pool parties. It requires no batteries to run and each of them has unique colors and designs to choose from. There are 4 torpedoes in each pack that you can use as party favors as well.

SwimWays Finding Dory Mr Ray’s Dive and Catch Game

Catch fish and the like with this fun and amazing game. This one comes with a total of 5 characters: Dory, Nemo, Pearl, Sheldon, and Kathy. They can be caught in the net of Mr. Ray, which is an undersea ray that has a net shape. There are characters that sink and some float, so it will be fun to catch these different characters altogether.

It has 5 characters that are all very colorful and are faithful to their movie counterparts. Great for children with ages 5 and up, this will be a nice gift if they love Finding Nemo and Finding Dory altogether. It is also a great activity for the summer.

Aqua Dive Rings Pool Toy

Retrieving the classic aqua rings can be a great activity for the summer season or in a swimming pool. There are a total of 6 rings in this set, which include the colors red, green, yellow, blue, pink, and orange. It can be used for recreational parties and events, such as family outings and the like.

It is a game and sport at the same time, which teaches children hand and eye coordination and the ability to dive underwater to look for the rings. It is a great training ground for diving or swimming underwater. Just make sure your children wear goggles when they play this game!

Fin Fun Mermaid Tails Swimming Monofin

Swimming underwater with unique mermaid fins is always a surprise. This mermaid fin can come in a variety of colors so that you can become a mermaid while in the water. It also the tips of your tail from holes, tearing, & shredding due to the tip reinforcement that does not require a protector tape when you are using it.

The shiny fish scale texture makes it interesting and realistic for the kids to wear as a fin underwater. You can use it in either the ocean or the pool and it is also resistant to the effects of the sun and pool chemicals.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Fish Hunt Pool Game

Another pool hunting game for kids, this one is ideal for 1 to 7 players with its fun design and game mechanism and rules. It is easy to grasp and maneuver while swimming due to the friendly plastic handles on each of the shark catchers.

It has shark nets in a set of two, which makes it fun to play with and catch the little fish while in the pool. It is a game that comes with a total of six fishy sinkers and plays ideas so that you can have a fun game while in the swimming pool with your friends.

Intex Surf ‘N Slide Inflatable Play Center

As a fun slide for kids, this one can be set in the swimming pool, which can make things interesting and fun for the children. You have the option to attach a garden hose for sprayers to the fun slide so that you can wet the slide surface, which makes the slide more exciting for kids.

It has a weight limit of 176 pounds so it is good for about 2 to 3 children at once. You also get the repair patch in case something bad happens to the play center. It measures 174 x 66 x 64 inches and is ideal for children 6 years old and above. To have additional padding and comfort, there is a landing mat underneath.

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Green Toys My First Tugboat

This bath toy for kids is not only designed ideally for kids and toddlers but is also free from BPA, phthalates and other harsh chemicals. It is also made with 100% recycled plastic milk containers so that it will be eco-friendly with its design and construction.

The design of the bath toy is a ferry boat or ship that has 3 colors: yellow, red and sky blue, which is good for the perception of the toddlers in the basic colors. It can be used to scoop and pour water for fun bath time, and it can be used for indoor as well as outdoor activities.

Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

A much bigger ring set, this one is ideal for those who want to train themselves on how to swim properly underwater and dive through the different rings at the bottom. It is good for swim training as well as for fun playtime. It has collapsible rings and adjustable air chambers so it will work well on any depth of the pool.

It also has chambers that are inflatable and are decorated with turtles and fish, so it will be fun to play with for kids. Each of the rings spans at  31 inches in diameter and there are 3 in the set.

Intex Pool Volleyball Game

A game of volleyball while in the swimming pool is always a fun activity. This set is floating and is a net set that comes with 10-gauge vinyl with a 7-gauge vinyl ball so that it will be durable against the harsh sun and any physical or rough play.

It can be attached and configured with anchor weights of your choice so that it will stay steady in the game of volleyball in the swimming pool. The whole net measures 94″ x 25″ x 36″ and is intended for kids 6 years old and above.

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Intex Inflatable See Me Sit Pool Ride

You can train your little one to sit and ride the pool with this unique set of floaters for the swimming pool. It is made with 10-gauge vinyl that is durable enough to withstand the harsh sun. It measures 30 x 23 inches each so it will fit most toddlers from the given age range.

It is made with 2 air chambers for easy inflation and deflation, plus the leg holes are not too harsh so it will be comfortable for the kids to ride on it. Your kid will love the fun characters that are colorful.

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Siran Toddler Life Jacket Baby Swim Float Vest

As a set of life vests for kids, this one comes in 5 colors and designs to choose from. They are made with 80% nylon / 20% polyester for the fabric materials so it is not only smooth but also durable at the same time.

It has a weight range of 30 to 50 lbs. so it is good for most kids. You can use it for any swimming pool, as well as bodies of water such as the sea and the lake. It is good for children from 2 to 6 years old and the chest circumference is from 23 inches to 29 inches.

Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game

A great underwater swimming pool toy to play with is this watermelon ball. It is quite buoyant when filled with water, so it will be great to play with, and also, it is tough and durable enough to withstand intense play. It can be passed up to 10 feet in the air and it will do well in water.

It is ideal not just for kids 8 years old and above, but also for adults and teens. It can be a great family bonding game to play within the pool as an accessory.

Intex Underwater Play Sticks by MfrPartNo

This stick game is made with soft and flexible material for safety, and they are all bright and colorful when they are submerged underwater. These underwater sticks stand upright on pool bottom so they can be used to play a variety of games. They are a total of 5 in the set when you buy them.

It is great for kids to learn how to dive as well as to swim underwater. It is good for training them so they won’t have problems when they are treading waters such as in the sea or in the lake.

Swimline Doodles Inflatable Pool Noodle Float

You can also make a game by trying to find these sticks and grab them in the pool. They float underwater and each of them is at 72 inches long. It comes with 6 sticks, all of which are colorful and easy to spot in the pool. The set comes with 2 blue doodles, 2 red doodles and 2 yellow doodles, which comprises of curly and straight ones. You can also make them into any shape.

SwimWays Marvel Avengers Assemble Dive Characters

If your child loves Avengers and Marvel superheroes, they will love this 3-pack of soft, flexible dive sticks which are in the form of the characters from the Marvel comics, such as Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America. They can be used for diving practices. Each of the characters can dive at the bottom so they will sink and can be used to retrieve them.

Intex Recreation Color Whirl Tube

This color whirl tube can be used for floating in the swimming pool, as well as for relaxing. It measures 48 inches across so it can fit most kids and even adults. The colorful design makes it ideal for the summer season while it is also fade-resistant and has handles at the sides.

Intex Sit Lounge Inflatable Pool Float

This set of pool floats measure 47 inches in diameter and can have different colors (pink, green or blue). It also has a cup holder on the side, some handles, air chambers for easy inflation/deflation and a durable design. It is great for kids 8 years old and above.


To wrap it up, pool toys can benefit children because they are great activities to play with so that your child won’t get bored in the swimming pool. It also promotes social play and coordination skills with children. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best pool toys for kids!

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