Best Pack N Play Sheets

A Pack N Play set, as a combination of the sheet, mattress, and frame itself is a travel buddy for moms who are often on the go with their little tots. They can be used as a crib while traveling for convenient naps or playtime. Simply put, they are like portable cribs that you can also use as playpens for your little one.

Are Pack And Play Sheets Necessary?

Yes, sheets are beneficial for your pack and play to keep your child comfortable. Most of them are made of cotton and can be in different colors depending on what you like. When you decide on your pack and play sheet, you should consider the following:

1. Size – make sure that the mattress of your pack and play fits well with the sheet so it’s not too loose or too tight that may damage your mattress. Having a sheet that is too loose can be a choking hazard for babies.

2. Pattern and design – you can also pick a different pattern or design for your little one’s pack and play sheet. While it is not exactly a requirement but it can also add style to the fitted sheet.

3. Protection – the purpose of a pack and play sheet is to protect your mattress from everyday messes as well as from bed bugs. You should choose a fitted sheet that makes your mattress more durable and easier to clean.

4. Softness – if you want to choose a good pack and play sheet, it should be soft enough in its texture and has a good thread count can make it softer than most baby sheets in terms of its fabrics.

5. Ease of fitting – most pack and play sheets can be easily fitted into the mattress using elastic corners, but there are some sheets that don’t have this feature. It can be helpful when it comes down to ease of fitting.

6. Your budget – of course, when you choose a good pack and play sheet, it has to be worth its value. Usually, sheets come in either one in a set or two and it can be costly at first, so make sure you choose one that is going to be quite durable for long-term use to avoid having to buy them again and again.

Best Pack N Play Sheets

Here are some of our picks for the best Pack N Play sheets:

American Baby Company Knit Fitted Playard Sheet

This play yard sheet is made with organic cotton in its material and is quite soft in its texture. Ideal for both boys and girls, it has elastic corners so it will be easy to fit overall in most mattresses. It can fit mattresses up to 2 inches thick and with a size of roughly 27 x 39 inches.

As for the maintenance, the sheet can be machine washed cold in a gentle cycle with the use of mild detergent. The thickness of the sheet is 4 inches for having extra room for easy fitting on your Pack N Play mattress.

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Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Sheet

If you have a Graco Pack N Play, chances are you might find this fitted sheet more ideal for it. There are 5 colors to choose from and this sheet is made with cotton and polyester to make sure it stays durable for everyday use and frequent washing. The size of the fitted sheet is 27 x 39 inches so it will fit well on most Graco play yards.

It also comes with SnugFit pockets so that it will fit well on the baby mattress. The sheet is free from latex, BPA, lead, phthalates and other harsh chemicals that might harm your little one.

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Brolex Stretchy Fitted Playard Sheet Set

For those who want something that has patterns, this may be a decent choice for you. It has two colors available and the pattern is a white arrow design. It fits most mattresses due to the simple design and it comes in a pack of 2. Each of the sheets measures 24 x 38 x 5 inches.

Many found it good for its softness and comfort, as well as the easy fitting in most brands of play yards, such as Graco Pack N Play ones. If you have a thick mattress for your crib or Pack N Play, this may be a good option for you as well.

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American Baby Company Chenille Sheet

Made with chenille as its primary material, as well as polyester that has a velvety texture, this one measures 27 x 39 x 3 inches so it will fit well on most mattresses. It has 10 colors to choose from and it has pockets that are deep enough for most Pack N Play mattresses out there.

The fitted sheet can be machine washed cold and put in the gentle cycle and then tumble dry low for easy care. If you have a twin bassinet pack and play from Graco, you may also find this one fitting due to the universal size.

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COSMOPLUS Stretch Fitted Playard Sheets

Like a pack of two play yard sheets, this one has heart patterns but you can also choose the cloud pattern in the selection. There are two color shades: white and gray, and they have a soft texture that’s good for sensitive skin, especially for young babies. The elastic bottom part makes the play yard mattress sheet fit easily.

The design of the stretch sides will not cause your mattress to bunch and get deformed. Any crib or play yard with a mattress size of 28 x 52 inches. While it is not as waterproof as other play yard sheets, it is easy to launder overall.

Pickle & Pumpkin Graco Mattress Sheet

Being made of pure organic cotton with 180 GSM grade, it has a cute design of animals on the sheets so your child can enjoy napping in the Pack N Play just fine. It is also easy to care for without the risk of shrinking even after many wash cycles.

If you have mini cribs from Davinchi and 4moms, you can also find this sheet fitting well. It will also fit most Graco Pack N Play models. Since it is already in a set of 2 sheets, it may be a good buy for first-time moms. It will fit in most thicknesses of the mattress and they also work with those who have a mattress topper on their Pack N Play.

BaeBae Goods Pack n Play Playard Sheets Set

Consisting of 3 Pack N Play sheets, each of them are 150 GSM in quality for their jersey knit cotton. All of them measure 24 x 38 x 5 inches, which may fit most standard, portable, and crib mattresses. The sheets are also easily washable in the washing machine.

If you have a mattress that has a thickness of 5 inches, this one can be a good buy, as well as for most Graco Pack N Play mattresses.

Cuddly Cubs Sheets

This set of sheets are compatible with Graco Pack n Play, Guava Lotus, 4Moms, Chicco, and other brands of mini cribs and play yards for your little one. It has a soft cover and a good pattern and design that comes in two variants. Each of the sheets is made from 150 GSM grade fabric that is cotton jersey knit for good softness.

Cambria Baby Sheets

Yet another one that is made with organic cotton material, this one can fit up to 5-inch mattresses for baby cribs and Pack N Play yards. It comes in a pack of two sheets and can fit well on play yard brands like Graco, LA Baby, Dream On Me, and the like.

It has 160 GSM on its thickness for its material so it can be ideal for many wash cycles and for everyday use. There is even a 7-inch skirt for adhering to different kinds of mattresses and toppers.

4moms Breeze Sheets

If you have a play yard or a bassinet that is from 4moms, this can be a good sheet for it. Coming in two colors, this one is waterproof so it can help protect most mattresses due to the waterproof lining. It is easy to machine wash and dry and fits well on 4moms models 1039 and 1038 bassinet play yards.

While it doesn’t fit in other play yards, if you have the models specified, it can be a good mattress sheet to protect it overall.


To wrap it up, a Pack N Play sheet is quite beneficial for your travel system since it will help your child to get comfy while they are using the Pack N Play and it will also benefit your mattress to stay away from outside stuff that may get into it and ruin its texture and durability. We hope you liked our top picks for the best Pack N Play sheets!

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