Best Nursing Tanks for Breastfeeding Moms

A nursing tank is a kind of shirt or top that is specifically designed for nursing your baby. They can vary in different designs: lift-up, pull-down, move-aside, and side-access. The benefit of such nursing tops is to help make the task of breastfeeding easier for moms.

It is good for moms who are often on the go and just need quick access for their baby to be fed even in public. What matters the most is that they remain comfortable as a mom shirt and also fashionable while giving your little one the nutrition and love that they need in an emergency.

Best Nursing Tanks for Breastfeeding Moms

Here are our picks for the best nursing tanks for breastfeeding moms:

SUIEK Women’s Nursing Tank Top

This nursing top for women has a tank top design and has a variety of colors to choose from. It has a fashionable lace racerback design at the back so it can be a good outfit as well. Its shoulder straps can be adjusted for easy feeding for your baby. Each of the straps has a 1/2-inch width and have a high elastic material.

Made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this one has good elasticity and a loose waistline so it can fit moms who have just given birth and needed something that is relaxing for their tummy area. Its long length can help hide the mom’s post-baby tummy or baby bump. The elasticity doesn’t squeeze too much so it can be comfortable.

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Smallshow Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Top

Also a sleeveless tank top, this one is available in various patterns and colors to choose from and is available from sizes small to xx-large. Its inner layer can be easily lifted without having to pull down the neckline for easy access to your baby. With double layers, it can still be comfortable due to the stretchy fabric.

You can use it for outdoor activities such as shopping or strolling your baby to the park. However, this one requires only to be hand-washed without bleaching. The material is quite soft and can be gentle on any mom’s postpartum baby belly. Most people found it true to size and fitting well at the chest and at the waist.

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Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Tops

This stylish tank top has different colors to choose from and is made with rayon and spandex so it is comfortable, stretchable, and also breathable without easily tearing apart. It is available from small to x-large sizes and it has a discrete feeding design, in which you can just lift up the front layer for easy access for your baby.

It can be machine washed and it can also be used by moms who are manually pumping milk even without their baby (such as at work). There are also quite fun designs to choose from, such as patterns and floral ones, while the fit can adjust well to those moms who still have their postpartum belly.

Bralido Women’s Nursing Cami Top Tanks

Made with pads that can be useful for covering your nipples, this set of cami tops can be comfortable to use due to the full support as a nursing bra that is made with double-layer cotton for breathability. The molded design can fit just right for moms and it has an empire waistline for its look.

Because it has a shelf bra, this one can have sufficient support for moms who spend all day at work or outside while having to breastfeed their baby from time to time. There are also under colors and neutrals other than black for you to choose from. It can be used underneath your sweater or jacket for an added style or fashion sense.

Nursing Tops Tank Shirt Cami Sleep Bra

Great for indoor and subtle activities, this breastfeeding tank for moms can be ideal for those who are nursing their little ones, as well as those who are 0 to 5 months pregnant. It comes in 3 pieces per pack and has different colors for you to choose from.

Because it does not have any snaps or clasps, it can be very comfortable due to the crossover style. It has four sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large, while the material is 95% cotton and 5% spandex for extra breathability without sacrificing the elasticity. Many found it easily fitting the waist area as well as the good shirt length. Since it does not have sufficient support on the top part, it is good for sleeping.

Naked Nursing Tank

As a cami or tank top for moms who are nursing or a few weeks pregnant, this one comes in 4 colors to choose from with sizes from x-small up to 5x plus, so it may be ideal if you are a plus-sized person. It does not have any clasps, hooks, or loops, so it can be greatly comfortable for sleeping or for tucking in under your jacket.

It also has added 4 inches at the bottom of the tank so it can cover any postpartum bellies. Many people found it true to size and the price is just right for most of them.

KUCI Maternity Nursing Top Tank Cami

As a maternity sleeping bra for moms, this one is a combination of cotton and spandex as well and it has an elegant design. It has nursing clips that can provide easy access for your baby using the drop-down design. It can be worn while you are exercising or even just staying at home, or you can also wear it under your outdoor clothes such as jackets and the like.

The loose design can make it ideal for women with postpartum bellies. It has good elasticity that can be breathable and not make you feel sweaty. Its racerback design is also an added plus for its looks and fitting. It also has room for a mom’s breasts due to its hyperelasticity feature which adjusts accordingly to keep you nearly constriction-free and pain-free when you are breastfeeding your little one.

Larenba Women’s Maternity Pull-up

Made with a pull-up design, it has different colors and designs to choose from and it has sizes from small to xxx-large. It is a combination of cotton and spandex in equal parts so it has quite a stretchable feel without being too hot and uncomfortable to wear.

Many people found it fitting well on the chest area, although they don’t like the armholes. Its tank length is also good around the tummy area, so it can be used if you also want to do the layer method when you are nursing your little one.

Cake Maternity Women’s Seamless

If you want something that is seamless, this one is for you. It is quite comfortable due to the absence of itchy garment tags. Its drop-down cups can also be ideal for most busy nursing moms and the side sling keeps the design of the tank very discrete when you are feeding your little one.

Coming in 4 colors and 4 sizes to choose from, this one has a good elastic stretch that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It is a combination of elastane and nylon so it can be quite durable as well. The included shelf bra in the nursing top has a good amount of support so you may not have to buy a nursing bra separately (but you can if you like). It has a smoother fit around the tummy area so it can be a little slimming in terms of its design.

Smallshow Women’s Nursing Tank Tops

For those who prefer nursing tops that are casual, breathable, and good for the summer, this one is a good set for you. It has a wide shoulder strap so it can be comfortable for those who just want a nursing tank top that can absorb sweat due to its cotton material. Cotton is probably ideal for those who live in tropical areas due to its friendliness towards sweat.

The tank top is also made with a bit of spandex so it is not purely cotton, which can be good if you want something that is a bit stretchy at times. Its o-neck style design makes it easy to wear on the go while the underside of the breast parts can be easily flipped up for easy access for your baby.

The length of the bottom is good for moms who still have postpartum baby bumps. Like with some of our picks, this one is the best to hand washed to make it last for a longer period of time. Many moms found it fitting well around the hip, waist, and chest area.


To wrap it up, keeping your baby satisfied in the middle of a shopping spree or during work can be better if you have the right nursing gear at hand (but make sure it’s comfortable!). We hope that these selections of nursing tanks for breastfeeding moms can help you decide the best one for your needs!

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