Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby


Play mats that are meant for babies can vary in designs. For instance, there are those that come in one piece in terms of construction while there are those that are puzzles, which can be attached together as a great mind-and-body exercise for your child. However, do you really know if they are made with safe and non-toxic material for your baby?


Why Choose A Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat?

There are many reasons as to why you should choose a non-toxic baby play mat:


  1. It keeps your baby safe. Toxic materials like BPA can have a negative effect on your child in terms of developmental stages. This is why you don’t want such chemicals to be present in the mats. Instead, there should be materials in the play mat that will not be toxic to your baby and will also keep their skin free from getting allergies.


  1. They don’t smell bad. Play mats that are non-toxic are also not very smelly at all. You can be able to tell the difference between a cheap or imitation play mat for your baby and a higher priced one because of the smell it gives off. A very plastic-like smell will be present on one that has toxic chemicals, which can be off-putting and can also be dangerous to your baby overall.


  1. Such mats are easier to clean. Because they do not give off a very bad smell, it will be much easier to clean than those with toxic smells. Most of them will also be made to have waterproof qualities, which can make cleaning a breeze as well.


  1. Set a learning ground for your baby. A non-toxic play mat gives you a peace of mind so that your child can learn without the threat of harmful chemicals.


My Criteria For Non-Toxic Play Mats

In order to choose a good non-toxic play mat, here are some criteria you need to know about:


  1. free from BPA, phthalates, lead and other harmful chemicals
  2. certified by governing bodies like EN71, ASTM, CPSIA and the like
  3. has no bad odor or smell from first use, or odor dissipates easily
  4. the right size for your child’s intended play area


Top Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby

Here are our top picks for the best non-toxic play mats that can be great for your baby:


Baby Care Play Mat

Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym

If you want a colorful design for a play mat for your baby, the Baby Care Play Mat can be a great choice since it is not only reversible but also waterproof. The reversible feature is important so that you don’t have to clean one side often when it gets dirty, and the waterproof feature will help it to withstand heavy rain and soiling. There are over 13 designs that you can choose from to pick for your child, and all of them are quite colorful for babies to enjoy.


As it is a non-toxic play mat, it does not contain BPA, phthalates and all that stuff. It measures 82 x 55 inches (large) and 72 x 49 inches (medium) and is smartly packed when shipped to your doorstep. It also provides noise reduction so that your baby won’t feel awkward when moving around.


Play Platoon NON-TOXIC 36-Piece

NON-TOXIC 36 Piece ABC Foam Mat

For babies who love learning the alphabet, the Play Platoon NON-TOXIC 36-Piece is a great choice for a puzzle play mat. It is made up of all the letters in the alphabet and can help children enhance their thinking skills in terms of puzzle solving and putting the pieces together. The foam used for the entire mat is easy to clean and is water-resistant as well.


All of the letters (and numbers) are removable for your convenience and to help your child with learning puzzles. It measures 12 x 12 inches on each piece, with a thickness of 3/8 inch for superior support and creativity for your child. It has been certified lead-free by various governing bodies, such as CPSIA, ASTM, EN71 and many more. The entire puzzle mat is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.


Play Platoon Exercise Mat

NON-TOXIC 36 Piece Children Play & Exercise Mat

A variant of our pick from above, the Play Platoon Exercise Mat can be formed into cubes, which can also be a great source of entertainment for kids. It can be put together in different color combinations and it contains 36 pieces all in all. While the previous pick is full of letters and numbers, this one has a plain texture, which makes it easier to clean up and is great for younger babies.


Each of the squares is also at 12 x 12 inches and also conforms to the EN71, ASTM and CPSIA standards in terms of child safety. It can also be placed outdoors in a concrete patio or surface due to its decent amount of thickness at 3/8 inch. It is also backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, like our previous pick.


Baby Care Play Mat Busy Farm

Baby Care Play Mat

Another variant of our pick above, the Baby Care Play Mat Busy Farm is made with a different design, which features farm animals. It measures 82 x 55 inches as it is a large version of the mat. It works well on all types of floor surfaces and is also waterproof, making it a lot easier to clean than other mats. The design has also been made to have less noise so that your baby will enjoy playing without discomfort. The mat is free from BPA, EVA, latex and other harmful chemicals as inspected by EN71, CPSIA and other governing bodies to be safe for your baby. Because it can easily be rolled up, you can take it anywhere with you, such on a road trip. The thickness is also at least 1/2 inch so it can be quite comfortable.


Wonder Mat Non-Toxic

Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam

Also, a great puzzle mat to consider would be the Wonder Mat Non-Toxic, made of 36 pieces as well. There are 6 colors that are included in the package, scattered throughout the pieces, in which your baby can help arrange to a colorfully patterned mat that is non-toxic. The thickness is pretty good at 9/16 inches so it can help your child to stay protected from a rough surface underneath. Its soft design is also great for children who have sensitive skin.


The bold colors will also definitely stand out for your baby’s eyes, while still being made out of non-recycled materials without being toxic to your child. The foam material is also safe for your baby as they are all made of durable parts that are large enough that will not become a choking hazard. The entire mat measures 1 x 1 feet, which can be large enough for most play areas.


MyLine Baby Play Mat

MyLine Baby Play Mat

The MyLine Baby Play Mat is a good choice for those who want a really large rectangular play mat for their baby. It has a cute design with fun farm animals and the like. The mat is also non-slip so it is safe for your baby. Being a reversible mat, this makes it last long as you don’t have to clean it often. On top of that, it is also waterproof, making cleaning a breeze for accidents and spills.


Because it is non-toxic as a play mat, it does not give off a bad smell. In fact, it uses XPE, which is a food-grade material that is safe for children. It is also cushioning and soft so that it will not make any noise or discomfort to your baby when they are playing in the mat.


Wee Giggles Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat

Wee Giggles Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat

If you want something that has built-in walls around the perimeter of the mat to keep your baby safe, the Wee Giggles Non-Toxic Baby Play Mat is a good choice. It has a pretty genius setup that has a half-box-like design with an entrance and an exit. The designs to choose from all have their own color schemes, so they can complement well with your existing décor in the room or house.


The fence edging also has a baby-safe design and you won’t make a mistake on setting it up due to the simple look. The bottom mat is made of different shapes that your baby can take out and place to help learn how to connect puzzle pieces. Measuring a total of 48 x 48 inches, it is also easy to pack with its included bag.


Childlike Behavior Baby Play Mat Tiles

Childlike Behavior Baby Play Mat Tiles

For those who want a slightly larger sized play mat, the Childlike Behavior Baby Play Mat Tiles is a good choice for you. It has a total of four flat mats each with different shapes, as well as perimeter borders around that are curved in design to be totally safe for your baby. Because each of the mat pieces is very large, it is very easy to set up you won’t have to worry about losing certain small parts, which can be a choking hazard for your baby.


It is definitely non-toxic and is also thick enough to support your baby at 1/2 inch in thickness. Because it is hypoallergenic in its foam material, it will be safe for your baby’s skin. The waterproof quality will also make it easy to clean while being free from latex, lead, phthalates, and BPA. Each tile measures 24 inches, totaling up to 61 inches in its entirety.


Baby Mushroom Baby Bello

Baby Mushroom Baby Bello Organic Play Mat

A simpler design to choose from would be the Baby Mushroom Baby Bello, which is made with pure organic cotton for its cover material. This is good for babies who have sensitive skin and who live in hot climates where comfort is a big issue. Because of the organic cotton material, there is no doubt that it is non-toxic and safe for your baby.


It can be situated on any surface, such as tiles or hardwood, and measures a total of 55 inches in its entire size. The thickness is pretty good at 1 1/4 inches, which can help your child to stay comfortable even with a hard surface underneath. It is also free from PVC and has been VOC tested to make sure that it is safe for your baby. It is also worth noting that it does not contain any harmful fire retardants.


Lollaland Play Mat Foam Floor

Lollaland Play Mat Foam Floor

A very cushioned and colorful design would be the Lollaland Play Mat Foam Floor, which is also easy to clean in its waterproof design. It can be easily laid down on the floor without the need for assembly – perfect for babies who are traveling often. It is also made with non-toxic material and has an anti-slip surface to keep your baby safe.


Because it is waterproof, that makes it a lot easier to clean for your child’s messes. The design will also get protected due to this feature. As for the non-toxic quality, it has been inspected and conforms to the US (CPSIA) and EU (EN-71) standards for the safety of your child. The total size of the mat is 6 x 4 inches and does not have concerns with noise due to the soft material.



To wrap things up, it really depends on your area size and preferences as to which non-toxic baby play mat would be the best one for your needs. Which of these picks do you think would be the most ideal one for you?


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