Best My Little Pony Toys

My Little Pony is a classic series from the 80s and 90s era that has been brought back to life once again today. It tells of different ponies, each with their different personality and characteristics, and has surely taken many toy stores by storm, mostly loved by kids around the world.

Each of these ponies is unique in their own way, which also makes them lovable by all. They also happen to have different aspects that teach children lessons in life. The great thing about these MLP toys and the culture is that it enhances your child’s imagination overall, by bringing them to a whole new world with a new experience.

They can come in huggable plush toys, miniature ones, and the like, and are mostly for kids (and kids at heart). In this article, we are going to review some awesome toys that your child may love if she likes My Little Pony overall.

Best My Little Pony Toys

Here are our top picks for the best My Little Pony toys out there:

Tara Toys Disney Princess Necklace Activity

If your child wants to make their own necklace from MLP characters, this is a great gift for them. It is ideal for kids 3 years old and above and is packed in a handy travel case that is well-organized.

It comes with a total of 5 charms that you can create plus necklace material that you can start with. There are beads, strings, and other material that you can use to make your very own design that is uniquely yours. The designs of the ponies are also very colorful and striking.

My Little Pony Crystal Princess Palace Playset

This play set is a complete package that can be set up on the fly. It comes with a movable pony figure that you can dress up with the included accessories, shoes, and dress. You can also use the included two barrettes to style her hair as well as place her around the palace.

The setup of the palace also includes a telescope, gems, hangers, a perfume bottle, a blow dryer for her hair, a tiara, and various other accessories that you can use to decorate and make your little pony stand out from the rest.

My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash

As a plush toy of Rainbow Dash measuring at 8 inches in size, this is a very huggable playtime and bedtime buddy that your child can have. It is made with durable polyester in its stitching so it won’t be flimsy when you hug it and carry it around.

The hair of Rainbow Dash is just like in the franchise and official series. The plush toy comes in its own bag so that you can easily lift it and that you’ll know that it stays clean when it arrives without any bad odor from chemicals.

My Little Pony Fashion Style Pinkie Pie Figure

If you are a big fan of Pinkie Pie, this is a toy that you might like. It has a unique hair design that you can tie up, style, comb, and do other things such as put the barrette of your choice (included).

You can also dress up your little Pinkie Pie with the included accessories. This pony is a great addition if you already have other ponies out there. She even has a set of shoes that you can put on, as well as cool glasses and a balloon hat.

My Little Pony Meet the Mane 6 Ponies Collection

Having a total of 6 pony characters from the My Little Pony series, this one is ideal for kids 3 years old and above and each of them measures 3 inches in size – perfect for when you have a little play set area for these ponies.

The six included ponies are Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack, all with their signature poses, designs, and colors. It is a good introduction to a little kid who just discovered My Little Pony as a whole due to the simplicity and authenticity of the whole package.

Play-Doh My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style Salon Playset

If making things out of clay is your style, this Play-Doh set is probably for you and your kid. It is a unique setting that allows you to “grow” your pony’s rainbow hair by using the included Play-Doh compounds (sparkle and modeling types) for added style.

This will be a great imaginative toy that you will enjoy playing if you like to learn about 3D modeling and the arts. It even has scissors that allow you to trim the hair as well as the pony model itself that can be used to extrude rainbow hair.

American Greetings My Little Pony Party Supplies Deluxe Headband

For those who like to style themselves with a cute headband, this colorful one is inspired by the My Little Pony franchise. It is a product in which one size fits most so that it won’t be a problem for most kids.

The unique rainbow-colored bangs make it really much like the MLP character also due to the blue pony ears, sparkling sequins and the overall design of this cute headband. It can be a party favor or costume that you can use anywhere, such as for costume and Halloween events.

Ty My Little Pony Princess Luna My Little Pony Plush

Made with polyester fiber that is quite durable, this soft and huggable Princess Luna plush from My Little Pony is true to the series design and is an official product as well. The height of Princess Luna is about 8 inches tall and it can be great as a gift for Christmas or on birthdays.

Many kids say that she is just the perfect size for hugging and even when traveling. It holds up well with its durability and the hair is a very good feature due to the fact that you can comb it – perfect for kids who like to comb the hair of Princess Luna.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

As a unique spin to the regular My Little Pony franchise, Twilight Sparkle finds herself in another universe where she’s a teenage girl, together with other different ponies who are just the same.

If you like the main MLP series then you will also enjoy this one. It is available in Prime video as well as on other formats, such as Blu-Ray, DVD, and the like, if you want to watch it elsewhere. This movie is a must-watch if your child loves MLP and wants to go on a movie marathon this summer.

My Little Pony Toy Talking & Singing Twilight Sparkle

With purple hair, this Twilight Sparkle doll is more than just huggable – you can also activate it as an interactive toy – its horn lights up and flashes as she talks about her spells. It even has its own tiara accessory aside from the pretty hair.

You can also activate its 90 plus phrases as an interactive huggable plush. It is good for kids who are 3 years old and above and is able to sit or stand with a little help from your little girl. It is also a good story-telling pony to have before sleeping.

Freeze Girls’ My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie

Does your little girl want their own unique little hoodie? This Rainbow Dash outfit is sure to put a smile on their face. It is made with 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester so it is going to be soft but durable.

With its three-dimensional wings at the back and the fleece mane at the top of the hood, it also has it’s signature striped sleeves from Rainbow Dash’s design. You can also keep your hands warm with the side pockets. The hoodie is available from 2T to X-large sizes.

My Little Pony Girls’ Dress with Ruffles and Wings

As a cute little dress for your little one, this MLP cotton and polyester dress is available in 3 different colors and you can also choose the character that you want, such as Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash. It has a crew-neck dress design with the graphics at the top.

You can use this MLP costume for Halloween, for birthday parties, and the like. It even has wings at the back which makes it unique and more realistic while adding a dash of cuteness. It also has a good sizing that your child has more room to grow on it.

Vandor My Little Pony Large Tin Tote

As a tote bag, this large suitcase that can fit in different kinds of kid stuff, such as art supplies, lunches, snacks, and much more. It can be a great school bag or lunch box and it is available in either Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash design.

Candy Land Game: My Little Pony the Movie Edition

As a game that is inspired by the movie of the MLP series, this one is a card game that also requires a game board (included) and is a multiplayer game. The goal of the game is to return home and save Canterlot. There are 3 MLP characters that you can play with – included as a game piece in the board game.


To wrap it up, My Little Pony toys will definitely be a great birthday or Christmas gift to your little girl if she likes the franchise. Not only do they possess unique traits but they can also help your child become more imaginative in playing with friends. We hope you liked our top picks for the best My Little Pony toys!

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