Best Minnie Mouse Toys For Toddlers

Minnie Mouse is a well-loved Disney character. She is the sweetheart of Mickey Mouse and she has a bow in her head. Both of them are mice and Minnie is aimed at the little girls and toddlers, both as a character and a fashion item.

There are many toys out there that are designed with Minnie Mouse as a Disney character. For instance, there can be mugs, t-shirts and various learning tools that can get your child an interactive experience. A Disney property like Minnie Mouse is a very engaging yet simple toddler inspiration and toy design.

Many of these Minnie Mouse toys also include accessories for your hair, such as combs, hair ties, brushes, mirrors and even dresses for a fashion sense. Minnie Mouse is all about style as well as teaching children kindness and good manners, just like every Disney protagonist out there. The most important thing to look into with Minnie Mouse is that she is an icon for the kids out there, especially the young little girls, much like a Disney princess who has a kind heart.

Best Minnie Mouse Toys For Toddlers

Here are our top picks for the best Minnie Mouse toys for toddlers:

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Stuffed Animal

This Minnie Mouse stuffed toy measures 14 inches so it is a huggable one. It is made with polyester material so it will be quite durable and the soft and plush material makes the toy very easy to hold at night or while traveling with your kid. She has a signature crinkle in her bow. Many people found it easy to clean and also quite stable in its stitches. It is a good gift for a baby shower and the crinkly ears make it a great entertainment source for little kids.

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Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Rainbow Dazzle Minnie

A Minnie Mouse toy like this one is good for being a display in a room or just playing pretend with your friends or other dolls. It stands 10 inches in terms of height and has a very durable design and shiny finish. It has a musical function, in which it plays the classic hit song “True Colors”. Minnie Mouse also has 3 magic-touch activation points to make her very interactive for kids. She also has a color-changing outfit for style, in which you can hear fun fashion phrases from the mouse.

Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Fabulous Shopping Mall

As a fun shopping mall for kids, this one features Minnie and various other characters, such as a cat. It has a food court in case the characters get hungry, as well as a snack shack. It has sources of entertainment like an amusement park such as the spinning carousel. Its escalator and revolving door makes it uniquely interactive as a mini shopping mall. With over 2 floors to explore, this one includes Figaro the cat and Daisy alongside Minnie for all of your shopping adventures.

Fisher-Price Mickey and Minnie’s House Playset

If you want something that features both Mickey and Minnie Mouse, this is the set for you. Mickey Mouse’s front door opens & closes so that you can get both the mice inside for a visit to Mickey’s house. There is also a refrigerator door inside for them to grab a snack.

You can also see a letter from Minnie Mouse from the mailbox. In addition to that, Minnie Mouse’s chimney can spin around while there is also a cute teapot that can be pressed to open the oven door of Minnie’s kitchen.

Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On

For those kids who like adventure, this is a good ride-on toy to have. There is a peek a boo window so that you can easily see your child when they are driving. Like a real car, it has blinking signal lights to warn others that they are passing by.

You can also turn the dial for sounds that the car can make. Your child can also play with the horn and steer the wheel to drive and make their way through your backyard or inside the house. It also has music that you can play.

The First Years Baby Minnie Mouse Bath Squirt Toys

With a total of 3 toys in the set, this one includes Minnie Mouse, a sandcastle and a beach ball, equipped with Minnie’s signature polka dot bow. It can be used for bath time so that they can have toys while in the tub.

Their size fits little hands very well and the design is very colorful overall to visually engage your little one. They are also safe for kids because these toys are BPA free. They can be ideal for nearly all ages of kids.

LEGO Duplo Brand Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique

For those who like to build things, this is a good LEGO Duplo set for your little one. It has a size of 11 x 5 x 5 inches overall and includes Minnie and Daisy as the customers. It has an umbrella table with chairs on one side and the boutique standing on the other side, which children can build on their own.

Ideal for kids with the ages of 2 and 5 years old, this one contains 70 pieces in total. It has a rotating bow icon that is the signature bow of Minnie and a downstairs shop for the two characters.

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VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Minnie Mouse Convertible

This Minnie Mouse toy is perfect for those who like cars and moving objects. There are fun sounds, phrases and six melodies that your child can choose from in this moving car so that it is also an interactive toy for them. Your child can also sing along to the 3 built-in cheerful sing-along songs.

There is no actual motor since this is a push-type car, so it is great for toddlers who are new to push-type cars. It is just the right size for most toddlers.

Disney My First Learning Book

As another learning interactive toy for kids this one is a book that has all sorts of buttons that your child can press. All you need is 2 AA batteries for it to run, and your child can enjoy playing with it. The toy is best for kids 12 months or older.

You can select either English or Spanish with the language, and it teaches shapes, numbers and other concepts that toddlers need to learn before they go to school. This unique book has a total of 5 pages of interactive learning.

RoomMates Wall Decal

If you want to decorate your room, this is a good decal to have – Minnie Mouse. The decal measures 24 x 40.25 inches overall and it is easy to peel and stick onto any room portion that your child wants.

It will go well onto any smooth surface. Unlike other stickers out there, this one is removable and you can reposition it anywhere. High-quality vinyl is used so it will give no damage to walls and furniture. It can be great as a decal for long term or temporary use, especially if you frequently move out.

Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

As a toy box that is decorative and cute, this one is with a Minnie Mouse design and has a pink color. It is good for kids 3 to 8 years old for keeping their small toys and maybe even jewelry and the like. It has a size of 21 x 23 x 14 inches overall.

Meeting all safety standards and CPSC regulations, this one is kid-safe and has colorful graphics that is protected with a scratch-resistant finish. The wood is of quality material while the round and smooth corners protect your child from injury.

Minnie Cash Register Toy

If you want to play pretend grocery store, mall or shopping, this is a cash register to have. It has a Minnie Mouse decoration with the bar code scanner, play money and various other buttons to press as a pretend cash register. It even has a working cash drawer so that you can keep the money and loose change there.

Unlike other cheaper imitation ones, this one has realistic cash register sounds so it will engage your children to play interactively while “grocery shopping”. It already comes with batteries so it will work right off the bat. It is also not too heavy at only 1.4 lbs.

LEGO Duplo l Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Minnie’s CAF

Fly high with Minnie Mouse as you can assemble this cute little airplane in which she can ride on. It is a small aviation station with a cafe on the side, in which Minnie could be waiting for a date with Mickey. There is an opening window, table, and chair for setting up the cafe.

The toy is good for children 2 to 5 years old and has a total of 27 pieces that are large enough to be okay for small children without choking hazards. The cafe has a size of 5 x 5 inches.

Disney Minnie Mouse My First Microphone

Your child can sing along to their favorite Disney tunes with this cute little microphone. It has a simple operation of the on and off button, with a total of 9 sound effects and flashing lights. The microphone is easy to hold for kids and it has a press and holds to sing-along feature. Bearing a pink color design, this Minnie Mouse inspired microphone already comes with batteries.

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Disney Baby Minnie Mouse On the Go Soft Teether Book

For the very young, this unique teething toy is good for kids who love Minnie Mouse. It is a soft book that is more than just a teething toy, it is also soft and can squeak with a crinkled texture that is 100% BPA-free and does not contain harsh chemicals. It can enhance your child’s tactile senses and it can be easily cleaned with any dish soap.

Delta Children Deluxe Book & Toy Organizer

If your child needs a bigger toy organizer, this is a good one to have, since it has a lot of compartments to place their toys into. It has one large compartment at the top, 3 drawers in the middle and two large ones at the bottom, both with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck designs.

Measuring a total of 36 x 30 x 10 inches, this one is made with solid wood and fabric for durability without the harsh stuff for kids. Ideal for children 3 to 6 years old, this one has passed safety standards and CPSC regulations and is easy to put together.

Melissa & Doug Minnie Mouse Dress-Up Wooden Play Set

This wooden playset is good for children 3 years and up and has various pieces of dresses to create and change character looks, which can be a good fashion toy for kids. It has a lid that has a recess for fitting the frame designs. The Minnie Mouse designs are very colorful and the wooden box is safe for kids to handle.

Wonder Forge Minnie Mouse Matching Game

This memory game allows your child to learn how to match pictures with over 72 picture tiles. It has instructions on how to play and it can be played with a friend or a family member. It will enhance your child’s memory skills in recognizing objects.

Bell Minnie Ears Multisport Helmet

If your child likes sports, this is a great helmet to have. It has a Minnie Mouse design and can be used for when they are riding a bike. It has adjustable straps so it will fit many sizes of heads out there. It is best worn for kids 3 to 5 years old.


To wrap it up, Minnie Mouse toys are great for the Disney fan in your child. They are not only fashionable but can also be interactive and educational, such as those that teach them numbers, letters, sounds, and building self-confidence. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best Minnie Mouse toys for kids!

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