Best Light Up Shoes For Kids

Light up shoes for kids are great gifts to give to them because not only are they interesting – they are also fashionable. Most of them can have cool LED lights nowadays, unlike before, which can make them really stand out from the crowd.

When you choose light-up shoes for kids, you should pick one that is safety certified and does not get its batteries shorted so that it will be safe to wear for kids even on rainy or drizzling days. LED lighted shoes are also useful when your child walks in dark areas or at night.

Best Light Up Shoes For Kids

Without further ado, here are some of the best light up shoes for kids that we picked:

SLEVEL LED Light up Shoes USB Flashing Sneakers

This light up shoes for kids is equipped with 4 kinds of dynamic color changes so that it looks very cool at night. You can also choose from over 7 kinds of static color and 11 patterns of lighting with its colorful LED lights.

It is rechargeable using any USB cable and it is also made with a durable high-quality synthetic leather and cloth combination so that it can last for a long time. The shoes can be chosen for their body color other than the actual LED lights for added style.

PUMA Speeder Illuminescent V Light-Up Sneaker

Made with 100% synthetic material, this one is available in a variety of colors and sizes and it can light up in the dark as well. It is a low-top sneaker in terms of design so it is quite breathable. What’s more, it is very secure with its double hook-and-loop closures.

As for the design, the lugged rubber outsole also makes it durable and easy to wear. Its tongue and collar are also extra padded to make the wearer feel comfortable. Its sock liner is also removable in case your little kid grows up.

DEDU MusBema LED Light Up Shoes

Made with a quality fabric material, the patterns on this one look fashionable and in different colors to choose from, as well as the sizes. It has 7 colorful LED lights that light up differently. Because the shoes are lightweight and breathable, they are very okay to wear for little kids.

There is simplicity in operating the shoe lights and it changes to another light mode when you press the button again and again. You can just long press for 3 seconds to turn off the power. Your kids can use it for night running and it is easy to charge with any USB charger.

Skechers Kids Flashpod Gore And Strap Light-Up Sneaker

If you are a big fan of Skechers shoes, this light up shoe will definitely be a nice pick for you. It has 3 color designs to choose from and because of its bottom sole design, it has unique lighting up texture and pattern (unlike the regular LED shoes you often see) that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The rubber outsole makes it durable and easy to grip on the ground and its strobe light mode also makes it flashy for parties. It is Velcro fastened so there is nothing needed to be tied so it is also good for boys and girls who don’t want the hassle of ties (which can trip them).

Nickelodeon Toddler Girl’s PAW Patrol Light-Up Shoes

Girls who are a big fan of Paw Patrol are going to love this light up shoe pair. It has a hook-and-loop strap that makes it easy to strap inside to make sure the shoe stays with your kid. The combination of synthetic and rubber makes it durable on the outside and also comfortable on the inside, especially in cold days.

The glittery pink patent vinyl not only makes it fashionable, but it also makes it fitting for most girls. It has thick padding that keeps it comfortable while the non-marking outsole is good for wooden floors.

Peppa Pig Toddler Girl’s Light Up Pink Sneakers

Children who like Peppa Pig can feel fashionable with this shoe pair. It is made with nylon for durability and its lightweight design make it ideal for toddlers. The elastic panel keeps its grip just right to avoid slipping for most toddlers and kids.

It lights up when you step, much like any standard light up shoe in the 90s. It is available in various sizes and it is also made with a rubber outsole to keep your little one from slipping and marking surfaces. It has a medium width for most toddlers.

Stride Rite Avengers Captain America Light-up Athletic Shoe

For Captain America and Marvel fans, this is a shoe that you will love. It is made with leather and mesh combination and it is available in a variety of sizes. It lights up with every step so it looks cool, fashionable and action-packed.

There is also enough Lights up with every step due to the mesh linings on the inside of the shoe, also made with antimicrobial treatment to avoid getting the smelly shoe effect. It provides the wearer with an easy on and off due to the design of the strap.

Ufatansy CPS LED Fashion Sneakers

If you want a combination of light up shoes and skate shoes, this is a pair you would like. It not only has colorful LED lights at the bottom, but it can also be transformed into skate shoes due to the wheels at the bottom. It is a lace up style sneaker so it is also going to be fashionable for kids.

What’s more, it has a low profile design and is available for both boys and girls with a myriad of color choices. It also ensures foot comfort by giving you a good size chart. It is a nice shoe pair to use in parties.

Outee Toddler Kids Light-Up Rain Boots

If you want something that is designed as boots instead, this is a good choice for you. It has different sizes for you to choose from as well as different colors (blue, pink, violet and white). It is very durable, comfortable and also waterproof unlike other light up shoes out there.

It can be used for the rainy days due to the boots style, so it is a great gift for someone on rainy days or holidays. It also has handles on each side of the boot to make it easy for your child to carry it when it’s wet.

Nsasy Roller Shoes Girls Boys Wheel Shoe

This shoe pair for kids is another great choice for those who want something like a combination of skate shoes and LED shoes. It is available in various colors for boys and girls while the wheels are made with a mute bearing to make gliding quieter than with other brands.

It also has a cool flashing effect on the LED lights. It also lights up based on the movement of the child’s foot so it is a great exercise and fun activity for kids, much like most LED light up shoes.

Frozen Girls Light-Up Runner

Light up shoes that are made with a Frozen design will definitely appeal to young girls. This one contains the graphics of Frozen characters (Elsa and Anna) and has a winter theme, so it is going to be a great Christmas present to them. It does not mark floors, does not skid or slip easily and can be easily strapped with a hook and loop closure.

FLARUT Kids LED Light Up Shoes

As a high top sneaker for kids, this one is not only an LED light shoe pair but it is also pretty good for fashion. It has various colors to choose from and has a buckle and the synthetic leather upper to make it look and feel durable. It has a rubber outsole that is skid-proof while it is also water-resistant to some extent.


Here are some frequently asked questions about light up shoes for kids:

Can I wash kids light up shoes?

To wash the kids light up shoes, you should only wipe them using a damp cloth and sponge clean them. It is not advisable to put them in water or soak them in your washing machine, especially if they are the LED shoe type. This is because the rechargeable part that makes the light up shoe work will eventually not work anymore when you put water in it.

Another way to wash the LED shoes would be using bicarbonate soda, especially if it’s full of pee or stinky stuff. Using a mesh cleaning cloth, it is a great way to soak up all the bad smells inside and outside the LED shoes.

Are light up shoes safe?

Yes and no – it depends on how you clean it. There have been reports of parents with their children suffering from chemical burns due to the battery getting a chemical reaction due to being wet. This is the only hazard that can come from light up shoes, so parents should be responsible and not let the light up shoes get wet as much as possible, and clean it only with the above-mentioned methods.

Can you get light up shoes wet?

As we mentioned above, no – you can’t get light up shoes wet as much as possible, especially soaking it underwater. This is because the chemicals in the batteries (rechargeable batteries at most) may not only get corrosion and not work but will also have a chemical reaction which can cause a 2nd degree burn to the feet of the wearer. How scary is that?

This is why light up shoes should be worn responsibly. Try wearing them in the summer season where there aren’t puddles and the chances of rain are remarkably low.


As a whole, light up shoes for kids are definitely a great must-have if your child wants to be fashionable and also often travels at night. They can come in exciting colors other than the LED lights and they can be worn much like any other normal or regular shoe for kids.

They not only produce different LED colors but are also really pleasing to the eye, much like car lights or bike lights. They also keep your child safe when they are walking outdoors in the dark. We hope you liked our top picks for the best light up shoes for kids!

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