Best LEGOs For Girls

LEGO blocks are very famous for building and creativity for the kids and the kids at heart. They can be assembled into anything that you like, whether it’s a fire truck, an airplane, a helicopter, the Batmobile, a ship from Star Wars, a pirate ship and much more!

However, there is a common stereotyping for LEGO blocks being for boys – but not anymore! There are tons of LEGO block toys out there that are marketed for girls as well – most of which being Barbie-inspired ones and the like.

These LEGO blocks for little girls can be ones that have cooking and dollhouse style designs and functions, plus colors. They can not only enhance your child’s imagination but can also be a good learning tool in terms of their motor skills, hand and eye coordination and puzzle solving. LEGO is meant to be a unisex or all-gender toy because there are endless possibilities for them to get creative.

If you want to give a birthday or Christmas gift to your little girl who is good at creating stuff and building, why not give them a LEGO block set? This can enhance their imagination further and they can keep themselves busy and productive.

Best LEGOs for girls

Below are our top picks for the best LEGOs for girls:

LEGO Friends 41093 Heartlake Hair Salon

Age Range: 6 to 12

This hair salon is a great place to build stuff on. With a total size of 5 x 7 inches, it can be portable as well to take to your friend’s house. It has Emma and Natasha as the people inside the hair salon, with a cool scissor display at the top of the salon. It has various accessories inside, such as salon supplies like brushes, hair products and much more.

It has a 1-story building with glass panels so it looks very attractive. It is complete with magazines, a cash register, and coins. It even has a sign and flower pots for decor.

LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Pink-Box-of-Fun

Age Range: 1 ½ to 5 years old

This combination of Duplo and LEGO is a pink box that is ideal for little kids and toddlers. It has large blocks so that it will not be a choking hazard to them. There are a total of 65 pieces to choose from in order to build whatever you want, such a house or any structure. There are also flower and window elements that your child can use.

The house, when built, can measure 5 x 1 x 3 inches. These blocks can also be associated with other LEGO block sets so that you can put them together for added creativity.

Cafe Building Toy

Age Range:  2 to 5

As a cafe that measures 6 x 4 x 2 inches, this one comes with 3 people that can share a cake with. The Duplo blocks are small so they are great for toddlers and the like. It has various food items like orange juice, cake, sandwiches, which the kids can exchange for money. It can be a great imaginative play for a small cafe.

This cafe also has other items such as a cash register, a baguette, kettle and other items for a cafe. Along with a parasol, it has a table with 3 chairs, with a total of 52 play pieces.

Disney Sofia the First Royal Castle

Age Range: 2 to 5

If your child is a big fan of Sophia the First, this imaginative toy set comes with her own golden magic wands. You can set up her bed with some awesome sleeping blankets or look inside the treasure chest and the jewel brick and crest. You can decorate her room with a lovely chandelier and window-decorated bricks.

Standing 10 x 4 x 4 inches for the annex and 12 x 11 x 4 inches for the royal castle, this magical place can be your child’s new imaginative play area.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s House

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

This lovely house is complete with many kinds of accessories inside, such as kitchen tools, bathroom items, living room, a rooftop patio, and a great bedroom. Olivia, Mom (Anna) and Dad (Peter), as well as cat Kitty, can join in the fun with this LEGO block set. The rooms allow for plenty of play options so your child can pretend that one of them is fixing her hair with the hairbrush or having a rooftop patio party outdoors.

It has a total of 695 LEGO elements in which the accessories add to the fun due to their realism. The yard and garden can also make things look fun for kids.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

Age Range: 6 to 12

If you like Frozen then this is the LEGO set for you. It is the castle that Elsa built, which has an icicle tree and a sleigh for anyone to ride on (such as Anna) and a secret staircase that can take anyone up the castle. There is also a fun ice cream bar, in case the sisters get hungry.

They can go to bed in a luxurious bedroom. There is even an ice hill that’s included with the ice castle. You can create your own adventures inspired by Elsa and Anna from the film. The castle measures 9 x 7 x 4 inches.

Heartlake Cupcake Café

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

This cupcake cafe and bakery are sure to make your child enjoy pretend to play with the various elements like an opening oven for baking the goods, as well as a rotating window display so that your child can display the baked items by the characters. There are Stephanie and Naomi mini-doll figures who can pose as the customer and seller of the cakes.

There is also a pet cat that they can play with, along with, of course, the cupcakes with mix-and-match pieces. You can use the delivery scooter to deliver the goods. With over 439 pieces, this set measures 3 x 11 x 4 inches.

LEGO l Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

This Disney castle is actually inspired by Belle’s Enchanted Castle from Beauty and the Beast. It features a revolving dance floor where Belle and a transforming Beast/Prince can dance their way to the movie’s theme song. There is also a second-story balcony where you can place the characters, along with the enchanted rose on one side.

There is also a chandelier on the castle’s inside. Your child can play as Lumière, Cogsworth as well as other characters like Mrs. Potts, Chip, Babette, Wardrobe, and others. There are over 374 pieces with this 9 x 6 x 3 inches castle collection.

Stephanie’s Cool Convertible

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

Another set from the “Friends” series, this LEGO block pack comes with the Cool Convertible car that your character can ride on, along with the pets and accessories. It has a car wash that includes water tap, as well as other accessories like a bucket, brush and a bench. You can use the car wash when the convertible car gets dirty.

To add to the street design, it even has a street lamp included. You can also put on sunglasses on Stephanie, along with the usage of the hairdryer, hairbrush and a mirror. It includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure and the dog Coco. Other accessories include an mp3 player, purse and bows for hair accessories.

Olivia’s Newborn Foal

Age Range: 5 to 12 years old

Focusing on Olivia and a newborn foal, this one comes with 70 pieces in total and has a barnyard style design. It has a wheelbarrow for various horse accessories as well as a tree and other ranch accessories. There is also a water pump that can be filled and the accessory pack including ribbons can be used to decorate the foal.

This Heartlake City stables LEGO block set is a great choice to add to any farm set if you already have one on your LEGO collection. All of the LEGO blocks are already sorted and organized in bags when they arrive.

LEGO Friends Adventure Camper

Age Range: 6 to 12

As a camping vehicle, this one comes with various accessories along with the camper and the trailer, such as the bikes and surfboard for vacation purposes. You can set up the included picnic table and barbeque grill for a summer party and cook/grill the chicken. You can use the included cups to make the juice.

There is also a tote bag for the characters to carry items while the kitchen accessory pack has a ton of stuff to prepare food with. It even has customizable fashion and other food items like muffins. The camper’s roof and doors can be opened to play inside.

LEGO Pink Brick Box Large

Age Range: 4+

With a total of 402 pieces, this large box has tons of accessories, such as a bunch of cups and a pot. There is also a golden cup that you can use to make the flowers stand out. A brush is also included to brush the horse and groom it. There are fences, windows, and wheels that are included with the set to create the whole barnyard.

It has a total of 12 wonderful colors and shapes that can make your child interested in playing and building this LEGO block set.

Heartlake Puppy Daycare

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

Another attraction from Heartlake city, this LEGO Friends pack comes with 2 mini-figures. This set has an outdoor garden with an agility course. This course can make your little pets train themselves with obstacles such as hoops and loops. There is also a small trophy for the winner of the dog show.

Andrea and Mia mini-doll figures are included, as well as the pet toys like pugs, huskies and the like. The whole platform is 7 x 3 x 4 inches and can be built using 286 pieces included.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Age Range: 4+

This creative box is for unisex – it can be for both boys and girls with LEGO bricks in 35 different colors. There are a total of 18 tires and wheel rims to be mixed and matched with the various vehicles in the set. The green base-plate included in the pack measures 3 x 6 inches and is compatible with all LEGO construction sets that you may have.

It has over 484 pieces that you can play with. It also has various pieces like windows and eyes, so you can also create fun characters and animals with them.

Adventure Camp Rafting

Age Range: 6 to 12 years old

This adventure rafting set measures 3 x 8 x 5 inches for its river bridge area and has 2 life jackets included with the two mini-figures. A rafting boat with seats and oars can be used to ride the river and there is a bridge with that has a clock for finishing the race.

There is also a falling tree function to add as an obstacle. You can also get the characters onto the climbing wall or chill by the campfire. Added to the river elements is the river rock.

Heartlake Grand Hotel

Age Range: 8 to 12 years old

Greatly compatible with all LEGO construction sets, this one has a ton of accessories and a big hotel to put them in. The whole hotel measures 11 x 12 x 6 inches while there is also a black cab that acts as the hotel service. There is also an elevator, an outdoor cafe, a jazz bar and other amenities inside.

Andrea, Olivia, Stephanie, Susan and Nate figures are included, as well as a cat and a dog. This LEGO set also has a rooftop pool to relax, as well as added guest rooms for convenience as a grand hotel.

Heartlake Supermarket

Age Range: 5 to 12 years old

As a supermarket for 2 mini figures (Mia and Daniel), this LEGO block set comes with various supermarket accessories, such as groceries, a cash register, and various food stalls. It measures 3 x 7 x 6 inches overall and it even has cute little grocery doors.

With over 313 pieces to play with, this one is a great pretend to play element for those who want to use their imagination into creating a shopping experience scenario. The whole set can also swivel open and Mia can also use the shopping trolley in the supermarket then return it to the trolley park.

Emma’s Horse Trailer

Age Range: 6 to 12

This horse setting comes with a total of 233 pieces, which includes a mini figure (Emma) and a horse that you can ride on around the practice area. It also includes the horse’s accessories such as the saddle, bridle, apple, carrot, and even the grooming kit.

The horse trailer stands at 3 x 1 x 8 inches while the staging area is at 2 x 3 inches. They are also fully compatible with all LEGO sets so you can use them to create an entire city with other Friends characters.

Pop Star Dressing Room

Age Range: 7 to 12 years old

This collection is a dressing room that has various accessories such as a pampering area and the like. It measures 3 x 14 inches with an opening mechanism to reveal all of the stuff that the two mini figures can use. Livi and Emma are included in the set and you can also customize them in their hair, wigs and other things to make them look like superstars!

LEGO Friends Heartlake Stables

Age Range:  6 to 12

Another set that contains horses would be this one – which has helmets, practice jump areas, bridles, saddles and various other accessories for the horse. You can set the fences around to build the stable for the horse while you can also put in the horse station and other stuff around it. With a total of 416 pieces, Mia and Katharina mini-doll figures are included, as well as horse figures (Bella and Niki).

Amusement Park Space Ride

Age Range: 6-12

This space ride comes with 1 mini figure and has an out-of-this-world approach with an amusement park ride that has safety seats for the figure. It stands 7 inches high and can really spin around like an amusement park ride! It even has an ice cream stand, coming from the 195 pieces in total.

LEGO Juniors The Princess Play Castle

Age Range: 4 to 7

Meant for the slightly older toddlers, this princess pack comes with all the pieces needed to build a simple castle with a drawbridge, flowers, tower and even a grooming station for the princess. With 150 pieces, it even has a pet cat and some other accessories.


As a whole, these LEGO toys for girls are great to enhance their imagination, prompt hand and eye coordination, improve their puzzle solving skills and can also prompt them to create their own stories like with Barbie dolls. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best LEGOs for girls!

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