Best Kids Ski Helmets

Is skiing out in the cold winter one of your favorite hobbies? It’s not only a pastime during the very chilly mornings and afternoons but can also be a sport for some people. For kids, safety is always a must when they try out sports like these.

This is why they may need a ski helmet. This kind of helmet prevents them from getting badly injured. Just like sports such as cycling and skateboarding, skiing is just as dangerous so they definitely need a good helmet.

However, picking a helmet with good visibility is important. Nowadays, there are many ski helmets that give you good visibility and actually reduce the flare from the sun (with the help of goggles) so you can focus more on your track and get less blinded by the road.

 A ski helmet can also possibly block passing snow through your face, which makes it less of a distraction. While ski helmets are not a requirement in most ski parks, you should practice your child wearing them just as they would while riding a bicycle to help lessen injuries.

Best Kids Ski Helmets

Below are some picks that we chose for you for the best kids ski helmets:

Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

Do you want a helmet that is simple and easy to wear? This one is made with an EPS inner shell that comes with mesh screens on the side so it is quite breathable and comfortable to wear for kids. It also meets the EN 1077 standards for safety due to the combination of ABS and EPS material.

The external cap is available in a multitude of colors for choosing your child’s favorite style, while it is made with quality ABS material in two layers for extra protection. Its padded chin strap also makes it comfortable to wear for hours and its goggle loops are ready for action as well. The helmet is also CE certified for safety standards and it is backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

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Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet

As an official supplier of the U.S. ski team, this ski helmet has active ventilation on the sides and mesh padding so that it can stay comfortable within hours of use. It is also officially used and endorsed by Ashley Caldwell, a famous Olympic athlete. It is ideal for both men, women, and kids.

With four color shades to choose from and many sizes available, this one doesn’t look bulky due to the ergonomic fit and design that won’t make you feel like a bobblehead. The lightweight material is due to the weight of only 18 ounces with its composite foam technology which also meets the ASTM F2040 standards for safety. You can also use the included ear pads for earphones that are compatible with ski helmets.

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Giro LAUNCH Children’s Snowboard Ski Helmet

As a kid’s helmet that is available in many colors, this one complies with the CE EN1077 for safety and has very cool vents around it and mesh sides to keep the wearer comfortable for hours. It also has a vertical tuning fitting system that is quite ergonomic to keep your child’s helmet on at all times. Many found the rear adjustment to work well to get the helmet to fit snugly without compromising comfort.

Its in-mold construction makes it quite durable in one piece due to the seamless design. It even has compatibility with most goggles brands such as Giro, Grade, Chico and Rev. Kids as young as 2 years old can even wear this ski goggles to protect them from the snow if they go sledding with their parents or older kids.

Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet

For junior skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, this helmet may be ideal for you. It has AirEvac 2 Ventilation for its inner parts so you can feel comfortable while wearing it while the goggle lock allows your winter goggles to stay put all the time. It even weighs light at only 550 grams or 19 ounces so it’s not too bulky.

Made with in-mold construction and control for the airflow around it due to the strategic holes, it passed the ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077:2007 Class B certifications for safety. Many parents found it fitting as expected for their kids and they can use it for both skiing and snowboarding. Kids as young as 3 years old who may be playing in the snow can wear this kid-friendly helmet with safety and peace of mind.

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Giro Crue MIPS Kids Snow Helmet

Yet another helmet from Giro this one also has cool ventilation on the sides along with the mesh padding for comfort. It is made with MIPS (multi-impact protection system) as an added layer and hard shell for its durable construction to protect your child’s head while skiing or snowboarding. Additionally, it has an Auto Loc 2 Fit System to make sure your child’s helmet fits snugly.

You can also use the vertical tuning to help reposition the helmet whenever needed. It is also compatible with various earphones that can be placed in the earpads on the helmet. Passing the CE EN 1077 certification, this helmet is also available in various colors to choose from. The ear pads can also be removed. If you want an almost universal-sized helmet, this one may be for you.

TurboSke Ski Helmet

As a ski helmet for kids, this one has 5 colors to choose from and is made with high-quality EPS foam inside which absorbs shock and other motion that your child makes while they are doing their winter sport or activity. It also meets the EN1077 and ASTM safety-certified standards and it is made with quality ABS material on its shell.

The airflow can be adjusted due to the venting system of the helmet. Its size adjustment dial is perfect for growing kids and is easy to configure due to the glove-friendly dial on the sides. Many kids have used it not just for skiing but also for snowboarding and other winter sports. It has a solid exterior that is not prone to flexing and the inside is good even if you wear other snow protection on your head.

Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set

Made with sizes for both kids and adults, this one is already a set which comes with its own goggles, so it is a good buy if you don’t have a pair of winter goggles yet. It conforms to the ASTM F2024 & CE EN1077 certifications while the ski goggle passed the FDA recommendations as well.

It has a total of 12 air vent holes for you to use to freshen your child’s head even while skiing or snowboarding. The goggles also have fog-reducing capabilities. With 5 colors to choose from, the easy adjustment of both the helmet and the goggles will be useful for on-the-fly adjustments before after skiing with your child.

Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Helmet

Passing the EN 1077: 2007, this one can be used both as a ski helmet and as a bicycle helmet (it also passed the CPSC 16 CFR, part 1203 standards). The chin strap is just right in terms of fitting and can be used to conform to growing kids. It has different colors to choose from and even earmuffs to protect your child against the winter chill.

It is compatible with most goggles due to the included rear goggle clip. Made with an ABS exterior for the material of the helmet, this one also has 10 strategically placed vents to keep your child comfortable while wearing it for a long time. It is not very bulky to wear as well and has temperature regulation due to the vents.

Giro Launch Combo Kids Snow Helmet w/Matching Goggles

As a stylish one from Giro, this one has quality helmet ventilation matched with its cool graphics that make the kids’ helmet look awesome. It has various designs that you can choose and it uses vertical tuning for the in-form fitting of the helmet for a snug fit.

The unique thing about this ski helmet is that it already comes with free goggles that fit well into the helmet. The included goggles have a 40% VLT and have amber rose tint that goes well with most outdoor skiing and snowboarding conditions. It is also anti-fog coated and has a double layer of microfleece padding around.

Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Alpine Doodlebug

Great for both skiing and snowboarding, this one comes in different designs and is CE certified for safety as well. It is a good helmet for beginners due to the simple design. It can even be used in other sports such as skateboarding and sledding.

Many folks found it easily adjustable for their kids and can be used for different seasons. Toddlers who are 2 years old and above can use it as a starting ski helmet.


To wrap it up, a kid’s ski helmet should be quality made, comfortable, and should not obstruct the view of your child while they are skiing. Not only that, they should definitely wear it while they are skiing to help lessen the likelihood of injuries. We hope you liked our top picks for the best kids ski helmets!

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