Best Kids Fishing Pole

Fishing is more than just a hobby that’s for dads and grandpas – it’s also great for an activity with the kids. There are many benefits to fishing with the kids, such as being one with nature. Nowadays, more kids are spending time with gadgets and fishing is a way to help them breathe the fresh air of the outside world.

Aside from getting more acquainted with nature, fishing is also quite an exercise and a way to help strengthen their immune system. Simply walking around or standing for hours to wait for a lure helps them to have some physical fitness even for just a bit. Being outside for a long time helps them to be more accustomed to outside weather.

As a skill, fishing can also help children to know where food comes from so they’ll know a basic survival skill in the future. Fishing also teaches the value of patience, understanding, and relaxation. Because kids need to wait for the lure to catch a fish, it helps to teach them this important value that most of us are forgetting due to our busy and fast-paced lives.

Your child may also get to socialize more when it comes down to fishing. Other kids around the neighborhood can become fishing buddies and it will help them to have some teamwork and they can discuss things about fishing, which can help them hone their social skills. In fact, fishing activities for kids can be a great summer plan for them since they won’t really do much.

If your child wants to go on a vacation trip this summer, aside from swimming in pools or at the beach, you may want to take them with you on a fishing trip. For your child to get started, they will need fishing gear that is appropriate for their age, which includes a fishing pole that’s for kids.

Best Kids Fishing Pole

Here are some of our top picks for the best kids fishing pole:

PLUSINNO Kids Fishing Pole

Like a fishing pole for kids, this one comes as a complete set which includes the spin cast reel, line, fishing tackle, and the whole fishing rod itself. It spans 3.94 feet in length and has a weight of about 2.2 ounces. It has a telescopic design so it is easy to take with you on a fishing trip without being too bulky and a hassle to carry around. Among the fishing lure included are red soft lures, green soft lures, crankbaits, float bobbers, sinkers, stoppers, jig heads, rolling barrels, and much more.

The fishing pole handle helps children to get a better grip on the fishing rod, especially if this is their first time in using one. Made with a total of 4 sections from EVA, plastic, and FRP, this fishing rod also comes with a set of fishing lure to help get your children started. The fishing reel is also not very heavy so it can be easy to turn for most kids who are beginners.

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Shakespeare Youth Fishing Kits

Great for kids who are new to fishing, this one has a variety of designs to choose from depending on what your child likes, such as Frozen, Disney characters, Disney Princesses, Toy Story, and much more. It measures 2 feet and 6 inches in length and is a single-piece design that comes with its own fishing line.

The round knob makes it easy to turn for most kids due to the segmented design. Its thumb button extension and finger guard helps to protect your child’s little fingers as they are turning the fishing rod reel. The bearing is also equipped with an anti-reverse feature for safety.

Its knob is made with an EVA handle as well so it’s not going to be easily breakable while maintaining a good weight. The spool is also made with a double anodized braid to make sure it gives you less tangle when your child uses it for actual fishing.

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Zebco Fishing Dock Demon Spinning Combo

As a combination of a fishing rod and reel, this one has been pre-spooled with a 6-lb line so it is ready to go into action for your kid. Its EVA handle is quite easy and comfortable to hold for kids. Its capacity is up to 135 yards and it is applicable for both left-handed and right-handed kids.

As for the mechanism, it uses a ball bearing drive so that it will be easy to reel in with less likelihood of tangling. The glass rod is made with a 30-inch core so it can be durable enough for most kids to use. It may also fit well in most docks due to its just-right core size or thickness.

Many kids and parents found it very easy to use due to the push-button mechanism and it can be great when you are fishing on saltwater with the kids. It can be a great investment if you want something that can withstand years of use.

Kid Casters Jimmy Houston Fishing Kits

Sized right for most kids and youths at 29.5 inches, this one is already loaded with an 8-lb line so it may be ideal for older kids. It has 3 lures included with a design of sponge fish and you can recast them after you’ve used them – perfect for training and practicing the kids in fishing, casting, and luring.

It has a gear ratio reel of 3.1:1 so it’s not too heavy to carry and turn. It also comes with its own tackle box to keep your lures organized. There is also a safe plastic hook that you can use for your training lures or any other lure that you may want to use. If you don’t want to use the plastic hook included, you can also attach a real hook to use it for much more serious fishing. There is also a button release for helping children to cast better and easier.

Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

As a complete set of a fishing pole with a tackle box and other fishing gear, it contains 37 pieces for your child to get started. Its included fishing rod is telescopic so it is easy to store when not in use and it measures 65 inches, which is just the right size for most kids. The included tackle box has various lures, such as jig heads, split sinkers, plastic worms, crankbait, swivels, floating bobbers, and hooks.

It also comes with its own bait net for your child to use when they catch anything from the sea or lake using the rod or pole. It may be great fishing set for when you are camping since it has a carry bag of its own to pack everything up.

Kid Casters – Fishing Pole and Spincast Reel Combo

This youth size rod measures 34 inches in length and has a snap swivel that has been pre-tied to help keep it from twisting and tangling. It can be used for practicing casting for kids due to its lightweight yet durable design.

It has a sponge training lure that can be used immediately and turns into a colorful sponge fish when you dip it into the water. As a rod that is good for both kids and older kids (youth), its pre-loaded 6-lb line helps your child to practice right away.

Zebco/Quantum 33L602M Spincast Combo

This spin cast combo for kids has a quick-set and anti-reverse design so it will be friendly for beginners in casting. Its graphite frame is not very heavy at all and can be easily used for practice casting. It has been pre-loaded with a 10-lb Cajun line at 100 yards of length.

Because it is a 2-piece construction, you can carry it anywhere and set it up conveniently. The 3.6:1 ratio feels okay for most kids and its Z-glass rod with an EVA handle can be quite comfortable and easy to hold. The ball bearing drive also helps to lessen its tangles when your child is learning to cast and lure.

Leo Light Weight Fishing Pole Telescopic Fishing Rod

Yet another telescopic rod for ease of setup, this one is good for both kids and youth, as well as those who are beginners in fishing. It comes with a set of hooks and lures that your child can use right on the spot and they all fit nicely in an included tackle box.

The fishing reel has been preloaded with line and its bearings are also sealed and waterproof to prevent jamming due to external factors. Its line roller also has a unique design that not only helps prevent breaking lines but also lessens the fatigue when your child is casting the line.


As a whole, fishing is a great hobby to start at a young age for most kids. In the summer, it can be a great activity to bond with your children and it will also be a nice way for them to get in touch with nature. We hope you liked this article and it helped you to choose an ideal kids fishing pole to help them get started!

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