Best Interactive Baby Dolls for Toddlers


Interactive baby dolls are a great way to help your child to become more independent and responsible when they grow up. Baby dolls such as these are realistic and are lifelike when it comes down to their design, moving parts and accessories included. They may also talk like real babies and open their mouth when they are being fed. The most basic would be that their eyes close when they sleep or lay down.


The cool thing about baby dolls that are interactive is that they are quite realistic such that you can feed them and they may poop or pee in their diapers. These special baby food that is “pretend baby food” that you can feed to the interactive baby doll will act like real food, such that they’ll make a “mess” in their diapers and you will have to change them. It helps the children learn the responsibilities of parenthood at a young age.


Toddlers and children can pretend they are taking care of a real baby with an interactive baby doll. It can be useful when your children are playing house and they want a baby child. They can feed their baby with a baby bottle or baby food and change their diapers. They can put them to sleep or wake them up and take them in the stroller. These dolls can also be dressed up and they may also talk and respond to kids with phrases.


The reason why these dolls can be a bit pricey is that they have a unique technology or mechanism that makes them realistic and life-like just like a real child. Usually, such dolls come in a pack of accessories, but you can also buy expansion packs for them. To make sure these dolls are safe for your child, they should not contain harsh chemicals that are bad for kids.


Best Interactive Baby Dolls for Toddlers

Here are our top picks for the best baby dolls that are interactive for toddlers:

Baby Born Life Like Dolls For Girls

Baby Born Life Like Dolls For Girls

This baby doll set is complete with everything you need, such as baby diapers, baby food, a feeding bottle, a pacifier and even a potty for training. It even has a birth certificate of the baby and a friendship bracelet to be worn by your little girls. It requires no batteries to run and has a very realistic appearance for the baby.


It has a total of 8 lifelike functions and is ideal for kids 3 years old and above. The doll wears a cute pink outfit that looks very comfortable and easy to wear or take off when necessary.


Luvabella Brunette Hair, Responsive Baby Doll

Luvabella Brunette Hair, Responsive Baby Doll

This baby doll has unique responsive expressions, which cannot be easily seen in most dolls today. The doll is able to make true to life facial expressions and it can even babble to over 100 words and complete phrases, which can be ideal for interactive play with your children. The pack includes a baby bottle, a pacifier, and even a small lamb toy.


Since the expressive baby doll speaks phrases, she needs 4 C cell batteries and is rated for kids 4 years old and above. She dons a cute pink outfit as well.


Corolle Mon BébéClassique Interactive Lila Chérie Doll

Corolle Mon Bébé Classique Interactive Lila Chérie Doll

Yet another interactive baby doll, this one can suck on her bottle like a real baby, so it is a good baby doll to play feeding with the included bottle. It uses 3 AAA batteries to run so that it will make crying sounds when the baby is laid on her stomach and makes laughing sounds when the tummy is tickled.


You can also press her left hand to make some babbling and cooing sounds. The baby doll measures a total of 17 inches tall so she looks very realistic, sporting a pink outfit like a real baby girl with a soft body design.


VTech Baby Amaze Baby Doll

VTech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk and Read Baby Doll

As another product from VTech – a well-known maker of electronic interactive toys for kids, this little baby doll will have more words and phrases to learn and repeat because it learns adaptively from when your child speaks.


Amazingly, the baby doll will hear your every voice and can read from the three included vocabulary books featuring more than 70 words. These books can be used for your child to learn reading and have story time with their baby as well.


JC Toys Missy Kissy Giggle Time Doll

JC Toys Missy Kissy Giggle Time Doll

This interactive baby doll talks and sings over 12 phrases and 2 songs. Therefore, if you want an interactive baby doll that is able to sing and also talk at the same time, this is a good choice to have. The soft body makes the baby doll very realistic while the included dress looks cute on her. The pacifier and the baby bottle are also there so you can feed the baby.


Much like a real infant, this baby doll has eyes that open and close as her head moves. The doll measures 15 inches in total and is ideal for kids 2 years old and above.


Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Brunette)

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Brunette)

If you are a big fan of the classic Baby Alive toys, this is a great pick for you. Brunette is a cute little doll with realistic hair, a soft body and all the accessories that you need. She drinks from the baby bottle and wets her own diaper – prompting your little kid to make the diaper change manually to help them learn all about parenting and taking care of a baby.


The baby has speech with sounds and movements and as a doll, it even reacts to tickles and rattling sounds, which is really cool! The baby comes with an easy carrier as well as other accessories for your child to use for the baby in taking care of her.


Baby Annabell 18″ Doll, Version 9

Baby Annabell Doll, Version 9

As another realistic baby doll toy for kids, this one has a size of 18 inches so it is quite lifelike in its design. It has features, functions, and movements like a real baby such that you can fill the included baby bottle with water and have the baby drink from it. Later on, your baby actually cries the tears (from the water you gave to it). How cool is that?


The cute outfit of this babydoll is definitely a plus factor, not to mention the other accessories like the bib and the pacifier.


Baby Born Blue Eyes Interactive Doll

Baby Born Blue Eyes Interactive Doll

As an interactive doll, this one comes with a ton of accessories, such as a diaper, a birth certificate, a feeding set (spoon, baby bottle, and plate), a food packet and a potty to train her. It can create a realistic parent and child scenario when your children play house. The outfit comes in 3 pieces so it is easy to remove and put back to the baby.


The baby doll has 9 life-like features and it can be fed and it will “wet” its diapers, like most realistic and interactive baby dolls out there.


Chatsters – Gabby Interactive Doll

Chatsters - Gabby Interactive Doll

This interactive doll is aimed for most toddlers who love customization and colorful characters. It has hair accessories while there are a total of 6 interactive accessories on the doll for your child to experiment with. The cool thing about this doll is that it can connect to “millennial kids – they will simply download the app and chat with the doll to allow it to talk and have conversations!


As an interactive doll, it has over 25 games and activities plus it can speak over 300 words and phrases combined! It even has a ton of accessories for your little girls to play with, such as a pet dog named “sprinkles”.


Hush Little Baby Breathes

Hush Little Baby Breathes

If you want something that is truly realistic, you won’t be able to tell the difference between this doll and a real newborn. It breathes like a real baby and measures 18 inches. It has vinyl skin that’s similar to baby skin and can be carried around like a real baby. The doll is also intricately designed to match a real human infant.



Wrapping it up, these baby dolls for toddlers each have their own way of charm and interactivity, such as feeding, drinking, talking and even tickling them! We hope these baby dolls for toddlers that are interactive can help you pick a great gift for your little girl!

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