Best Infant Car Seat Covers


A car seat cover works well for kids because of the likelihood of accidents and bumpy rides. The purpose of a baby seat cover is to protect the upholstery of your car or vehicle while also keeping your baby safe and comfortable throughout the trip. In addition to that, a car seat cover can also potentially keep your baby warm and cozy, especially if they are new to air conditioners and cold weather.


Baby seat covers for cars and vehicles are usually easy to install, just as baby car seats are. They are mostly made with quality material that’s easy to clean, weather-resistant and can also keep your baby from the elements. Most of them are zippered so it is easy to tuck in your baby and then get them out of the car seat.


Why you should buy an infant car seat cover

There are many reasons to buy your baby an infant car seat cover:


  1. Protection against the elements and the cold

The most important pro for an infant car seat cover is that it keeps your baby warm as much as possible in a cold weather situation. If your child is still too young, they can be more exposed to sickness and illnesses due to extreme weather, whether the vehicle is closed or not. This is why protecting your baby from the elements can keep them from getting sick at a very young age when they are prone to such health problems.


  1. Keeps your baby comfortable

When your child sits in an infant car seat cover, they become comfortable and seated properly. They are often cozy and just right with their tightness so they can keep your child in the right level of comfort. They are also usually easily adjustable with their stretchable nature and zippered design.


  1. Maintains cleanliness in the car seat

Because you have a car seat cover for your baby, you can keep your actual car seat clean much easier. Most of these infant car seat covers are actually water-resistant so they are relatively easy to clean, which makes life easier for you as a parent when it comes down to cleaning after baby’s mess.


  1. Keeps your baby safe

Most baby car seat covers have a zippered design so they can be safe for your baby when it comes down to bumpy rides. Think of them as secondary seatbelts that further protect your child from any kind of sudden brakes.


Best Infant Car Seat Covers

Here are our top picks for the best infant car seat covers out there for your baby:


Infant Car Seat Cover of Cozy Cover

Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

This baby car seat cover is quite warm and cozy in terms of design and has double zippers to make it easy for your baby to get in (and stay safe) and also get out. It is also stretchable so it will make your child feel more comfortable and breathable.


It has a shower cap style on the edge design so it will not be too harsh to fit around your baby. The cover comes in 5 colors to choose from so it will match your current car seat. The car seat cover is also machine washable so it’s easy to clean.


Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek

Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek

As a cozy cover for any baby car seat, it comes in a variety of colors such as black, grey, chevron and other designs to match your car interior. It has a dual zipper design for easy in and out for your baby while the car seat is made with thick, fleece lined, water repellant fabric to make it durable.


The fleece lining also makes it warmer during the winter season and during rainy days. Most people find it fitting Chicco Keyfit and Graco 35 seats to keep their baby nice and warm during cold weather.


Copper Pearl Baby Car Seat Cover

Copper Pearl Baby Car Seat Cover

This baby car seat cover has a striped design so it’s really trendy for those who want a unique cover for them. This can also double as a baby canopy and a nursing cover for moms who are breastfeeding their kid. Because it is stretchable, it is very easy to wear and to use for kids and babies.


Because of its compact design, you can easily fold it and store it when you’re not using it anymore. Also, the rayon fabric makes it not only vibrant and modern-looking, but also durable.


Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover

Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover

Bearing a universal fit, this stroller and car seat cover has collar snaps that can be closed for easy fitting and for added warmth to your child. Because it is PVC-free and Phthalate-free, it will be safe to use for babies to avoid health issues. It has a soft fabric that is combined with polyester to ensure durability all the way.


The outer layer also snaps to the plush collar design so it is easy to use, to pack and to snug your baby inside. The bottom is also elastic so fitting it onto any car seat is a breeze. The front flap is zippered to make sure your baby stays safe.


JJ Cole Urban Bundleme Cover

JJ Cole Urban Bundleme

If you want a more urban design for a baby car seat cover, this one is a good choice. It comes in a variety of colors and can either be in an infant or toddler size. It is made with polyester material all over to maintain its durability for your baby’s safety and comfort. The polyester material also keeps it wind and water resistant.


This car seat cover is more than just a cover for such use – you can even put it over strollers and joggers as a nifty cover due to its multi-use design. It is also easy to launder and has a removable top to keep your child cozy in the winter and cool in the summer.


Matimati Baby Carseat Canopy & Nursing Cover

Matimati Baby Carseat Canopy & Nursing Cover

For a baby car seat cover that can have multiple purposes, this one has a classic stripe design as well. You can use it for nursing, as a baby canopy, for a stroller, for a shopping cart and many others. It can protect your baby against the wind, rain, pollen, extreme sunlight, germs, bacteria, viruses, and pesky bugs.


Because it is made with a soft, lightweight, breathable fabric, your baby will not feel uncomfortable when using it. You can even use it for highchairs, on a diaper changing mat and even as a baby blanket or an infinity scarf.


Kids N’ Such  Car Seat Canopy

Kids N' Such  Car Seat Canopy

Another multi-use car seat cover would be this one, as you can use it as a car seat cover, a shopping cart cover, for a high chair, a stroller, for breastfeeding and the like. It has a stretchable design and with a cool pattern that will make it look stylish for any baby seat. It can give your child full coverage from harmful elements like germs, bugs, rain, wind, and others.


Because it can also be used as a nursing cover, it’s very comfortable and easy to wear/put on for you and your baby. It also keeps a hole for one arm to get out of the cover for breastfeeding purposes.


Sho Cute Carseat Canopy

Sho Cute Carseat Canopy

If you have less time cleaning and would like to have a car seat cover for babies that is easy to clean, look for a reversible one like this one. It has a honeycomb design and because you can reverse the other side, cleaning it is a breeze and will not take too much of your time. It is also made for unisex (boys and girls) so it’s a great gift.


Made with pure cotton, this ensures that your baby car seat is soft and plush for your child. It can protect your baby from the elements and because it is adjustable, it fits most babies while still retaining protection from cold weather.


Kids N’ Such 2 in 1 Carseat Canopy

Kids N' Such 2 in 1 Carseat Canopy

For those who want something with a lot of patterns, this is a good choice with plenty of design picks. It is quite large that you can use it as a nursing cover as well, other than for your baby car seat. With 5 design choices to pick, the inside is quite cozy while the outside is protective against bad weather.


Because of the unique Peek-a-boo Opening, it ensures your child is comfortable without sacrificing durability and coziness from the elements. It is also easy to snap behind the handle and this makes it easy to lift the car seat handle when you’re taking your baby out for a walk or into the stroller and also to ensure added breathability.


Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover

Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover

Do you need something that is very simple and easy to use for babies? This car seat cover has a minimalist design and is also made with a UPF 50+ rated design. This is important if you live in a very hot climate area as it blocks 98% of UVA and UVB radiation, which can be harmful to your baby. It is also compatible with a wide range of car seats out there.


Because there is a mesh fabric, it will not suffocate your baby inside, allowing breathability while maintaining a good sense of privacy for your child. The mesh also keeps your baby protected from outdoor mosquitoes and other insects that can hurt them.


MoM-me Baby Car Seat Cover

MoM-me Baby Car Seat Cover

Bearing a minimalistic elephant car seat cover design, this one is also ideally used for a lot of things, such as a pillow wrap, for nursing, for a stroller, and as a general baby canopy. Because of the grey design, it’s both for boys and girls as a great gift.


It is made with rayon and spandex to ensure durability and breathability at the same time. The spandex material also keeps the cover stretchable so it will fit not only your baby but a wide variety of car seat models out there.


Jomolly Baby Car Seat Cover

Jomolly Baby Car Seat Cover

For those who like something that is lightweight and for both boys and girls, this is a good choice. It has a cozy and cute design with star prints and it has a large coverage so it is good for a wide variety of car seats for babies, as well as a blanket or nursing cover.


It is made with cotton muslin for extra comfort and coziness in the winter chill. At 47 x 35 inches, it can also be easily stored into any bag due to its compact but wide coverage.


Hicoco Car seat Canopy Cover

Hicoco Car seat Canopy Cover

Also bearing a minimalist classic design, this one is good for both boys and girls and can also work as a nursing cover other than for your baby car seat. Its top has an opening of 12.7 inches so it fits most babies while giving them enough breathability.

It also has a soft cover material that’s like wearing a shirt without any fasteners or straps to keep you and your baby comfortable if you ever use it for nursing. It can also easily fit most baby car seats due to the wide design.


QAQADU Nursing Breastfeeding Cover

QAQADU Nursing Breastfeeding Cover

Another dual-purpose nursing cover and car seat cover would be this one, bearing classic stripes in its design. You can also use it for strollers, shopping carts and anywhere where you’d take baby outdoors and keep them away from excessive elements and bugs. You can also use it for a high chair for added protection.


The size of the cloth is 27 x 11 x 24 inches so it will fit most moms and baby carriers out there – even plus-sized moms can use it just fine due to the very stretchy material. Anyone with a pram stroller or bassinet can also use it as a cover.


Britax B-Warm Seat Cover

Britax B-Warm Seat Cover

For those who own Britax brand car seats, this one is sure to fit in just fine. It has an all-weather exterior so it will be great for strollers and from the elements. The front is easy to open due to the zipper while the interior has a temperature regulator to keep your child away from the cold. It will fit most Britax seats for babies.


Kutest N’ Precious Car Seat Cover

Kutest N' Precious Car Seat Cover

Do you want a car seat cover with a stylish design for babies? This one has floral designs that can also make it a great nursing cover. It is made with BPA-free material and rayon-cotton so it is not only safe for your baby but is also comfortable without compromising on durability. The cotton material also makes it cool and breathable for the summer.




As a whole, these infant car seat covers are all made with quality material, are easy to use/set up and are comfortable overall. They can help your baby to be shielded against bad elements outdoors and you can also use them for other things like for breastfeeding or for taking your baby out for a stroll. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best infant car seat covers!

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