Best Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers

Having to measure the temperature is quite important for those who are planning to go outside for a trip or some activities.

One of the benefits of having an indoor/outdoor thermometer is that it is quite precise. It doesn’t only take the temperature accurately indoors but also outdoors with a few changes. They are not only easy to use but they also come with the best and most helpful features that most thermometers don’t have.

These kinds of thermometers are usually lightweight and can be placed anywhere, making them portable. They don’t only tell the temperature, but they may also tell you other things, such as the date, time, and much more. A lot of them nowadays are not very expensive so that you can buy one for your home or office use.

These devices usually work through the receiver that you put up indoors. Whatever outdoor temperature there is, the receiver gets it from your outside area so that you can know whether it’s too hot or too cold to go outside, saving you time and effort on trips. These devices can also come with various sensors, a color display option, and you can even connect them to your computer or phone.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers

Here are our top picks for the best indoor/outdoor thermometers:

La Crosse Technology 308-1414B

As a portable weather forecast station, this one can display the outdoor and indoor temperature in large digits, as well as display the weather forecast. It displays various other things such as the humidity and there’s also a clock in the middle, which displays the current date other than the time.

You also get a nice little alarm clock function, as well as some alert features to let you know about the current temperature. You can tweak the settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius while it also adapts to automatic daylight saving time resets. Only 3 AAA batteries are required for this to run, and it can also operate on temperatures below 20 degrees F. It is a wireless device and is atomic power so it sets itself.

Ambient Weather WS-10 Thermo-Hygrometer

Do you want a super accurate thermometer in just one place? This set comes with a display console and three (3) outdoor units to place around the outside of your house. It is both a thermometer and a set of hygrometers that you can configure and easily know whether there’s enough humidity outside or not.

It displays up to 3 readings so that you will be sure which spots are cold and which spots are warm. They can also be manually reset after some time, and they even have visual alarms when temperature and humidity meet your settings. They can be ideal for homes with wine cellars, drying rooms, and others that require humidity change monitoring.

AcuRite 75077A3M Wireless Weather Station

Yet another classic in design for a weather station would be this one, which displays 14 different icons for its weather forecast part on the left. On the right side, you can see the outdoor and the indoor temperatures with a correspondingly high and low setting that you put up. It is simple enough due to the monochrome display for those who don’t want something very flashy.

Having upper and lower limits for temperatures outdoors and indoors can help you to easily know the normal temperature or if it’s too high or too low. It also displays the date and time and it uses a sensor that you can put up in your backyard for a quite accurate weather forecast and temperature detection. The wireless weather station reports every 16 seconds.

AcuRite 00782A2 Wireless Thermometer

Small and very portable, this one can be mounted onto anything, such as your tabletop or your wall in the kitchen or bedroom. It is easy to set up with its outdoor sensor while the LCD screen display is very simple to read overall. The thermometer is quite straightforward with its indoor and outdoor temperature, which displays it in Fahrenheit.

The signal is quite strong for a small unit at 433 MHz so your readings will be as accurate as possible. What’s more, it not that expensive so apartment owners can use this for their own bedroom while not taking too much footprint. The sensor is able to work and send data up to 33 meters or 100 feet away – reporting every 1 minute.

Ambient Weather WS-04-WHITE Wireless Thermometer

Yet another simple but portable wireless thermometer unit, this one can be used indoors and outdoors to sense the outdoor temperature, which is eventually transmitted to the display console inside. It does not require any programming due to its simplicity, making it a nice wireless thermometer on the go. Do note that it only reads in Fahrenheit.

You can place it as a wall mount monitor or you can have the unit display on your desk due to the included desk stand. There are also options for having 3 consoles or 2, in case you need more rooms in the house to display the indoor and outdoor temperature. The base station needs 2 AAA batteries, as well as the sensor itself. It can transmit data from 60 to 120 feet depending on your location.

AcuRite 00611 Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

Made with a much taller design but still quite small and portable, this one displays both the temperature and the humidity indoors and outdoors. It has a hygrometer so that you can accurately tell whether it’s too sticky or too dry outside, other than knowing about the temperature readings. You can also convert between Fahrenheit and Celsius with this indoor/outdoor thermometer.

The screen is quite large so that you can easily see the numbers and avoid taking wild guesses whether you should go outside or not. Like all indoor-outdoor thermometer units, the included sensor is weather resistant and can be placed anywhere without the worry of breaking. Knowing the humidity is good for monitoring the amount of mold that gets in your house.

AcuRite 02007 Digital Home Weather Station

As a weather station for homes with enough space, this one displays a lot of data all at once. It has an indoor and outdoor temperature comparison on both sides, as well as the humidity. You can also choose to display the atmospheric pressure due to the barometric pressure gauge. Not to mention, the unit has a full-color display.

The digits are very easy to read, plus you also get a nice clock at the top which displays the date and time (and the day). It also has a few weather forecasts at the bottom to let you know whether it’s going to be cloudy or sunny outside tomorrow (or if it’s going to be freezing). The 433 MHz signal is good for up to 330 feet of distance.

La Crosse Technology Temperature WS-9160U-IT

Made with very large digits, this one is very simple to operate and is for the old folks at home who can’t read small numbers. It displays the indoor and outdoor temperatures on the 2nd and 3rd column while at the top, it simply displays the time. It measures 5 x 3 inches so it is quite a good display for your indoor setting, such as your tabletop or desk.

You only need 2 AA batteries to run the outdoor thermometer, which has a remote sensor and can be mounted anywhere, as long as it is facing the north. It is accurate up to 100 meters or 330 feet in the open air. You can also add more remotes and sensors and it accepts data for up to 3 sensors, in which you can change the channels. You can display the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius while the clock itself has a 12/24-hour time display.

Taylor Precision Products Wireless Digital Thermometer

Yet another portable wireless unit, this one can also display indoor/outdoor temperatures in °F or °C so it is good for different countries with various temperature standards. You can transmit data as far as 200 feet from the wireless remote sensor.

It even has a clock on the side while comparing the indoor and outdoor temperature. It has large digits for those who can’t see them properly, while it is powered by alkaline and lithium batteries so they will be quite accurate and long-lasting.

Oregon Scientific BAR208HGX Advanced Wireless Weather Station

If you’re more of a scientist, you may want this weather station which has a lot of weather forecast features. It is a self-setting atomic clock which also displays a ton of information, which includes the outdoor and indoor temperature, humidity, current phase of the moon, wind conditions, weather predictions and conditions, the current time, and much more – even ice alerts!


As a whole, indoor-outdoor thermometers are generally helpful. They not only display your temperature but some of them also display weather forecasts, barometric pressure, and much more. It can help you to know whether you should go on a trip or not. We hope you enjoyed our top picks for the best indoor and outdoor thermometers!

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