Best Glow In The Dark Paint For Kids

Ever heard of paint that glows in the dark when you use it as face paint or body paint? That’s newer technology today – and we assure you that they are kid-friendly and some are skin-friendly at the same time! Glow in the dark paint is commonly used in costumes by performers, but did you know that kids can also use it?

These paints are safe to use by children because they are non-toxic in their formulation. Paints like these do not always require a UV light source or black light in order to activate them. Most of them are just like regular paint – you just apply them and they can glow in the dark once you applied them to a surface, or your skin and face.

However, in most cases, these glow in the dark paints can require a process called “charging”. That means you may need a few hours or so of exposure to sunlight for the paint to have an activation so that it will have a better glow when you see it at night.

Best Glow In The Dark Paint For Kids

We picked some awesome glow in the dark paint for kids to get you started:

Ultra Green V10 Glow in the Dark Paint

Containing 1/2 fluid ounces of paint, this one is water-based and has a brightness rating of 33,000 mcd/m2. It can be used for signs, ceilings, walls, and the like – you can create a star ceiling in your child’s room with this unique paint. Keep in mind that this paint is not applied to the skin, but on your ceilings and walls instead.

Able to cover up to 0.125 square feet or 18 square inches, this one has about 12 hours of “charge” time for a better glow, and you can charge it almost indefinitely. The texture is much like gel and it doesn’t get chipped off easily so you can just paint over it.

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BEAUT UV Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint

Like a black light paint set, this one comes at 0.34 ounce for each paint tube. The set has 6 tubes which have 6 colors that you can choose from: pink, red, orange, blue, green, and yellow. They are ideal for festival use as well as costume parties.

You can see and use them for both day and night so they go on like regular paint. They can be washed off with water so they are simple for cleanup – great for when you have kids. They are skin-friendly and give off a nice fluorescent glow.

Glow Ultra Green V10 Glow in the Dark Paint

This glow in the dark paint is much like our first pick but is at 2 fluid ounces so it has a lot more content for a lot of usages. It can be applied at a thickness of 4 ounces per square foot, equivalent to 1/16 inch. You can also create star ceilings with this paint and it is easy to recharge within 2 hours.

Easy to clean with soapy water, this one is also applied only to walls and ceilings and not on skin. However, it can be good decor for any room or surface area. While it will dry with a transparent or white texture, when you charge it, the paint will finally give off its green glow in the dark.

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Tulip 29025 Dimensional Glow Fabric Paint

Yet another pack of 6 glow in the dark paints, this one comes in an easy squeeze tube in each painting, making them very easy to apply to anything and anywhere. You can use it for projects for your school works or as part of a costume. While it is permanent when it dries, you can dip your colored material in the washing machine just fine and it won’t crack or peel.

You can just charge the paint in UV or black light and it is ready to be seen in the dark. It is easy to make doodles, drawings, and words with this glow in the dark paint set. While it is not applicable for your skin, it is applicable for fabric, canvas, wood, glass, posters, backpacks, and much more.

Midnight Glo UV Neon Face & Body Paint Glow Kit

Good for body paint or face paint, this set contains 7 bottles, which has different colors that are fluorescent paint. The colors included are light blue, dark blue, light orange, dark orange, green, pink, and blue-green. They come in 0.75-ounce bottles each and are quite easy to apply.

The paints are non-toxic so they can be safe for kids to use on their skin. They are easily washable and can be easily charged and activated by UV light. Like with most face paints, just don’t use it around your eyes. It can also be applied to wood, paper, and clothes.

Neon Glow Blacklight Body Paint

Yet another set of neon paint for kids, this one is a body paint set that is non-toxic as well and is fluorescent when it glows at night. It is a UV reactive paint set that is safe for kids’ skin and it dries quickly for a nice finish on the go.

When it dries, it also has a smooth texture so your child can wear it as part of their costume. As for its safety, it is also ASTMD-4236 certified. Each bottle is at 2 ounces each and this set has 6 bottles in total.

Mehron Makeup Liquid Face and Body Paint

Suitable for a body painting or face painting while in crowds at events and carnivals, this liquid foundation is actually a body and face paint as well. It contains 4.5 ounces in each bottle and can last for 20 to 70 applications for its content.

It is highly pigmented so it can last longer and is actually smudge-proof for all-day wear. It can be easily applied with any makeup tool that you usually use for your liquid foundation, such as a sponge, brush, or airbrush, and it will be easy to blend in.

neon nights 8 x UV Body Paint

This body paint set can be activated under black light and contains 8 paint colors in total. Each of the bottles has 5.5 ounces of paint that you can use for easy body painting or face painting for costumes or festivals. You can use it not just for your skin but also for shirts and the like – it can be easily washed off from fabrics with only soap and water.

A set can be enough for 1 to 2 persons for body painting, and 2 to 4 persons for face painting. With a myriad of colors, such as white, pink, violet, blue, green, orange, yellow, and red, you can choose your preferred color for amazing glow in the dark art.

Space Beams Glow in The Dark Paint

Available in two colors: bright green (Aurora) and bright aqua (Aquarius), the paint contains 0.68 ounces and you can use it for an all-night event after a very quick 10-second light charge using a UV flashlight or any kind of UV light or black light source.

It can be used indoors or outdoors and can be applied on glass, wood, paint, metal, plastic, and other surfaces. While it is not for the skin, this 20-ml paint is non-toxic as paint for kids’ rooms.

Art ‘N Glow in The Dark Paint

This dark acrylic paint can be ideal for DIY projects for kids as it is non-toxic. It has 13 choices for the colors so you have different options. It can be used for different surfaces and while it glows clear on the first coats, it glows in the dark when it dries later using charging, whether on LED lights or the sun. It comes at 1 ounce for each container.

DecoArt DS50-10 Glow-in-The-Dark Paint

Having a total of 4 ounces of paint in the container, it is an acrylic paint that is safe for kids to use. It can be easily mixed with any light and transparent acrylic paint and it will work on various surfaces, such as Styrofoam, paper, walls, plastic, wood, ceramic, and even pumpkins. It is a non-toxic paint that can be used for DIY projects.

Splashes & Spills UV Glow Blacklight Face and Body Paint

At 10 ml each bottle, it is good for costume parties for kids due to its colorful set of paint which can be a great makeup for them as well. The 6 colors easily glow under UV light charge and they can glow well whether used in the day or at night.

Moon Glow Neon UV Face and Body Paint

Containing 9 tubes per pack at 0.42 ounces each, these colors easily glow under UV or black light and can be used for face painting, festivals, costumes, and the like. It even has a free UV key ring for easy UV light charging. It also dries up easily.


To wrap it up, glow in the dark paint colors can be pleasing in an aesthetic way. They can be part of your costume or just plain fun when you want to have some quality time with kids. We hope you liked our top picks for the best glow in the dark paint!

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