Best Ergobaby Carriers

Baby carriers have a great advantage for parents who are always on the go. They can help you carry your little ones and you don’t have to stress out too much on a baby stroller all the time. You can just let them sit or sleep while you do all the work.

A baby carrier can be used while you are in the grocery, at work, while traveling or commuting, and the like. However, if you want to buy a baby carrier for your needs, you may want to look into the following first:

1. Is it easy to put on? A baby carrier that has a mechanism that allows you to put it on easily can make it hassle-free. Baby carriers can usually be strapped on like a seatbelt or a backpack and they are good to go. However, securing your baby can be a different story. The carrier must be safe and secure for you and your baby and should be no-fuss at all.

2. Does it fit well? The carrier should be just right in its size and it should also be adjustable much like a backpack strap. You should be able to wear it without a lot of problems. If your baby carrier doesn’t fit well, it might make you feel uncomfortable throughout the whole trip.

3. Is it comfortable? The baby carrier should be adjustable and also comfortable in terms of shoulder padding. Most of these carriers are designed like backpacks so they can be worn for hours of shopping or going outside.

4. How’s the durability? A durable nylon material should be used to make the baby carrier. Much like with regular backpack straps, it should have some dense material but is still breathable.

5. Does it have front-facing positions? Aside from the rear position of the carrier, there should also be front-facing if you want it to be used for a very long time. This would be useful if you want your little one to face the world. This concept is much similar to when choosing the best stroller or baby car seat for your baby.

6. Is it just right for your climate? Breathable fabric that is durable can be ideal for those who live in hotter climates. On the other hand, for colder climates, added protection for the winter season can also come in handy, especially for your baby. Know what kind of climate you have first before you buy.

7. Is it easy to clean? The baby carrier should be easy to launder much like any baby item so that you can feel at ease with its maintenance, especially if you are a busybody. Cotton is one of those that can be simple to toss into the washing machine but added nylon also makes it more durable.

Best Ergobaby Carriers

Here are some of our suggested picks for the best Ergobaby carriers:

Ergobaby Carrier, 360 All Carry Positions Baby Carrier

As a baby carrier that can adhere to newborns up to toddler age, it can fit from 12 to 33 lbs. for toddlers and 7 to 12 lbs. for newborn babies. It has adjustable shoulder straps from 28 to 48 inches while the waistband can be adjusted from 26 to 52 inches. It has 11 colors to choose from to look fashionable while it has an adjustable bucket seat to give your baby a natural and comfortable position.

Babies who are 4 to 36 months can use it without an infant insert (ideal for toddlers). It even has a hood that can be tucked away and also used when the sun or rain is out. The hood has UPF 50+ protection so that your baby is protected against the elements.

It also has sufficient lumbar support while the straps on the shoulder are made with cushy material to keep you comfortable the whole trip. Moms who have a post-C-section can have comfort due to the padded design.

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Ergobaby Carrier, Omni 360 All Carry Positions

The Omni version of our previous pick, this one is ideal for babies of infant age (0 to 48 months) and even up to toddler age (those who are 7 to 45 lbs.) without any requirement for an infant insert. Made with premium cotton, this one can be breathable for the summer, easy on your baby’s skin, and also easy to launder and clean.

With 13 colors to choose from, it has a backpack style design for its shoulder straps. You can use it crossed as well for added security and comfort. The waist belt has enough lumbar support while the straps for the shoulders are padded to keep you comfortable all day. The waist belt can also adhere to moms who have a post-C-section.

It has an M-type position for its bucket seat so your baby can sit comfortably and not in an awkward position. There is also a detachable pouch for you to carry your belongings.

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Ergobaby Original Cool Air Mesh Multi-Position

This one is also made with pure cotton so that it will be breathable for hot days and for your baby to feel cool. It also uses an M-style position for carrying your baby with deep and wide support so your baby won’t feel cramped inside. There is a large zippered pocket on the front so that you can keep your baby essentials as well.

The design is also ideal for moms who are breastfeeding for easy access. There is even a tuckaway hood that has been rated UPF 50+ to keep your baby away from the elements, such as the sun, wind, and rain. As for the adjustability, the shoulder straps can span from 28 inches up to 47 inches for added comfort.

What’s more, the waist belt can be adjusted, too, from 26 inches up to 52 inches. You can also wear this carrier in different positions: back, front, or on the hips. It can be used for babies who are 0 to 4 months old or 4 to 48 months old.

Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier

Great for newborns up to toddler age, this baby carrier has two ways of wearing: backpack style and crossed style. The design also doesn’t get in the way of mom’s post-C-section so it can be worn with comfort and confidence. The carrier can be worn by newborns (0 to 48 months old) with a weight range of 7 to 45 lbs.

You don’t need to add an extra infant insert for babies since it already has enough plush padding. It has 6 colors to choose from and has been made with premium cotton as well. You can carry it in 3 ways: front, back, and hip carrying methods.

There are a neck support pillow and a tuck-away baby hood to keep your little one cozy inside. It even has a lumbar support padding over the waistbelt so that the parent can wear it comfortably.

Ergobaby 3-Position Carrier, Galaxy Grey

If you’d like a baby carrier with fancy stars on the design, this one may be for you. It has 3 positions to choose from as well as a deep seat so that your baby won’t feel cramped inside the carrier. It can fit newborns with a weight range of 7 to 12 lbs. and older babies from 12 to 45 lbs. (those who are 4 to 48 months old).

The padded waist belt can give you sufficient lumbar support while the shoulder straps are also quite comfortable with enough padding. The M-seating position can keep your baby comfy within hours. It has adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt as well.

Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier

With 3 colors to choose from, this soft carrier has a knit fabric so that it feels more natural to babies. With no infant insert needed, it can be used for babies from 7 to 25 lbs. of weight. It has adjustable cross straps and waist belts to give you comfort and it is easy to wear.

It also has cushioned neck support for your little one and you can also wear it in cross straps for added support. It has even been certified by the Hip Dysplasia Institute as a product that could help people with hip problems.


To sum it all up, baby carriers can be a great addition to helping parents, such as you, in taking care of your little one while on the go. Ergobaby carriers are one of the best choices out there when it comes down to baby carriers and we hope you liked our top picks!

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