Best Erector Sets for Kids to Build

An erector set, also known as a building set, is a kind of toy that will entertain and help children to enhance their imagination. They often come in the form of building blocks that can be set up by your little ones in order to create castles, buildings, homes, and other structures.

The main benefit of an erector set is that your child’s creativity can be enhanced. They will be able to figure out how to build this and that from scratch using this erector set. Second, kids will also learn hand and eye coordination at a young age. This can help them in school activities as well as a future career.

If you want your child to be busy in the summer vacation or simply want a toy or a pastime in their daycare center, this is a good toy to give to them for learning, especially if they want to take a STEM course in the future (or even just engineering).

Best Erector Sets for Kids to Build

Here are some of our picks for erector sets for kids:

Meccano Erector Super Construction 25-in-1 Building Set

Having a total of 658 parts, this building set is complete with its own super crane that is motorized so your child will definitely have the idea on how to use one in real life. The rotary body works like the real thing so it is good for lifting pieces.

It has a total of 25 different construction vehicle configurations you can build from the set, which include a robot, a car, a helicopter, a cargo lifter, and much more. It is a good STEM toy and is only powered by a 6-volt motor.


Yet another STEM learning toy, this one is like a skeleton building set. It allows you to make geometric shapes out of the different pieces, such as diamonds, spheres, houses, a simple scooter, a bird, a giraffe, and much more. Aside from the framework, you can also put on some solid walls on the side, allowing the structure to become sturdier.

With a total of 164 pieces, this one also comes with its own instructions and large, durable case. It is a good geometry learning tool as well with all of the included pieces. You can also make working vehicles due to the included wheel parts.

Zeliku Building Block Games Set

Designed to be similar to the LEGO blocks although, with a different mechanism, this one has a base in which you can screw and unscrew pieces. You can use those pieces to make patterns such as a fish, a car, a tree, a person, a traffic light, and much more – and you can choose whether they lay flat on the surface or stand up!

Great for kids 3 to 14 years old, this basic building set comes with its own set of kid-friendly tools, such as screwdrivers, a wrench, and others. It’s toy drill only needs 2 AA batteries to run.

K’NEX 70 Model Building Set

With a total of 705 pieces, this STEM toy allows you to create different working vehicles, such as cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, and even hot air balloons! Rated for kids 7 years old and above, this brand is well-known in the ’90s as a great building toy almost at par to the LEGO franchise, but for the big boys (and girls, too).

Everything is packed in its own treasure chest so that you can get your other stuff organized. Your child can also make other objects from the connecting pieces, such as insects, animals, and much more.

K’NEX Education – Intro to Structures: Bridges Set

Great for teaching your child basic engineering, this 207-piece set will help them get acquainted with bridges. It has enough pieces and instructions to help your child build different kinds of bridges – a total of 13 in the set.

The bridges that your child can build include the truss (commonly used for heavy loads), arch (like most Greek bridges), cantilever (such as the Tokyo Gate bridge in Japan or the Quebec Bridge in Canada), beam (the most common), suspension (such as the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco), movable/bascule (such as the London Tower Bridge), and cable-stayed (old bridges in the 16th century).

Meccano by Erector, Ducati Monster 1200 S Model Building Kit

If your child wants to build a motorcycle on their own, this is the perfect kit to do it with. It has a variety of pieces to use and build a working toy motorcycle, which measures 9.5 x 3 x 4.75 inches. Great for kids 10 years old and above, this may be a nice gift for someone who likes motorcycles.

All tools are included in the kit for you to start building, as well as a sticker sheet to decorate your awesome motorcycle. There are no batteries required to power up the motorcycle – it is entirely powered by your hand.

K’NEX Education – STEM Explorations: Swing Ride Building Set

For those who want to build amusement rides, this connecting toy set can help you to build up to 3 types of experiments. It also comes with a motor that you can use to power up your just-made rides. The first model is the swing ride, which can help children learn how mass affects the ride’s speed.

The second model is a Ferris wheel, in which your child will learn how the height changes depending on where the rider is seated. The third model is a boom ride that changes the distance of the gears depending on how you turn the crank.

Kids First Robot Engineer Kit and Storybook

Do you want your child to build their own robot from scratch? This one requires no batteries as it does not have any motor to power – everything is purely manual. You can build a robot with wheels and eyes and make them interactive.

It is a good STEM tool for young kids of 3 years old and above to teach them about simple machines and moving parts altogether. What’s more, it is perfect for young children to handle due to the colorful plastic building pieces that are of large size to make them easy to hold.

Meccano-Erector – MeccaSpider Robot Kit

As a robot kit that your child can build from scratch, this one is also an interactive toy that your child can build and program. You can enjoy its various modes such as guard mode, attack mode, and built-in game modes, so it is really a neat battle spider robot.

It comes with all the parts needed to assemble it, as well as a decal sheet, hand tools, instructions, a brain module, an IR sensor module, and smart motor modules as well. If your child wants to learn robotics then this is a great toy for them.

Meccano – Micronoid – Green Switch

Yet another robotics building toy for kids, this one is great for children who are 8 years old and above. Its robot can be built from 139 pieces included and can also dance when you play music nearby. It is a fully autonomous robot (it decides for itself) when you set it that way, and it can perform different functions.

The robot can move around on its own like an AI, and it can even whistle or laugh, which is like having a pet. Only 4 AAA batteries are required to power up the robot. It even has an 8-ball mode so if you feel like asking something, it will answer it in yes/no fashion.

Thames & Kosmos Gyrobot

Great for helping your child to learn about gyroscopes, this one is a robot that can balance on its own using the 7 motorized gyroscopes that you can use to build any model. It has an instruction manual as well as 102 pieces to use. The robot only requires 3 AAA batteries to run and can be used for children to help learn hand and eye coordination.

Meccano by Erector, 4×4 Off-Road Truck

As a buildable truck with 443 parts, this one can be set up as a STEM toy and as an action toy, which allows you to build up to 25 models using the given pieces. Since the models can allow you to make a 4WD, it is a great outdoor toy to play outside with as well, along with its powerful 6V motor.

Meccano – Meccasaur

Also coming from the same company, this dinosaur robot can be built from 715 pieces and stands 3 feet tall, which makes it a great display in your child’s room. Ideal for kids 10 years old and above it even responds to yes/no questions and to petting. It also stomps around like a real dinosaur.


To conclude, engineering and architectural students start off with the basic thing – building something from a few blocks. An erector set for kids can do just that since they will train your little ones on how to put together anything and be able to build what they want from their tools.

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