Best Electric Guitar For Kids & Beginners

Playing electric guitar is quite hard, especially for kids and beginners. For instance, just plucking the strings can be just a little bit too harsh at first, since it requires a lot of finger dexterity. If your child wants to learn how to play an electric guitar or has already learned on a basic guitar and want an electric one, this article will give you some suggestions.

Music is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. Many people’s lives have been improved by music, financially and spiritually. From Led Zeppelin to John Petrucci, there are many guitarists out there who started small and then eventually become really great musicians. If your child wants to be a musician then it is worth it to give them a musical instrument for a present for their birthday or Christmas.

An electric guitar’s main difference from an acoustic guitar is that it needs to be connected to an amplifier in order to produce quality sounds. You can’t hear much of the strings all by itself – it is meant to be electric-powered. Electric guitars can have different brands, such as Fender, Yamaha, and much more, but there are also budget-friendly options out there if your child is still in the stage of practicing.

Best Electric Guitar For Kids & Beginners

We picked some awesome electric guitars for kids and beginners that you might like:

Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar

A combination of electric and acoustic abilities, this guitar is ideal for when your child just wants to play anywhere and shift styles or genres. It has a spruce top that looks finely finished and it also has a bridge and fingerboard that is made with rosewood for durability. You can choose from different wood finishes and colors to personalize your style.

It already has its own gig bag included so it is ready for action. What’s more, you already get a bonus System 68 pick-up that’s ready to keep you company on the road. It uses acoustic resonance technology so it’s both playable as an acoustic guitar and can be connected to any gadget to be an electric guitar. If you already have a Yamaha THR5A, this will be a great combination to that. You also get a built-in tuner in the electric guitar unit.

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Squier by Fender Mini Strat Electric Guitar

If you are a big fan of Fender products then you will love this one. It is sized just right for kids at 22.75 inches in its scale length. The fingerboard has 20 frets and is made with a c-shaped neck that is made from maple material for its wood quality. There are Stratocaster pickups which are 3 single-coil ones that also have its 5-way stitching to add to its durability.

On the bridge construction, a Vintage-style hard tail Stratocaster has been made to give it the signature look of a Fender guitar. It also comes with its own tuner for easy key finding, 3 guitar picks in different colors, a beginner’s guide DVD for those who want to learn how to play the guitar, a polishing cloth to keep your guitar clean and dust-free, and a guitar strap that’s ready for gig action.

Epiphone PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package

This guitar package for kids is a complete set. It has the genuine Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar that can be played by anyone due to its beginner-friendly features. There is a 10-watt Electra guitar amp included in the set so you can start playing and practicing right away. A cable measuring 10 feet is also included, plus a gig bag that is roughly very easy to carry around.

A total of 3 picks are included, as well as a clip-on headstock chromatic tuner that you can use right off the bat. Great for beginners, this pack is a nice starter kit and if you are looking for something that is affordable and sounds decent for the beginner guitarist in your kid. Many people say that it has a warm tone to it.

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Best Choice Products Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Kit

Yet another kit that is meant for beginners and kids, it features an all-wood design for the guitar body to make sure it is authentic and sounding just fine. Its steel strings can be a great training ground for those who are new to electric guitars. It also features a smooth, attractive finish that puts together a sense of style and durability.

The set comes with a free amplifier, a strap for the guitar, a case for the guitar (a gig bag), a pick for the guitar, some cables, and extra strings in case your strings get broken. The guitar measures 30 x 12 x 3 inches so it may be just right for beginners and kids alike. As a full set, its amplifier is at 5 watts so it is good for starters. You can purchase different body colors for the guitar (pink, blue, or black). All of them are stylish and they stay tuned for very long.

Rise by Sawtooth ST-RISE-ST-3

This electric guitar kit comes with a 3/4 sized guitar that is meant for right-handed playing, but you can also purchase one that is for left-handed players. The body is made of basswood while the neck is made with authentic maple.

The bridge can be adjusted and it has a scale length of 24 inches. Many people like this for beginners who are just starting to play and they also like the added pitch pipe. If you are not too meticulous about the sound then this will do for those who are on a small budget. The amp can be plugged into an outlet or used with batteries.

Adding to its chrome hardware, this one has various accessories, such as a mini-amp, a gig bag, a strap for the guitar, three picks of different colors, and a small pitch pipe. The amp is at 5 watts while the nut width of the guitar is at 1 5/8 inches. The finish can either be in sunburst or black, depending on your preference. An online lesson is also included in the set for the beginners.

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Smartxchoices 30″ Inch Kids Electric Guitar

This guitar pack is an all-black design and is made with a hardwood body and rosewood fretboard for the guitar, which has a total of 22 frets that can be easy to play for the beginner guitarist or your little kid. There is a convenient amp strap that allows you to carry the small amp to your gig or anywhere you want to be able to practice.

The very appealing effect of the finish of the guitar will add to its stage appearance. It comes with a set of guitar picks, some cables, extra strings, the mini amplifier (which runs only on a 9V battery), and other accessories. The amp measures 2.5 x 5 inches so it is easy to carry around. A gig bag is also included for the guitar. A truss rod is also included with the single coil solid wood electric guitar that has a polished surface.

TWFRIC Kids Guitar

While this is a party favor and is not technically a guitar, it is a great way to get your child interested in playing the guitar at a young age. The guitar has a high-quality ABS material for its construction, and it is also non-toxic, BPA free, and has a good design. What’s more, for kids who like running all over the place, this durable guitar is wear-resistant and drop-resistant and has a smooth edge design for safety.

It will help your child to get acquainted with the positions and the design of a real guitar. The toy measures 22 x 7 x 1.8 inches and it also has a volume knob so that you can have your child pretend to play music from out of it. There is a shoulder strap included and your child can choose from 8 preset children’s songs, all very familiar to them and which can be achieved by pressing a button.

Stedman Pro 30″ Kids Electric Guitar Pack

Yet another complete pack for kids, this one has a 30-inch guitar that has a total of 21 frets. It is good for beginners and has a single coil pickup, backed by a 5-watt amplifier. It is equipped with a chrome alloy bridge, a maple fretboard and neck, a basswood body with a double cutaway design, and a volume control knob. This kit has everything you need to get started, such as the free picks, guitar strap, gig bag, amplifier, cables, and others.

Raptor Kids 1/2 Size ULTIMATE Electric Guitar

As a 1/2 sized electric guitar for kids, this one has brilliant red color and a solid basswood body for better sounds. It comes with a 3-watt small amp that you can take anywhere and it has all of the necessary guitar accessories needed to play, such as replacement strings. The guitar also comes with a belt clip for the amplifier, as well as cables for easy connections.


To wrap things up, an electric guitar for kids can be greatly beneficial if they want to learn a life skill. They can be able to make music or play their favorite songs with an electric guitar, and they may even pursue a music career altogether.

Electric guitars can be hard to learn at first, but with constant practice, dedication and patience, it will be worth it in the end. We hope that this guide about electric guitars for kids can help you to decide which one is the best and the ideal one for your child (and your budget).

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