Best Drinking Milk During Pregnancy


Because a pregnant woman is going to deliver a baby soon, they need all the nutrients that they can get. Whatever you eat and drink as a pregnant woman will have an effect on your little one as soon as they come out. Therefore, you should think of your drinks as well, such as your daily milk consumption.


In fact, studies show that milk and dairy products are greatly needed by pregnant women due to their richness in nutrients and that they should consume from 2 to 3 servings on a daily basis. But why else do you need to drink milk during pregnancy and what can you get out of it?


Benefits of Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

When you drink your daily milk in your trimesters, you will be bound for the following benefits:

  1. You can get better and stronger bones. This is very helpful because you can counter those bad bones that can happen if you get stressed too much due to carrying your baby bump. If you have strong bones by taking 302 mg of calcium for a cup of nonfat milk, you will be tough enough to walk with a good posture even if you are pregnant.


  1. You can get more vitamin D. About 115 to 124 IU of vitamin D can be obtained from milk and it can help your baby not to get neonatal rickets or problems with their birth weight. This is because vitamin D does wonders for your skin and your baby’s skin.


  1. You get a lot of protein from milk. About 8 grams of protein can be present in a cup of milk, and that is quite enough if you triple it on a daily basis. Protein is needed for you to go through the day with enough energy. If you are often lethargic due to your pregnancy, you may need some protein for you to be more energized and become a healthy mom for your little one.


  1. You won’t feel thirsty with milk. Because milk is refreshing as a liquid, it will help if you feel dry when you are pregnant. Many of those who are in their tough trimesters get stressed out due to lack of fluids in their body. This is when you need to rehydrate more often, so why not do it with nutrient-rich milk?


  1. You won’t get a lot of heartburn in the process. If you are prone to an acidic reaction then it’s best to try low-fat milk to reduce the risk of these gas problems and heartburn, which can often happen if you are pregnant, since you need to consume a lot more food than usual for your baby.


Best Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

Here are the different kinds of milk that you can try for your pregnancy stages:

  1. Cow milk

The most common type of milk would be the one from cows. Make sure that it is organic and sustainably harvested, meaning that the cows live in a favorable condition. It is available in skimmed and low-fat options so you have many formulas to choose from. Cow’s milk is greatly nutritious with vitamin D, E, and A for your baby’s development.


  1. Goat’s milk

Goat milk is often used in some ice creams and it has amounts of vitamin B2, which is good for energy boosting and for your immune system (and your baby’s!). You can also get it like fresh milk and it has a ton of calcium. Many people praise goat’s milk for its high protein content so it is a must-have if you often get tired and need a little push.


  1. Soy milk

If you have problems with digesting regular cow’s milk, you may be better off with soy milk. It contains fiber so it’s good for weight loss or maintenance while the antioxidants can help cleanse your body from cancer threats. The protein levels of soy milk are just the same as cow’s milk, so there’s no need to worry. Where does it come from? Well, soy milk is from soybeans soaked in water and ground.  Soy is a popular product nowadays.


  1. Rice milk

A good alternative to the three above-mentioned milk formulas would be the rice milk. If you live in an Asian country, you will be familiar with it as a formula alternative for your baby if you don’t have a lot of budget at hand (so apparently, pregnant women can also drink them!), since it has great B vitamins and can be great for your immune system. However, if you are a diabetic, this may not be the best option for you due to its high carbohydrate content.


  1. Almond milk

For those who have problems with soy and gluten, this is a choice you can bet on. It has about 200 mg of calcium and also contains fiber, vitamin B, vitamin E, and other important proteins. Since it comes from grounded almonds, it is also obtainable from nature. For those with celiac disease, this is a kind of milk that you can grab if you are carrying a little one in your womb.


  1. Oat milk

If you love oatmeal, then why n t try oat milk? It’s filled with vitamin B and A, both of which are greatly needed for your baby’s eyesight and energy. It also has other awesome things like fiber to prevent constipation and keep your sugar levels in the norm, especially for those who have a genetic history of diabetes.



These great milk formulas can come in a wide variety of flavors, but you should know their basic ingredients so that you won’t run into any allergic reactions later. Regular intake of milk as a pregnant woman is crucial not only for your child’s development, but for your health as well, as a mom, because you’ll need all the energy that you can get to be able to raise a good kid in the future, and that’s where a good glass of milk filled with enough nutrients comes in handy!


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