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If your child dreams of becoming a doctor or a nurse someday, it’s a good dream profession. Doctors and nurses do their best to keep their patients healthy by using all of their instruments and prescribing them some medicine.

When children play pretend with their toys, their imagination expands. If they have a doctor kit in their hands, they can pretend how to act like a doctor to their sick dolls or pets. Usually, these doctor kits can also help children not to get scared of going to the doctor or dentist with their accessories. The tools usually have a very gentle approach and fit well onto kids’ hands without the sharp edges. Medical tools such as syringes, stethoscope and the like can help your child to role-play a doctor.

By giving them a doctor kit for kids, they can enhance their ability to interact with people and patients, since it requires human interaction, such as when playing with a friend, a doll or a pet. It also practices them on how to talk to their patients if ever they want to become real doctors someday.

Best Doctor Kit Toy For Kids

Below are our top picks for the best doctor kit toys for kids:

Durable Kids Doctor Kit

This kit is unique for its electronic stethoscope that makes it a little more realistic for children. With over 12 medical tools & gadgets to choose from, your child can pretend they are a doctor anytime and anywhere with the easy carry kit! For added realism, real-life heartbeat and coughing sounds can be heard from the stethoscope.

Its carrying case fits all doctor kit toys included and they are all made with durable, kid-tested and safe materials. Only 2 AA batteries are required (included) for the stethoscope and it is good for children 3 years and above.

Disney Doc McStuffins ORIGINAL Doctor’s Bag

If you are a big fan of the show of Doc McStuffins, this is a must-have gift for your child. This kit includes 8 glittery and sparkly tools for a kid doctor. It includes a play thermometer to check if there is a fever, a syringe, and a blood pressure cuff to check the blood pressure.

There is also a bandage cuff and a sticker sheet for added tools in this doctor kit. You can also find the bag and Doc’s magical stethoscope with this set for a complete package. The light up stethoscope can be enjoyed by kids when they play with it.

B. toys – B. Dr. Doctor Toy – Deluxe Medical Kit

As a large toy medical kit for kids, this one comes in a large carrying box of tools, which comes with a total of 9 doctor tools that fit right inside perfectly. It has a stethoscope with heartbeat sound to make it realistic and it also has a blood pressure cuff.

Other tools included are a syringe, a mirror, tweezers, and a thermometer to complete the doctor’s kit. It also has an ear checker (otoscope) and awesome lights and sounds. All of the tools have kid-safe parts for pretend doctor plays.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Doctor Kit

With a total of 19 pieces in this set, it has a lot of tools which are colored in bright blue, red and yellow for making them easy to see for kids. It has a stethoscope for checking the patient, a cell phone for calling the patients/doctor, tools like forceps, 3 bandages for when one gets wounded and eyeglasses in case the patient needs them.

There is also a name tag for the patient, a scalpel, a thermometer for checking the patient’s temperature, some tweezers a syringe, and a blood pressure cuff for checking blood pressure. It also has various tools such as scissors, a reflex hammer, and a bedpan. Check your patient’s hearing with the ear scope, or check their teeth with the use of the dental mirror.

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

This soft doctor’s bag comes with a lot of tools and instruments for a perfect pretend to play such as the stethoscope and the blood pressure cuff that has its own working pump. To check your patient’s ears, you can use the otoscope, and to check their temperature, your child can use the thermometer.

A syringe and a bandage are also included in this kit for when the patient gets sick or injured. The doctor bag is easy to carry with the handle and the sizes can help develop fine motor skills for your child.

Kidzlane Deluxe Doctor Medical Kit

As a doctor’s kit for kids, this one comes with a total of 11 tools. The carrying case has a handle so you can carry it anywhere and it fits all of the tools inside. There is a mirror to check the person’s mouth and tongue. There is a thermometer that you can use if the patient has fever or flu. The tweezers can be used to heal wounds with a cotton ball. You can also use the scissors to cut anything, such as for when the patient needs to be operated. It is good for kids 3 years old and above.

To help your patient know if they need a hearing aid, you can use the otoscope. To check the eyes, your child can use the ophthalmoscope for their patient. Last, but not least, you can use the stethoscope to check the patient’s heartbeat if they are doing okay. There is also a health record card that comes with the doctor’s set to check if the patient is alright. There is also a blood pressure cuff and a clamp, as well as tweezers in the pack.

Melissa & Doug Pediatric Nurse Role Play Costume Set

If you want your child to play as a young nurse, this one is quite realistic. It has a nurse costume set, which also includes a name tag, a syringe, a stethoscope and some other tools like the ear scope and a thermometer. You can check the included baby for anything that might worry them, such as a fever, flu, a bad tummy ache and the like.

Use the stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat and their stomach, or give them shots using the syringe to protect them from diseases. You can also use the thermometer to check if they have flu or fever, and you can use the ear scope to check on their ears. The baby doll and the nurse uniform are both easily washable.

Doc McStuffins Hospital Doctor’s Bag Set

Another variation of the Doc McStuffins set would be this one, with a lot of new tools. It has tools inside the doctor’s bag, which has been redesigned. The tools include a syringe for giving them immunization and an otoscope to check their hearing. It also has a thermometer to check up on their temperature.

This hospital checkup pretends kit is good for ages 3 years old and above and only requires 3 AG13 batteries for the stethoscope, which also has sounds and light-up effects.

Liberty Imports Kids Doctor Playset

This medical kit for kids has 15 different medical tools to choose from and can also be in a certain color (e.g. blue or pink). It has a realistic spring action syringe needle for pretend play and it has various tools like a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, and an otoscope to check the hearing of the patient.

Its syringe needle, clamp, and scissors are all safe for your child to use. It also has a thermometer to check if there is a fever and a magnifier to look into the patient and examine them with a flashlight. Also included in the tools are the clipboard, the name tag, the dish, the clip, the tongue depressor, the scalpel, and bandages.

Battat – Deluxe Doctor – Toy Medical Kit

This doctor’s set for kids can be used to attend to patients like your little teddy bears, stuffed toys or a friend coming over! Ideal for kids 3 years old and above, it has 11 tools for you to use and can be organized in the sturdy deluxe kit with a travel case.

The kit includes a stethoscope for checking your patient’s health and a thermometer for checking fever. The tools are all very colorful and have kid-friendly edges. Since they are simple tools, no batteries are needed for the stethoscope and the like.

Kiddie Woods Wooden Toy Doctor Kit

If you don’t like plastic toys for kids, this wooden set is for you. All of the doctor kit toys in this set are made of wood so they are eco-friendly. Great for kids with ages 3 to 6, this set includes a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor. The wood toys include the syringe and the otoscope for your patient’s ears. You can also have your child examine the patient with the reflex hammer and the ear thermometer. All of them can fit in the cotton carrying bag.

Dr. Maple’s Wooden Medical Kit

Another doctor toy kit for kids that are made of wood materials would be this one. It has a well-designed stethoscope and a pretend wooden thermometer that won’t easily break. You can attend to your patient with the patient chart and use the otoscope as the ear checker. Apply ointment gel to patients who are wounded or use the medicine bottle if they get sick. Other tools included in the kit are the tongue depressor and reflex hammer.

Dalmatian Vet Kit

If your child wants to be a veterinarian, this is a good pretend kit to have. It has a thermometer for the pet, a stethoscope and the puppy doll that you can watch over and check up. Other accessories include the standard tools like the ear examiner, scissors, tweezers, blood pressure monitor and of course, the puppy’s food bowl and pet carrier and tray.

Kangaroos 19 Pc Pretend Doctor Kit

Let’s say your child wants something a little more high-tech – this one has its own x-ray machine that your child can play with using the batteries included. It can light up and have sounds and your child can press the buttons. A total of 19 pieces of equipment are included in this almost realistic doctor kit for the aspiring surgeons.

This doctor kit comes with a stethoscope with lights and sounds, a syringe, a magnifier, a pair of glasses, a doctor’s ID, scissors, a reflex hammer, and much more surgical tools. They can be used to practice becoming a surgeon someday.


As a whole, these doctor kits for kids can be great practice if ever they want to become true doctors or nurses someday. They are not only kid-friendly but are also great for hand and eye coordination. We hope these doctor kit toys for kids interest you!

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