Best Crib Toys

Toys for babies in a crib can be beneficial due to their self-soothing capabilities. They also provide your little one with the education, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual development, and a fun factor due to the colorful design of the toys.

Crib toys should be quite safe when you buy one for your little one. You should consider one that is free of harmful chemicals such as BPA and lead. Toys can be easily secured to crib rails to make sure they don’t get misplaced. For toys that have strings, they should be at least shorter than 6 inches to avoid accidents. Toys for babies shouldn’t have any sharp edges as well.

Toys for babies in a crib can be great to helping your child to relax, calm down, and even sleep or take a nap while you are doing the dishes or household chores. This is why you may want to buy crib toys for your baby to help keep them entertained.

Best Crib Toys

Here are our top picks for the best crib toys:

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

As a bumpy ball toy for kids and babies, this one has multiple cloths in the ball to help your child to feel different textures and see the different colors. It can be a fun toy for your child to play with due to the various designs of the ball. It is covered in different bold patterns that can help your child distinguish colors.

It also has bead rattle sounds that can stimulate your child. It has just the right size for most babies due to the softness and the diameter of the ball. It can also help with your baby’s motor skills and their vision due to the different materials and when picking up the ball.

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Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

As a musical toy for babies, this one has a fun design that emits music to your baby’s ears. Ideal for children who are aged 3 to 36 months old, this one has a rattle set on the side in the shape of colorful rings on a cartoon worm. This one can be used in an abacus-like way for babies.

It has a total of 7 melodies to choose from to entertain your little one. Only 2 AA batteries are required to play the songs and lights on the baby toy. The volume control on this toy that is shaped like an mp3 player also allows it to become not so annoying to babies and parents alike.

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Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

If you want teething toys for babies, this one can be a colorful set for them. It can be great for the front, middle and back teeth and it has safe material that has a cooling action for your baby’s gums. It has two surfaces so it is good for babies who are teething.

The colorful design of the teether keys can help your baby to teeth while they also enhance their visual skills to tell the different colors. It is ideal for babies who are 3 months old and above and it is also free from BPA. The PurIce technology helps to keep the teether keys cool when your child bites into them.

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Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib Toy

As a sound machine and a crib toy for babies, this one gives an underwater sea adventure theme. It can give your child up to 25 minutes of light effects that can soothe your baby when they are going to fall asleep. It also has a handy remote control that works up to 12 feet away, so parents can easily turn it off without disturbing your baby.

The sound machine can fit well into baby crib rails up to 10.5 inches in circumference. The light and volume control can be easily tweaked by parents so that it will be just right for babies. Because there are straps that are adjustable, it will fit almost any crib size as well.

Fisher-Price Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

As a useful and fun maracas pair, this one can be a great musical toy for babies. It has 4 color combinations and it rattles like a regular baby rattle but in a maracas shape. The balls are also colorful and quite large so your baby can easily see them inside the maracas themselves.

The small size of the maracas makes it easy to hold for babies to enjoy. Even the colors of the maracas rattle make it quite interesting in terms of visual stimulation. This baby rattle can also be a great exercise for your young ones in the crib or even while traveling with your baby in a stroller.

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

As an activity toy for babies, this one can be swirled around the crib railing so it is a cute decoration and a toy at the same time. There are different sets to choose from, such as farm animals, jungle animals, a caterpillar, and much more, depending on your child’s preferences. Each of them is quite colorful and all are with huggable designs.

They all have different textures that provide a fun, sensory interaction. The toy is ideal for babies newborn up to 12 months old and you can also attach them into strollers and car seat handles due to the ability to wrap around. The toy is also safe for babies due to the BPA-free material.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch

As an arch-shaped toy, this one can be a great mobile or crib toy for your child to enjoy due to the different hanging toys above. It has flowers, animals, plants, and a busy bee for your child to enjoy. The different textures can help with your child’s texture sensing abilities while the colorful characters help with their visual stimulation.

The arch toy has different designs to choose from and all of them have 8 different activities to help with your baby’s development. You can also attach them to strollers, car seats, and carrycots, other than your baby’s crib. The arch is easy to set up and it even includes a fun teething toy that’s easy to grasp for babies.

VTech Lil’ Critters Magical Discovery Mirror

This baby mirror can be attached to any crib due to the included clips at the back. It has 60+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases that your baby can play to soothe them to sleep or even to entertain them. You can access it by pressing the butterfly-shaped button. The toy only requires 3 AA batteries to run.

The star-shaped button can be pressed or pulled for the magic mirror to work, in which the monkey and the lion will appear inside the mirror. Due to the shape sorter design, it can help with your baby’s fine motor skills. The toy is best for babies who are newborn up to 24 months and it also has a power-saving feature – after 1 minute of inactivity, the toy will turn itself off.

SHILOH Baby Crib Decoration Newborn Gift Plush Musical Mobile

Made with ABS material, this one has a variety of colors to choose from. It passed the ASTM standards to be quite safe for your little one. It has different characters to choose from and they are all quite colorful and easy to touch for babies. It is made with non-toxic material and has fun toys such as a squeaker toy and a jingle bell.

The materials used for the baby mobile is velvet, PP cotton, and ABS material. Only 2 AA batteries are required for the baby mobile. The toys can also be easily washable by hand.

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Bug

As a huggable toy for babies, this one has a total of 2 clacker rings that your baby can slam and shake for creating noise and sounds. It has a 90-second sound that can play when you turn it on or shake it or even when you hug it. This can provide your child with a good source of entertainment due to the fun design and sounds.

It even has its own mirror for babies to enable self-discovery. The knotty legs of the caterpillar can be fun for babies to look at and touch one by one.

Fisher-Price Smart Stages Kick & Play Piano

As a fun musical piano toy for babies to enjoy, this one is like a regular mat for a baby’s crib but it actually plays sounds! Each time your baby presses a button or key in the piano, it will make sounds of its own, which can entertain your little one.

There are colorful keys and characters in the mat which stimulate your baby’s visual and auditory development. There are 5 colorful keys to press and play songs from while the LED lights dance along to the music.


To wrap it up, baby toys for cribs can be entertaining and at the same time, it can help with their visual development and to help educate them while they are still young. They are also fun to play with and can be quite colorful. We hope you liked our top picks for the best crib toys!

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