Best Cool Nerf Swords, Shield, Axe And Melee Weapons For Kids

Playing with Nerf toys can be exciting, especially for the big kids. However, using just your plain-old Nerf guns can be boring sometimes. Just using the Nerf guns endlessly makes the game a little more limited without experimental weapon toys that can be used to intensify the gameplay.


Therefore, you may need some additional accessories, such as a shield, some swords, melee weapons and an ax, which can be added as accessories and additional gear for your Nerf battles. They can make the battle more intense and exciting for all kids who are playing.


Best Cool Nerf Swords, Shield, Axe And Melee Weapons For Kids

In this article, we bring you some of the coolest Nerf accessory weapons you can use for your awesome Nerf gameplay:


Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

This ax weapon can be a good choice if you want to do hand-to-hand combat with an opponent during the event of a Nerf game. It has the feel of a real ax due to the design while maintaining a handy grip due to its durable foam.


Since it is a melee weapon, you can even throw it in the air due to its foam material and it will not really hurt or cause damage to objects. Like a real axe, it has 3 edges so it will be fun to play with and to use during a Nerf battle.


Nerf N-Force Warlock Axe

Nerf N-Force Warlock Axe

Yet another great axe to use while in a battle, this one has a different design with more yellows and a wider head for the sides of the ax. It has a durable design due to its thicker material but is still safe to use for kids and teens.


The size of the warlock axe is about 28 inches long so it can have a long reach as compared to other ax toy weapons out there. You can even use it for a cosplay even or a costume party due to its design.


Nerf Zombie Strike Axe

NERF Zombie Strike Wrench Axe

This wrench axe has a unique design that it’s kind of made for a zombie apocalypse, so you might want to use it if your theme is like that! It has one side as a wrench ax and has a textured handle so that it is easy to grab on when handling.


The soft construction will guarantee it safe for Nerf play among kids of all ages. And because it has a realistic design, dressing up as a zombie with it will be cool overall!


N Force Vantage Sword

N Force Vantage Short Sword

If you want a short sword weapon in your Nerf game plays then this is the one to have. It has a durable design and has a classic style so you can use it for your manual combat other than using your Nerf guns. It has a medieval age style for its edge and emblems.


The span of the sword weapon is roughly about 32 inches and it is also made of some kind of stiff inner form. This means that it’s both durable and safe at the same time. It is hard to bend but also does not injure or hurt anyone while still maintaining the fun factor in swordplay.


N-Force Marauder Long Sword

Nerf N-Force Marauder Long Sword

As a longsword, this one is also great for medieval-style and hand-to-hand combat. It has a black and yellow color scheme for the handle. Spanning at 32 inches in its total length, it is made with EVA foam and with an inner core that is quite durable.


Because of its nice and weighty feel, you will not feel awkward when you use it in battle, especially if your hands tend to sweat a lot. Not just kids, but even adults can use it when playing with their little ones or posing for a costume party.


Nerf Zombie Chainsaw Toy

Nerf Zombie Chainsaw Toy

Another toy that’s for a post-apocalyptic zombie apocalypse party or battle would be this one. The added chainsaw sound makes this toy very realistic in action aside from its fine details. There is also a molded handle that makes it easy to grip overall.


In addition to that, it has a tactical rail to make it easier for you to launch your Zombie Strike blasters if you already have them. You can also have it attached like a bayonet on the Nerf Modulus if you wish, while it can also mount to any End Strike tactical rail.


Zombie Strike Blade Toy

Nerf Zombie Strike Strike Blade Toy

If your theme is a zombie apocalypse and you need a sword to strike the enemies, this one will do the trick. It has a theme of blue, green and brown so it will be quite luminescent in the dark with its green theme while keeping it hidden within the blue portion.


The total length of this Nerf sword is about 32 inches in total, with 24 inches making up the blade only. It is pretty well-made as a sword toy and can be great for playing with the kids or alongside your friends in a zombie fight!


N-Force Klaw Hatchet

NERF N-Force Klaw Hatchet

A hatchet is a kind of weapon that can be used to add to your team’s armor set and can also act like an ax while in battle. It has a realistic design and it is also made for the intimidation of your enemies. Even if it is made of soft material for safety, it does not break easily.


The size of the hatchet is about 15 inches and the widest part of the blade is just about 7 1/2 inches. It is also not floppy when you use it around, making it a great weapon of choice other than your Nerf guns and swords.


Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster

This unique blaster from Nerf is themed for a zombie apocalypse in terms of design and usage. It is able to fire 1 dart at a time so it can be a supplemental weapon to your main Nerf gun. It already comes with 8 foam darts for you to use.


The spinning saw blade is what makes this unique blaster stand out from the rest. Any dart size of a standard Nerf gun blaster will work just fine with this Zombie Strike blaster. The blaster’s blade is really soft and spongy so it’s not going to harm anyone.


Avengers Captain America Shield

Avengers Marvel Captain America Blaster Reveal Shield

This isn’t just a shield – it’s also a blaster at the same time, which can be a great Nerf toy armor or weapon to have. It is made to look just like the shield design of Captain America. It comes with 2 NERF darts, as well as the other components of the shield.


You can easily launch 2 darts at the same time with the push of the button when you switch from shield mode to the blaster mode. This is a really cool and surprising thing to have while in the battle, both as a defensive and offensive weapon.


Nerf N Force Vendetta Double Sword

Nerf Force Vendetta Toy

This pack of two swords can be useful if you have twins or just want two kids or a duo to fight the deadly zombies around them. Both of them can be very durable in any safe sword fights and playing with your kids or friends.


Don’t worry about its sturdiness because the inside foam is very sturdy so it won’t flop. The length is about 4.5 feet for each sword so it has a very good reach. You can use it as a costume or prop for your Christmas or Halloween party as well.


Nerf Modulus Storage Shield

Nerf Modulus Storage Shield

This unique weapon is actually a shield and a storage for darts all rolled into one. If you have a lot of Nerf darts and want to store them while on the battlefield, this is a good choice because you can also unfold it to create your own shield.


You can also have this attached to Nerf Modulus blasters if you have them to make your life easier when you’re battling with your Nerf guns. You can get enough space for up to 24 Elite darts and 6 Mega darts in the storage shield so it is pretty spacious for when you don’t want to run out of bullets.


Zombie Strike Foam Machete

Zombie Strike Foam Machete

As a supplemental weapon during a zombie apocalypse, this one is good for hand-to-hand combat and measures 19 inches in its total length. Because of its easy-grip handle, it will be simple to hold while you are also holding other weapons on the other hand.


Because of its design of a lightweight foam blade, it will not injure or hurt anyone physically but will give you great swordfights overall. There is also a slim rope on the handle so you can tie it anywhere you like for instant equipping.


Zombie Strike Machete

Nerf Zombie Strike Machete

This one is another version of the previously-mentioned machete. It has a width of about 2.5 inches so it tends to be a little wider in terms of design. It is made of high strength foam so it won’t easily flop around but will be an entertaining and safe toy weapon to use.


If you’d like to accompany your child or go with friends to fend off the zombie hordes, this is a great weapon of choice. You can also use it as a Halloween or costume party prop if you’re going to be a warrior of sorts.


Modulus Blast Shield Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Blast Shield Upgrade

If you already have the Modulus Blast Nerf gun then you can be able to upgrade it with this awesome shield. It can be attached to tactical rails so you can steer clear of any enemy fire or melee weapon. It also comes with the instructions on how to install it to your Modulus weapon.


You can also possibly get it to work on any blaster with N-Strike rails due to its wide compatibility. It is good for deflecting bullets or projectiles from your enemies and is a must-have if your hands are always full when in a Nerf battle.



Nerf toys and additional melee weapons can make any game more fun, exciting and challenging. We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the best cool Nerf swords and the like. Which of these accessory weapons for Nerf did you enjoy and why?

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